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"Breathe in threw your nose." I tall red head woman instructed.

"Then out."

"Chi-chi this is kind of stupid." Goku whispered in Chi-chi's ear.

"This is how your suppose to breathe when your in labor." Chi-chi whispered back sharply.

"I can't believe you talked me into this woman!" Vegeta shouted softly.

"Well would you rather me show everyone that picture." Bulma asked evilly then started her breathing exercises.

Vegeta growled.

"Krillen were going to look at adoptive parents today." 18 reported then took a deep breath in.

"Okay." Krillen replied he had finally gotten over the fact that they were putting their daughter up for adoption.

"Okay class, that's it for today, I'll see you all next Sunday." The teacher announced.

"About god damn time." Vegeta muttered to himself as he help the 6 ½ month pregnant Bulma from the ground.

"Let me help you." Goku insisted as he grabbed Chi-chi's.

"We have to hurry sweetie before we're late for mother's dinner." Chi-chi said referring to her mother.

"FOOD!" Goku cheered as he grabbed Chi-chi's pillow.

"Where you going 18?" Bulma asked as walked out the door followed by the others.

"We're going to see some adoptive parents." 18 said with a smile.

"Ask them very tough questions, because I don't want her raise by lunatics." Chi-chi ordered.

Everyone laugh.

"Well I'll see you all at school tomorrow, me and Veggie got to go watch the kids." Bulma said as she pulled Vegeta with her.

"Look at he already acting like a mother." Krillen chuckled.

"Alright see you guys tomorrow." Chi-chi said and walked to Goku's car.

1 hour later (Krillen & 18)

"So do you have any kids of your own?" 18 asked politely as she rubbed he stomach.

"We have two." The middle age woman answered referring to her husband.

"And what are your religion beliefs?" Krillen asked.

"We're Amish." The woman beamed.

"NEXT!" 18 and Krillen yelled

The couple left the room with a sad look on there face.

Krillen and 18 started laughing.

They got back together two months ago, and they were finally happy.

"Hello, I'm Riana and this is my husband Stephen." The woman introduced as she they sat down.

"I'm Juu and this is my boyfriend Krillen." 18 introduced.

"So tell us about yourselves." 18 insisted.

"My full name is Riana Ryes, I'm 27-years-old, I am a lawyer, I live in the richer part of town. I meet Stephen at café around Harvard and we hit it off from when we meet. We married a year after we meet. And we've been happily married for six years." Riana beamed as she grabbed her husband hand.

"Do you have any kids of your own." Krillen asked.

Riana frowned.

"No I found out I wasn't capable of having children at the age of 14." Riana stated.

"I'm sorry to here that." 18 apologize.

"Your awfully quiet." Krillen spat referring to Stephen.

Stephen didn't say anything he moved his hand.

"Oh Stephen is mute, he lost his voice when he was 13." Riana informed with a nod from Stephen.

"Sorry for his rudeness." 18 apologized then elbowed Krillen in the gut.

(Vegeta & Bulma)


"Calm down, babies cry get over it." Bulma retorted as she stuffed a bottle in Tarot's mouth.

"And you should start on your essay in English." Bulma continued as she turned off the TV.

"WHAT THE HELL WOMAN!" Vegeta yelled.

"We have four more month of school and you need to make sure you get straight A's so you can get all your credits." Bulma ordered.

"Don't tell me what to do." Vegeta spat as he walked up the stairs.

"DON'T TALK SMART TO ME MR. OUJI!" Bulma shouted over the door slam.

"Bee bee." Vega said as she pulled on Bulma's sweater.

"Yes Vega." Bulma answered with a smile.

"Can I hold Rossi." Vega asked.

"Yes but you have to sit on the couch first." Bulma instructed.

Vega nodded and walked over to the couch.

"You ready?" Bulma asked.

Vega nodded.

Bulma carefully put Tarot in Vega's arms.

"Make sure to hold her head securely." Bulma warned.

"I got here, I'm almost 5-years-old." Vega giggled.

"Yea that's right, your birthday is on Valentines day." Bulma remembered.

"Yea I think mommy forgot, because of the new baby and all." Vega replied with a frown.

"Rosicheena would never forget her first daughter's birthday." Bulma stated.

"Yea, but do you have a name for the baby yet?" Vega asked.

"I don't know, I like Trunks." Bulma pondered.

"Knowing Vegeta he probably want to name his Vegeta." Tarble comment as he entered the room.

"True." Vega giggled.

"You finish your homework." Bulma asked.

"Yes mother." Tarble joked.

"I'm tired of hearing that." Bulma complain with a frown as she grabbed Tarot.

Tarble and Vega laughed.

"It's 8 and your mother should be here soon, Tarble can you give Vince and Veg a bath." Bulma asked.

"Yea once you find Vince." Tarble replied as he and Vega walked to the bathroom.

"I'll guess he's in Vegeta room." Bulma said with a sigh as she walked to Vegeta's room

Bulma open the door to find Vegeta and Vincent watching the game."I TOLD YOU TO DO YOU HOMEWORK!" Bulma shouted.

"You don't tell me what to do." Vegeta spat back.

"DO YOU HOMEWORK NOW!" Bulma screamed and threw his backpack to him.

"I do what ever I want woman." Vegeta retorted.

"Vincent go down stairs and take your bath now." Bulma ordered as the toddler scrambled to get out the tension filled room.

"Your grounded mister."

Vegeta laughed.

"You have no authority to ground me woman."

"Actually Vegeta, I do, I got your mid-terms in the mail, you aren't passing any of your classes." Rosicheena interrupted.

Bulma stuck her tongue at him and left the room.

"Vegeta you are having a son soon, and you need to be able to support your family." Rosicheena said.

"What if I don't want a family." He asked dryly.

"You had better, or I'll kick you out and let Bulma and the baby stay here."

At school (Goku & Chi-chi)

"Chi-chi are you sure you want to continue school?" Goku asked concernedly as he held her backpack.

"Yes, I'm going to do this Goku, I have to finish school and graduate with my class." Chi-chi insisted as she wobbled to her locker.

"Looks like someone gain a few pounds." Skylar spat as she walked up to Chi-chi's locker.

"You of all people should know that I'm pregnant, since you're the one who told everyone." Chi-chi replied as she put her books in her looker and took her geometry book out.

"Hi Goku." Harper said flirtatiously and waved at Goku and Goku waved back.

"Watch it bitch." Chi-chi hissed and clinched her teeth.

"Whatever cheap-cheap." Harper laughed and walked off with Skylar.

"What was Skylark and Harpy-Harper doing over here?" Bulma asked as she wobbled over to Chi-chi and Goku.

"You know always starting drama." Chi-chi answered.

"Where is 18, Krillen, And Vegeta?" Goku asked.

"Krillen and 18 looking at more adoptive parents, and Vegeta had to go to class early so he could do some make up work." Bulma answered flatly.

"Well we'll see you at third period B." Chi-chi said before the three teens went their separate ways

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