Okay, so i was trying to work out what it would bee like if rather then a character based on me ended up in batmans world, they ended up in mine, this is what i came up with.

The café was pleasant, tho far from the high establishments they dined at in Gotham. Bruce Wayne and his boy had found themselves in a small country town due to weather conditions. They were meant to fly out for a business meeting early that morning but found out that no planes would be leaving the airport till after the date set for the meeting. Unfortunately Alfred had flown ahead of them on the last flight to leave. This had meant to get to the meeting they would have to drive and without Alfred it would also mean they would have to buy lunch.

"Hey, you guys ready to order?" Damian glanced up from his PSP to look at the waitress. Her hair was pulled tightly out of her face and she wore a light coating of make-up, tho the eyeliner could have been thinner. She wore an alarming purple shirt and long black skirt, he wasn't sure he liked the zebra striped glasses either.

"What do you boys want?" his attention was drawn to his father.

"I'll have the B.L.T please." Grayson responded with enthusiasm. The waitress made a quick note on the pad she was holding.

"Anything to drink?" Damian wondered how really the cheer in her voice was and the depth of her smile. No, no he didn't! Why would he even care? Damian looked up again when he realized everyone was looking at him.

"What would you like?" she seemed friendly. He studied the menu. Who the hell came up with these ideas? They didn't sound like combinations people would normally eat, but maybe that's what they were going for.

"I don't know."

"Well what do you like? Toasted? Meat? Vegetarian?..."

"I don't like sandwiched." He stated bluntly. Bruce looked at him with hard eyes. The waitress just laughs.

"Well, we have as a pie special today. There's also frittata, quiche and my favourite the Caesar salad."

"Um… I'll try the Caesar."

"Anything to drink?"

"Water." With a slightly surprised look she headed back to the counter. Damian watched as she put up their order, giggled with the other staff and started making the drinks. It didn't take her long to make the older boys drinks. The café was nearly empty.

"Had a good day?" Bruce asked as she placed Damian's water on the table.

"It's been quiet, not that that surprises me. There's a big show next town over."

"Hey cool my coffee has a flower in it." Damian looks over to see that Grayson had been exaggerating. The young waitress had drawn a pattern of a flower in all the coffees.

"You are so easily amused."

"It's those who can find amusement and fun in the smallest things that live the happiest life." The waitress sounder like a fortune cookie.

"Why do you think you never hear a bird complain?" Tim nearly choked on the small cookie served with his coffee.

"Oh yes, little birds never complain." He stated smirking at Damian.

The waitress walked away with a bamboozled expression on her face.

The café was pleasant, tho far from the high establishments they dined at in Gotham, but Damian wished the waitresses where as nice as the one here.

Really dull, hu? my life is like that. i'm the waitress if you hadnt guessed and yes i can do coffee art.