For The Epicness That Is Charlie Weasley Competition. Prompts: Intimidating, shatter, petrified, and trouble.

Also for the OTP Boot Camp Challenge. Prompt: jagged

Charlie Weasley is a man of few words. That is, of course, unless someone were to ask him about his dragons. In that case, they would get an earful. As a rule, though, he doesn't say much, because he's learned that actions speak louder than words. They betray everything that words attempt to hide. They silently speak the truth, even if it's bitter. It's a lesson he learned years ago from the first dragon he got too close to. Because dragons don't understand words; they have no use for them. They know everything they need to know by simply looking a man in the eye.

It is a piece of wisdom that Charlie has learned to appreciate, which is why, when he looks Katie Bell in the eye, he knows that she is not as she seems. Or at the very least, she is not what she would like him to believe. She prides herself in coming off confident and slightly intimidating. This also means she has a tendency to be lonely but she'd never admit that to anyone. But Charlie sees it regardless and she can't convince him otherwise and for some inexplicable reason, he cares. She figures he'll give up eventually (they always do in the end), but Charlie's faced worse and it appears that she has finally met her match.

It occurs to him that she is trouble. After all, she is a girl and if there is one thing that Charlie knows, it's that he can't tame girls the way he can tame dragons. To be honest, it's quite inconvenient and normally, he would take a pissed off Hungarian Horntail over an emotional girl any day. Yet, this one is different and he can't quite put his finger on why, but he decides she is worth investigating. And what he finds is that she is definitely worth every bit of trouble she gives him.

She's a fighter and he likes that. She'll show him her fist before she lets him hold her hand and it takes him much longer than it should for him to find out why. She's got scars on her hands to remind her of damage she could have done and a mistake she almost made. Diamonds may be forever, but opals cut deep, and to be honest, she's still petrified.

His fingers brush hers and just as he thinks she'll let him in, she shrinks away, determined to hide those jagged patches of skin that streak across her palms. So instead, he shows her his own scars. He has plenty and he remembers how he got every single one. He shows her the beauty of imperfection and they spend all night comparing theirs, because scars tell stories and he knows a thing or two about regret.

She's used to thinking she has the upper hand on anyone and she'd like to think she can hold everyone at arm's length because that way no one gets hurt. She's managed to go on this way for as long as she can remember until Charlie comes along and shatters that illusion completely.

And she finds that it isn't so bad, because he does it with an 'I love you.'

For it is true that Charlie Weasley is a man of few words, but he will always tell Katie Bell that he loves her.