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Chapter 5

Julie couldn't focus on anything the next morning for worrying about Gill's reaction the previous night.

"Julie. Kate and Dale are heading out to interview some witnesses on that computer store break-in".

"Huh. Oh, yeah fine".

"What's wrong".

"Nothing love".

"Hey come on. I'm not blind. Something's been bugging you all morning. Talk to me".

"Gill popped by last night".

"Okay and what. You two had a fight or something".

"A big one. I told her about us".

"Ahhh. So she didn't take it well then".

"Understatement. I don't think I've ever heard her yell at me like that in all the years I've known her. She was so angry".

"Angry because it's me you're seeing".

"She say's I'm a fool to fall into the same situation as Janet".

"Julie listen to me..."

"I mean what if she's right".

"She's not. We're keeping things by the book remember. Office and home life seperate".

"I know but what's to say this won't go tits up. I take what Gill say's to heart because she's been there herself. She knows what it's like. I trust her".

"I get that but you have to learn to trust me too. Look I'm not saying this will be easy but I'm gonna give it a bloody good try and you have too aswell. We have to prove not just to ourselves but to everyone else that we can make this work".

"You know what. You're right. I'm sorry love".

"Come here". Andy replied. Pulling Julie into a hug.

Gill was getting her handbag together when Rachel appeared in her doorway holding a hot mug of coffee.

"Thought you might like one Boss". Rachel said. Placing the mug on Gill's desk.

"Thanks Sherlock but I'm actually just on my way out". Gill replied. Looking harassed.

"Boss are you okay. You've been out of sorts this morning. Even Kev's worried. You haven't told him off all morning".

"Come in and close the door behind you". Gill instructed.

Rachel did as she was told and took a seat across from Gill.

"So. What's up Boss".

"Normally with something like this I'd talk to Janet but as it's a little to close to home".


"It's about Andy".

"What's the knobhead gone and done now".

"What I'm about to say. I need you to not tell Janet".


"Okay. Well the thing is Andy's seeing Julie".

"Julie who".

"Dodson. How many Julie's do you know".

"Well 3 actually".


"Sorry. I mean DSI Dodson, bloody hell. Is she off her head dating him after what he did to Jan".

"I know. I just don't get his hold on women sometimes".

"I'm just suprised DSI Dodson got sucked in. She didn't seem the type".

"Well even Julie has her weaknesses".

"So is that where your heading now. To see her".

"Yeah. I didn't exactly leave things on a good note last night when she told me. I feel kind off guilty about it".

"Well then you'd best get going then Ma'am".

"Yeah. You get back to work and remember not a word to Janet".

"Yes Boss". Rachel said. Leaving.

Andy was busy typing up a report when he saw his former DCI entering.

"Hi Gill".

"Andy. Is Julie in her office". She said. Abruptly.

"Erm yeah. Will I tell her your here".

"I know where her office is thank you".

Gill walked off in the direction of Julie's office. Knocked on the door and went inside. Closing the door behind her.

"Hiya slap".

"Gill. Hi. I wasn't sure you'd be by or not".

"Yeah, sorry. I got caught up".

"So. Are you here to yell at me some more".

"No. Look Julie I'm sorry about last night. I shouldn't have lost my temper like that. You're my best friend and I care about you".

"I know Andy's not you're favourite person after what he did to Janet but Gill I love him".

"Oh Julie. I just don't want to see you get hurt".

"Gill. I honestly don't think he will. He's learnt from his mistakes with Janet. I really think this could work".

"I hope it works out for you too slap. I really do".

Rachel and Janet were at their desks and Rachel could feel Janet's eye's on her.

"Jan. What is it".


"You keep staring at me".

"Rachel where was Gill off to earlier in a hurry".

"She erm went to see DSI Dodson".


"I don't know".

Janet looked at Rachel and wasn't convinced by her answer.

"I know when you are lying to me Rachel".

"I'm not".

"Is it to do with Andy".

"Jan. Please. Don't put me in this posistion".

"What's going on Rach".

"I can't. Godzilla will kill me".


"Alright fine. It's Andy and DSI Dodson".

"What. Things aren't working out over there".

"Well I wouldn't put it quite like that".

"How would you put it then".

"Their seeing each other Jan".

The look on Janet's face was unreadable. Angry, upset or confusion. Rachel couldn't tell.

"Jan. Say something".

"Are you sure".

"Yeah. I mean Godzilla wouldn't get something like this wrong would she".

"True. Well he'd better not treat her the way he treated me otherwise Gill with cut off his dick with a rusty hacksaw and ram it down his throat".

"Now there's an image I'd rather not think about. Come on. Let's knock off early and go get pissed".

"Yeah. Screw it let's go". Janet replied. Grabbing her bag.

Gill and Julie were sitting in Julie's office talking when Andy walked in.

"Hi. Everything okay in here".

"Andy sit down". Gill instructed.

"What's going on Gill". Andy asked.

Gill got up from her seat and made Julie go and sit beside Andy before leaning up against the desk and facing them.

"Alright you two. I've given this alot of thought. Now whilst I'm not exactly over the moon about this relationship. I've decided to accept it and stand by you, well Julie".

"Gill listen..."

"Julie is my best friend Andy. I love her and we've been through a hell of alot together over the years and I'd hate to see her get hurt".

"I won't do that to her Gill".

"I know you won't because if I hear from Julie or anyone infact that you've hurt her in anyway you will pay. I'll see to it that you're back in uniform for the rest of you're police career. Do you understand".

"Perfectly. I promise you that I will not hurt this woman". Andy said. Taking hold of Julie's hand.

"Gill. I know you love and care about me but I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself".

"I know slap".

"I love him. This is going to turn out okay. I can feel it. You'll see". She replied. Hugging her best friend.