Okay, here it is my latest offering.
What do you get when you mix a v. depressed Sethoz, Moulin Rouge and seeing a clip from the DVD? This story.
Okay it's rating is NC-17 due to rape (possibly just attempted - depends how depressed I am), violence and SLASH (that's M/M) don't like? Don't read.

I was made for loving you.

The Duke plots.

(Dukes PoV)

They are all fools. No, no I must not think that, for there is one, who is different, one who I watch longing for a smile towards me.
Do they think that they and only they, can act. I too can act. Satine... they think I am here for Satine. The fools. It is him, I watch.
I am the duke and dukes are not supposed to think this about another man... but then can't a duke do what he wants?

It is time to go over that play again... even if the play was the worst in the history I would love it, just to see his face light up. I am lucky that at the moment he is with that... cancan dancer. It means I can watch him and everyone thinks I am watching her.

The play has ended... that 'Nini' implied that Satine was not interested in me. Even though I lean towards the other sex Satine should want me.

"I don't like this ending" The moment the words left my month I regretted them. In a way it was worth it as I hurt Satine, but all the same I hurt my beloved. I watch him out of the corner of my eye, see those eyes change from confusion to hurt to anger. I leave, for I will wait no longer... he will be mine... tonight.

I watch from behind the elephant. It has begun to snow, white tears littering the ground. And then... he comes. He walks along, clucking his script as walks, eyes scanning it. A few meters away from me, he stops. I see one single ice cold tear snake it's way down his face. I reach in my pocket to make sure the thing I collected from my house is there, it is.

I am right behind him now. I give a small cough and he spins around, sending all the paper in his hands flying into the air. He looks at me coldly.
"Duke" only one word but his very voice sends shivers up my spine. He doesn't not love me... yet. I am sure I can convince him.

I reach in my pocket, bring out the gun and shoot him, right in the chest. He slips to the ground those eyes of his cloudy, the drug taking hold.

"Soon" I promise him, as his mind sinks into the darkness that must be waiting for him.

After all I am a duke. Dukes do not deny them self's They take what they want and I want him...


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