Okay guys, these are just some "need-to-know" notes that i've put together. Not really compulsory, but they might clear some things up if you get confused when you read the 'one-shot that is possibly expanding'.

Disclaimer:I don't own anything in the following fiction other than the plot. All respective characters etc belong to their respective owners. :)

Harry Potter

- Master of Death AU (Immortal)

- Born July 31st 1980, currently "aged" around 120 give or take a few. (Going with the pretense that wizards have a slightly longer lifespan, maybe most die around 110-ish)

- The age gap is kinda big, so I've altered it in a way that Harry's age stops at his early twenties. Here's a little snippit to back up how this happened:

Master of Death. That was the title given to he/she who controls all three of the Deathly Hallows. There were numerous rumours regarding what being 'Master of Death' entailed, but obviously since no one ever achieved that title before, Harry had no way to tell which were true and which false. One of the such rumours was that Master of Death would be able to evade Death itself – immortality. This seemed to be a fluke since Harry was still aging. However, what he didn't realize that he wasn't truly Master of Death yet.

A few years after the Battle at Hogwarts, Harry returned for a visit, being invited in by Professor McGonagall who had asked him to guest-speak for DADA. During his free time, Harry was wandering the grounds. He came upon the place where he had given himself over to Voldemort. His thoughts drifted to the Resurrection Stone, which he had left there after that encounter. Not sure why he was doing so, Harry begun shuffling through the fallen leaves. Soon, he came upon the stone again. He wiped off the dirt on it and studied it. He didn't really know what he wanted to do with it. Thinking back on the story of the Peverell brothers, Harry decided that it best be kept away lest it cause harm to anyone who came upon it.

Whenever Harry travelled, be it for a long time or short, he always carried the same few valuables. They fit snugly into the mokeskin pouch that he had gotten from Hagrid many years ago. It could already carry a greater capacity than it seemed, but Harry had further charmed it with the undetectable extension charm that Hermoine had taught him to make more space. Inside, he kept his the items he deemed most valuable to himself. Such as the old Marauder's Map, a shard from Sirius' broken two-way mirror, the Snitch that Dumbledore had bequeathed to him in his will, his wand, some of his more valued photos and the other two Hallows. Aside from the pouch, he carried a backpack also charmed which kept other essentials. Even though the war had ended and they were in a time of peace, habits die hard and he always had emergency supplies packed – something he picked up from Hermoine no doubt.

He placed the Stone in his pouch, along with the other two Hallows, and then began to make his way back to the castle. It would be unknown to him until much later, but this marked the time Harry truly became Master of Death; along with it, immortality. It would take him a few years more to figure out that whilst he had come into contact with all three Hallows before, he had never truly been in possession of all three Hallows at the same time until then.

Okay damn, I really need to learn how to keep things short lulz. Other than this..

- Harry didn't marry Ginny in the later years. They dated, but they decided to part when they wanted different things and also Harry was glad he did so after when he realized he wasn't aging. They still remained close friends though.

-Not sure about it, (it wont really make a difference unless I plan to expand this story) but Harry is immortal, can die but comes back, but I decided that he could probably choose to STAY dead if he wanted. Since I'm tying this in to Marvel-Universe, he will meet with Hel (Loki's daughter) everytime he dies until he revives again. So he could maybe stay dead if he really really really wanted. Maybe. If Hel's nice. :}

- His appearance is Book!Harry, not Movie!Harry. So = black hair, green eyes, kinda slim. Short. Lol.

Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

- Born April 9th 1882. Currently around 220 years old, give or take.

- Physical age around mid-30s or late-30s. (PS, can you believe it? Hugh jackman makes him look old but he himself is only like, early 40s lol)

- He's mostly based on the X-Men movies. I'm not very well versed in the comic-universe of him.

- Not sure about this, but Marvel-wiki says he just has 'slow' aging, but I'm making it so that it's the case of some other shows where people who heal fast and get into lots of fights – their bodies heal very often and all kinds of injuries that the cells kind of stop aging altogether. So yes, he can't age. Stopped at his physical age now. Also going with the whole 'world war 1' thing where everytime he dies he fights with Azrael the Angel of Death? for a chance to come back to life. So he CAN die. Just to make it clear.

- Not really relevant but he still doesn't have his memories back yet.


Also! I have a few things I have in mind to use for POSSIBLE extra chapters, but they're from things I've read on marvel-wikis and what-not, which are mainly about stuff from the comics. I've never really read the comics myself, so if anyone would like to volunteer and help me sort some of these things out to see whether or not I can fit them in and make sense or not, drop me a message! (:

Anything else you don't understand, let me know. I may come back and edit this page to add in stuff if I expand the story.. or if I just have something to add in in general. I will post at the bottom of chapters if there's something you might need to refer to this.

Aside from that, check my profile regularly for any updates etc aaaand I'll be leaving this here, and the one-shot will be posted as 'chapter 2' :) see you soon! xx