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Something sneaky was going on. He just knew it.

Harry had his lunch invitations declined by four people, been turned away from 2 homes and was being turned away from another one right this moment. Frowning, Harry was backed out the door by yet another great-grandchild of a friend. "What's going on today? Are you all plotting against me or something?"

Said descendant simply smiled and replied in a tone reminiscent of a busy receptionist, "not at all, Harry. Really, something just came up that needs our attention so today's just no good."

Harry glanced behind him to catch a glimpse of the man's sister leaning against the wall of the hallway, smiling a pleasant smile that Harry – with at least two centuries' worth of experience dealing with women – recognized as affirmation that yes, these kids were up to something.

Catching sight of dear 'uncle Harry' watching, the woman waved, "although it's such a waste, why don't you just enjoy some quiet time back home with your friend, Harry? I'm sure you can amuse yourselves for one day? Just do something touristy or whatever."

Sighing, Harry finally acquiesced and bid the two siblings farewell. Standing outside their home, he turned to Logan who looked both irritated yet slightly amused at the series of rejection they'd faced that morning.

"'Do something touristy', she says," Harry muttered to himself. "Have they forgotten that the only place I ever go to aside from all their bloody homes is Diagon Alley?"

Watching Harry working himself up, Logan resisted the smile twitching at his lips at just how petulant he looked. "Sounds good to me," he said instead, drawing Harry's attention. "Didn't get to see much of that place the first time round anyway."

Seeing Harry sigh then nod in defeat, they turned to leave, but not before Logan glanced back at the house just in time to see the two prior siblings standing by a window, speaking to one another. Probably feeling his gaze upon them, they both glanced over curiously. The brother had a carefully watchful look in his eyes, whilst the sister immediately grinned in his direction and gave a thumbs up.

Confused, Logan merely raised a brow before turning back to keep up with Harry as they walked to the apparation point.

They'd ended up getting a simple lunch at the Leaky Cauldron before deciding to spend the day at Diagon Alley after all. Walking around a bit more openly this time, Logan was content to simply let follow Harry's lead.

At one point, they passed a shop called Broomstix, where Harry had glanced over but then abruptly stopped on the sidewalk, a contemplative look on his face. The younger man decided to go into the shop, and Logan cast a dubious gaze over the mounted displays of broomsticks, of all things.

Logan could only stand on the sidelines, a confused frown on his face, as he watched Harry speak animatedly to the shopkeeper before purchasing a variety of different broomsticks and slipping them into his pouch.

"Oh! Sorry," Harry smiled sheepishly as Logan raised a brow when they turned to exit the store. "Just stop me if you're tired of this, I'm not used to coming here with someone who doesn't just drag me around everywhere so I usually just take whatever chance I have to do my own shopping."

Logan shook his head, not surprised, "I'm sure I'll survive. I've been subjected to shopping days with the girls at the Mansion too."

Not entirely convinced, Harry simply smiled and asked, "speaking of, should we get some gifts for the kids and professors?"

"What did you have in mind?" Logan shrugged.

"How about some books? There might be some that'd interest the professors that aren't just for magical folk. We could get some folklore books for the kids... hmm, actually I'll see about that one," Harry thought to himself about how magical story-books made no sense to him because of his separate upbringing. Still, it could be amusing to simply watch the kids at the Mansion scratch their heads over it.

After visiting Flourish and Bloots and Obscurus Books, Harry managed to snag a few informative books for the professors that he thought they'd like. Especially the wizarding history – and how it tied in to notable muggle events – for Charles and a high-level healer book for Jean to ponder over.

Harry also ended up getting Newt's, Luna's grandfather-in-law, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for the kids, thinking that they'd enjoy reading about all the creatures, as well as Quidditch Through the Ages for the boys.

As he stroked the books' spines to slip them into his mokeskine pouch, he was reminded of his own copies during school which saw more use as a passed notebook than a text book. But also, he thought about how he'd try to approach the kids about his true nature.

During a short break, they had stopped over for a bite at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour where Harry gleefully proceeded to sneak a taste of every flavour, handing the remainders to an eye-rolling Logan.

"Logan, mind stopping by some apothecaries for a bit?" Harry asked, as they passed by Potage's Cauldron Shop. It was good opportunity to stock up on some ingredients. He had already been thinking of brewing some mild healing potions for the kids, among other things.

He managed to acquire a large stockpile of ingredients, including some very rare items that Harry knew he'd have to get at least Emilia or Katherine to help him brew. One thing the Malfoy line definitely held onto was its proficiency in potions.

The rest of their day was spent buying various other knick-knacks such as exotic teas from Rosa Lee Teabag, a fortune's worth of dragon-hide, and plenty of sweets from Sugarplum's Sweets Shop and Honeyduke's. Harry had barely turned away from the cashier before tearing a bar of chocolate, sticking his tongue out at Logan who laughed at his childish wonder.

Harry had made a pit-stop by the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, but didn't manage to stay for long as Arthur – George's grandson – took a look at them, shoved some gifts in both their hands and told them to 'run along and enjoy their day'. Harry had huffed, but acquiesced easily enough.

When evening came around, Harry suggested they make their way back, just as they passed by Eeylops Owl Emporium to see the current owner bringing the owls out to the back. A flash of white caught Harry's eye and he glanced over to lock gazes with a pair of sharp, yellow eyes. Harry halted in place as those eyes stared at him with intensity and intelligence, as though it knew exactly what Harry was reminded of.

"Harry?" Logan's voice jerked him out of this connection and Harry spun around to look at Logan in surprise. Logan glanced between Harry's wide green gaze to the proud-looking owl that had now turned its attention to him. Raising a brow at said owl, he spoke to Harry, "you want him?"

Harry's mouth popped open and he was about to shake his head – because, come on, he'd seen plenty of Snowy Owls since Hedwig's death over the years and just because they'd reminded him of her didn't mean he went around buying every Snowy Owl he came across – but his voice got stuck in his throat when he unwittingly glanced back at the owl.

Watching Harry for a moment, Logan decided to make up his mind for him and led him by the wrists into the shop. The shopkeeper turned at the sound of the doorbell's tinkling to see a large man with an intimidating presence.

"Hello, how may I help you?" He asked automatically. "We'll be closing soon so I suggest coming again if you'd like to take your time looking at our selection."

The gruff man shook his head and extended his free hand – was he pulling someone along behind him? – to point at the display area. "I'd like to get that one."

Looking over, the shopkeeper spotted their Snowy Owl's turned head. To be frank, that creature had always unsettled him by how disinterested in seemed at times, unless he was handling it around the shop, where it would stare at him with such intelligence that he wondered if it was merely playing along with him.

"Ah, our Snowy Owl?" he acknowledged, putting down the cage he had been holding to walk over to the display. He had hardly extended an arm toward it before it took off, bypassing him completely and flying towards the stranger. He shouted a warning to watch out, only to see that the owl had landed somewhere behind the stranger.

Logan stepped to the side and looked back to see a stunned Harry with his forearm lifted, the owl in question settled smugly on it. Smirking in amusement, Logan turned back to the shocked shopkeeper. "We'll take it. How much?" he asked, reaching back for his wallet, forgetting that he had none of the wizarding currency.

"Ah, um, are you sure? She is still quite young and can be a bit temperamental at times. I would suggest a tamer breed if—"

"Harry?" Logan had turned again, deciding to get Harry's opinion as the final say.

Harry was still enraptured by the bird's gaze, his other hand slipping from Logan's slack grip to run gentle fingers down the beautiful creature's chest. "—e her," his voice came out raspy, and he cleared his throat before repeating, "I'll take her."

Snapping his eyes away from the owl, he repeated Logan's question and swiftly paid for the owl. "You said it's a female?"

"Uh, yes. She's the only one we have here. Would you like to purchase a cage, as well as some care products? I can rec—"

Harry had tuned out not long after the shopkeeper confirmed her gender and stroked the bird again. The only one, huh, Harry thought to himself, just like Hedwig. Harry absentmindedly thanked the shopkeeper before they exited the store.

Looking at the owl on his arm, Harry thought that maybe they should've gotten a cage to carry her in, but blinked and then stuck a hand in his pocket, shuffling around. Pulling out a small piece of paper, he unfolded it and held it up.

"This is our place, girl. Think you can find it?" he asked. The owl's sharp eyes turned to the paper as Harry's own gaze ran over her dark-spotted coat; evidence of her young age in comparison to Hedwig, who had come into his possession when she'd shed most of her black feathers already.

The owl let out a soft pyee-pyee in understanding and cocked its head, as if saying that he was missing something. Knowing just what, Harry hummed thoughtfully. "How does Perdita sound? Like it?" Said creature remained silent for a moment, before barking softly once more in assent, and then taking off into the sky.

"Perdita?" Logan's voice cut through the silence that had followed.

Harry laughed, and shrugged. "I don't know. She reminds me so much of my first owl, Hedwig, who was just as smart as any person I knew, aside from Hermione. That somehow reminded me that Hermione's namesake was a Shakespearean work and Perdita was the daughter to the virtuous queen, Hermione." Shrugging again, "I felt like it kind of fit."

Humming, Logan nodded, accepting that explanation. "Sounds like a fearsome pair of ladies."

"Yeah, they were," Harry smiled softly, fondly allowing himself to remember them. When he snapped out of it soon after, he turned to Logan, smile still in place. "Logan," he called out, reaching out and taking the other man's hand, interlocking their fingers easily. "thank you."

Logan grinned wolfishly, then swept an arm around the curve of Harry's spine, pulling him close. Watching green eyes blink in surprise, Logan seized the opportunity to dive down and claim the teasingly parted lips of one Harry Potter.

Releasing a soft sound of astonishment, Harry was left in a daze as Logan took advantage of his previously lowered guard and current stupor by daringly licking along Harry's lips before slipping into a tantalising warmth.

Brain sluggishly catching up, Harry's hands leapt up to grip weakly at Logan's shoulders as his knees threatened to give out at the sudden onslaught of dear merlin and gods above pleasure wracking his frame. Slightly slow in reaction, Harry's eyes snapped open and his gaze darted around the nearly-deserted Alley to see some stragglers still milling about.

Embarrassed and slightly afraid of getting caught, Harry's protests were muffled by their still-joined lips. His hands alternated gripping and nudging at Logan's shoulders to get his attention.

What the hell is it this time, thought Logan as he opened his eyes to see Harry distractedly darting about like a child caught out past bedtime. A low growl rumbled in his chest in displeasure and, unwilling to stop so soon, he simply pulled Harry into a small alcove between two shops, hiding them under the cover of shadows and the darkening sky.

This caused them to break apart in the process but the moment he had them safely out of sight – there, problem solved – Logan pinned Harry against a rough wall; one hand around his waist and another boxing him in. Without further ado, he leaned in to continue where he left off.

"Loga—mmph!" Harry tried to speak before his lips were claimed once more. This time, Logan was unrelenting, tongue viciously raking over his teeth and mapping his mouth. Harry could only moan helplessly as Logan twined their tongues together, coercing him to join in.

Giving up, Harry wound his arms more fully around Logan's neck, arching up to get a better angle and just let himself have this moment. Somehow, Harry felt as though Logan exuded satisfaction at his participation, before proceeding to show him just how pleased he was.

When they parted, Harry's pulse was fluttering faster than it had in a long time, as he panted to catch his breath again. He shivered, not only at the feeling of Logan's hands running up and down his sides, but also the desire-roughened voice that said,

"We best get back, before I decide to keep going."

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