A Girl Out of Time 21

It was a surprise when Severus announced that he had tendered his resignation; the Headmistress desperately tried to change his mind, to no avail.

Harry and Hermione finished their last year of Hogwarts, each graduating with high marks; as a graduation present, Severus marched Harry and Hermione down to the Ministry of Magic where he officially adopted them.

It had been decided their little family needed a long overdue vacation. Severus was looking forward to spending time with his new son, daughter and son-in-law. The day before the Snape family was to leave; Hermione woke up feeling sick to her stomach. Rushing to the loo, attempting to alleviate her queasiness, she began to count backwards; her eyes widened in astonishment as she realized what her symptoms meant.

Rinsing her mouth out, Hermione went searching for her husband to share the news. The Doctor was lounging in the sitting room, happy to have family around him once more. He was whistling softly as he regarded the Wizard chess set that Harry and Severus had left mid-game to go ransack the kitchen. It was then that Hermione burst into the room, blushing prettily – a glow shimmering around her. She literally leapt into the Doctor's arms; he staggered a couple of steps before dropping them into a nearby chair.

Hermione wriggled impatiently on her husband's lap, wringing a groan from him, "All right love, what's got you so excited?" She giggled and blushed deeper, "Well…you see…" tongue-tied, she struggled for words, and instead kissed him deeply as he pressed her closer to him, "Tell me, pet, before I ravish you right here, right now." Hermione sighed lustfully into their kiss, causing the Doctor to swat her backside and growl, "Tell me, pet." He broke their kiss to stare his soul mate in the eye; he couldn't get a clear read of her emotions which were bouncing all over the place. Sternly he gripped her hips to still Hermione's movements, "What is happening, Hermione? Tell me, now."

She grimaced; she hadn't intended to get him upset before sharing the good news. Nervously, she nibbled on her bottom lip, "I'm pregnant." It was nerve wracking waiting for his response and Hermione dared a peek at him from under her eyelashes.

"Are you sure?" he croaked at her. Hermione was now concerned that he wouldn't be happy with the news, he had temporarily shut down his side of their bond; she nodded hesitantly. Relief flooded her when he lifted her up and swung her around in joy. "We're really having a baby?" he asked, a huge smile on his face and the sitting room glowed along with him.

"Yes love, I'm sure. I cast the charm three times to be certain. You aren't mad?" Hermione was still uncertain he was really happy.

"Sweetheart, how could I be mad at the greatest news you could give me?" he enthusiastically kissed her, sliding hands over her familiar curves. He loved her more each day – life with his Gryffindor lioness was never dull.