My first ficcy on kool well here is my first chappie oh yer it's a Yaoi in the mirai time line. A/U OOC-ness

There was a loud knock on the door of the half ruined capsule corp. Bulma causally answered the door you could never tell who would knock at the door she gasped it was the two androids that had recklessly left the world in shambles but they had no smirk on their face

The female android eighteen looked unhappy or for a better word desperate and seventeen the male one looked bored if you could actually look at his face after everything they had done. "Please im sorry," croaked eighteen in shame as she saw Bulma at the door "Please let me and my brother live with you we'll do anything we'll help rebuild your home and town even the world just because we are androids it doesn't mean we don't have feeling I realised all of the trouble we have caused"

Looking in to her face Bulma couldn't refuse she was a kind hearted person her only son Trunks was in the past finding out about his father who died when he was only a year old, his father vegeta had died fighting these two "ok come in but one condition you help build as much stuff as you have destroyed right" Bulma said unsteadily at the beginning but gaining confidence as she spoke.

The next few days were hectic as she got carried to different towns by seventeen or eighteen, Bulma enjoyed being carried by eighteen the most. She had to get the people to trust the androids but they made good progress. In a week they had restored two major cities five towns and a village. In that time Bulma felt her self becoming increasingly drawn to eighteen.

One night two weeks after letting eighteen and seventeen in to home Bulma was in the kitchen having some coffee worrying bout Trunks as any mother would do when she heard foot steps coming in to the room she knew it was eighteen she looked round there was eighteen staring at her lustfully Bulma daringly walked up to eighteen and kissed her softly on the lips things went uphill from there they went in to Bulma's bedroom All the next week when they weren't doing any work they were in the bedroom

Seventeen was all alone then one day there was a loud beeping from Bulma's lab it meant that Trunks was coming back in one hour Bulma rushed in to the lab to set everything so Trunks could come back safely she sat and waited for him when he stepped out of the machine Bulma ran to his side and hugged him she had missed him so much "wow Trunks you look all grown up, what happened there" He told her everything that happened in the past "Trust vegeta to spend a year with his son in one day" Bulma said after hearing everything "listen Trunks there's something you have to learn while you were away.. She told him everything like the androids coming for forgiveness and they had help rebuild everything and her relationship with eighteen

When she had finished Trunks stared in surprise Then the brother and sister duo walked in "We are really sorry," said eighteen humbly While Seventeen stood in the door way just staring at Trunks Trunks caught himself thinking 'damn he is fine wait Trunks your not that way plus he destroyed nearly the whole world' He had a little mind argument nether side winning it ended when there was a loud grumbling "What was that," asked eighteen

"That is the noise a saiyan stomach makes when it's empty," laughed Bulma

"What a saiyan," asked seventeen in his soft dangerous voice

"Im a saiyan well half," admitted Trunks

"A saiyan is a an alien basically that loves to fight and eats a huge amount of food he gets more powerful from each injury has wild untameable hair that is usually black but turns gold when he reaches a certain level Trunks was the exception he got my hair and eyes That's all I'll really know cept that most saiyan princes/kings are called Vegeta but vegeta wasn't here when Trunks was born so I named him," explained Bulma

"Ookay, said eighteen still a little confused

For the next few days Trunks never hardly saw his mom but he helped with the rebuilding which now only had him and seventeen but they were strong they could handle it Also in that time Trunks found himself thinking very dirty thoughts or perving at seventeen's butt, sometimes if he was quick enough he would find seventeen with lust in his cold soul searching blue eyes or some times seventeen's pants were very tight, at night Trunks had to comfort himself (cough cough teehee bad Trunks ^. ~) then he would have a cold shower and change his sheets Nobody really notice cause Trunks did all the house work himself One night when he had done the comforting he had had a cold shower and he settled down on his newly made bed with a book he heard someone run down the hall and was breathing heavily just out side his room, it went quiet for about five minutes then seventeen burst through the door with a strange look in his eyes there was a mixture of love, lust and something Trunks did not recognise. Seventeen walked slowly towards Trunks his pants tight with a smile that said Im gonna get what I want you know what it is but you refuse to accept it but no one can stop me (nice saying isn't it) trunks involuntarily took a step back for every step seventeen took towards him seventeen picked up his pace and Trunks ran out of another door in to a different hallway and flatfooted ran trying to get away from seventeen..

So what do you think of my fic im gonna try and get someone for the disclaimer which I forgot about for this chapter but it will be here next chapter Point: when Trunks was in the past he went through saiyan puberty and that's why he noticed seventeen ok bye now