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Chapter2:The night before!

Erza Scarlet sat polishing one of her swords, when Lucy slowly crept behind her, Erza heard Lucy's footsteps and her ears twitched.

"What do you want, Lucy?" Erza growled angrily.

Lucy was startled, but she just tucked a lose strand of her blond hair behind her ear, and walked towards Erza as she sat on her bed.

"umm, Erza.." Lucy asked softly.

"What" Erza growled impatiently, as she polished the sword, then checked the sharpness of the blade.

" I just wanted to... know if we... are going into battle.. tomorrow?" Lucy asked hesitantly.

Erza slightly looked up at Lucy, " Yes, the trolls on the far side of fairy mountain, are creeping in past the boarder! " Erza spoke with a strict manner, as she stabbed the sword into the rickety floorboards and grabbed the sharpening tool from her pocket.

"well...good...luck" Lucy praised, but stopping Erza in her tracks.

"I don't need your stupid luck!" Erza yelled furiously as she pulled the sword out from the floorboard.

"awe, c'mon Erza, lighten up a little." Lucy said convincingly, but it made Erza's eyes burst with anger.

"Theres nothing, light, about an up coming battle, it leads to death, pain, suffering, and worst of all you lose those who are close to you!" She hissed, making Lucy take a step backwards.

"o-okay, you don't need... " Lucy tried to explain but was interupted.

"Just get out, NOW! "Erza said in an uplesent tone as she pointed the blade at the door.

"umm, good.. night.. then.." Lucy mumbled, but just before she had left the room, Lucy turned around and ran towards Erza and gave her a great big Cuddle, and whispered " Good Luck Erza."

But Erza just shoved Lucy away angrily, " I don't have the time to be playing around, don't mess with me Lucy i'm not in the mood for your silly games, the up coming battle is more important then you!" Erza yelled vigorously, still sharpening her sword, but she knew her words stung like bee's.

Lucy's eyes filled with tears and Erza knew her words could never be taken back easily, but just as Erza turned to apologize, Lucy had already dashed out of her room.

Erza slightly shook her head, " I really don't need Lucy's stupid drama right now" she spoke softly, yet Erza still felt the tears prick down her eyes, then told her self to harden up and wiped her tears away.

Later, as lucy laid on her bed, Erza's words still burned in her mind, and tears still flowing down her cheeks, " I shouldn't have taken it too far, I should've controled my actions" she thought. "I will fight too, with Erza and the guild tomorrow, I will fight till, I die!" she thought.

While in the other room, Erza sat sharpening her sword, and after checking the blades sharpness one more time, she climbed into her bed and thought about the words she said to Lucy.

To Erza, those words felt like fire, burning her from the inside out, scorching and terrifying, she wished she could go back in time and stop herself from saying those dreadful words, and for the first time in a long time she let the tears flow making her pillow and her hair wet.

Erza angrily flipped her pillow around " I have no time for drama!" She told herself, yet she had the image of Lucy's sad brown eyes carved in her mind.

Here's a question for you:

Did you ever push away those or that one special person you should've held close.

I did and I lost my best friend, and she passed away last year.