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Haurhi Fujioka was, to say the least, nonplussed upon learning what the host club had planned for the evening. Despite Tamaki's heartfelt attempts to persuade her to come, she had refused when Kyoya informed her that the event in question, the first Ouran Cotillian Dance, was not mandatory and did not affect her quota.

"But you have to go!" Tamaki cried, grabbing her by the shoulders. "I already had a dress made for you and a stylist flown in! Don't do this to your father!"

"Sempai, even if I did go, I'd have to wear a suit, not a dress. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to stay in the host club." She shrugged his hands off and turned to gather her schoolbooks. "Besides, I have to make dinner."

"Haruhi! You can't go putting dinner before your friends!" he wailed.

"She's gotten pretty good at turning him aside." Hikaru commented, lounging on a nearby cushioned sofa.

"Well, she gets a lot of practice in." His brother replied. "If she were more like other girls, it wouldn't be as bad. But…"

"She's so blunt." They said in unison.

"I can hear you." Haruhi said, scowling. "And I'm not blunt; I'm just telling the truth. My dad is coming home late tonight and he'll be too tired to make his own dinner." She headed for the door.

"It's a shame you can't make it." Kyoya said without glancing up from the clipboard in his hand. He jotted something down. "The banquet that's being held after the dance has quite the menu. Several delicacies."

"And cake!" Hunny shouted, beaming.

Haruhi was in the process of turning the door handle when Mori spoke up:

"Fancy tuna."

Haruhi's hand froze.

"Oh, that's right." Said Hikaru, miming a whisper to his twin, Cheshire grins plastered across both of their faces. "She still hasn't had fancy tuna yet, has she?"

"You're right." Kaoru agreed, his eyes glittering. "And here she has the opportunity to finally try some, but she's passing it up." Together, the twins turned their heads towards her.

"Poooor Haruhi."

Haruhi removed her hand from the handle. Tamaki, who had been sulking in the shadows on the far end of the room, had miraculously recovered from his funk and now stood at the forefront of the group, smiling triumphantly.

"Now, now, we mustn't tease the poor thing." He chided. "After all, it's not her choice. She said that she was too busy to come. Let's not make it any harder on her than it already is."


Everyone looked at Haruhi.

"What was that, Haruhi?" Tamaki asked, smiling. "I couldn't hear you."

"I said ok!" she cried, turning to face them, blushing. "Just…tell me what time I need to change."


AN: Ok, I know it was short. It's currently 5 AM, so I sort of felt like now this was as good a time as any to throw a 'TO BE CONTINUED' out there. And I will continue. Promise. Just let me make some coffee =w=