Since this is about Lucifer, I decided to make a little drabble for him! Also, I started a new RP blog on tumblr for this guy. I am so mentally screwed.

Would you look at that?

Lucifer was angry, more so than he had ever been before, when Death showed up to take Sam away. What right did that ancient, overbearing, jackass of a horseman have in taking his favorite toy from him?

He raged and fought for eons, time ran much differently in the Cage than the rest of Hell. And Lucifer liked it that way. It gave him more time to play with Sammy.

Sam Winchester was the only thing he wanted. The human was fascinating. Lucifer had spent decade, centuries, slowly and painfully dissecting him to see what made the human tick. His morals, his passion for continuing his dismal way of life, how he was able to overcome Lucifer possessing him. That last one really interested him.

Michael was off exploring the cage; he had been for some time now. Despite what people thought, the Cage wasn't at the bottom of Hell. No, it was in a separate dimension that was in Hell; massive, bigger on the inside than it seemed from the outside view of Hell. Lucifer believed that his father had become much more stupider in the years, the failure project of humanity had been a big indicator, but He was still clever enough to make an ideal prison.

Once Lucifer calmed down, he noticed a little crack in the wall. A smile slipped onto his face. Would you look at that? Death, the ineffable Horsemen who was said to be older than God himself, had made a mistake and left an opening for Lucifer.

Double checking to make sure that Michael was no where near him, Lucifer forced his huge form into the crack.

Don't worry, Sammy. Luci was coming back for you. He would never abandon you like everyone else.

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