Surfacing (a Continuation of "A Ring for Hannah")

by May Robinson

Apparently a long ass story requires a long ass preamble so I'm separating it from the first chapter…

Introduction: This story follows immediately after the last scene in "A Ring for Hannah." Familiarity with the episode is obviously a plus but, between my episode summary down below and the exposition within the fic, I don't believe it's absolutely necessary.

General Notes: Thanks to Just A Reviewer for sending your kind feedback for "Atonement" and to the anonymous readers who've recently commented on my other 7B stories. Since I can't thank-you directly, I'll thank-you here.

Story Notes: I'm breaking my self-imposed rule of never posting a WIP until it's beta ready. However, since I started writing this over a year ago ::facepalm:: and it's beginning to wind down to its outlined conclusion, I'm anxious to finally get it out there. My writing is slow as molasses though, so I apologize in advance as I let you know that it's my intention to space out uploading the chapters to roughly twice a month. This should allow me time to finish writing the last few parts and still work on the earlier chapter betas as they come back to me. With the exception of this preamble, the chapters will be of a pretty decent size, ranging anywhere from over 4,000 to 7,000 words each so far. I hope that their size and content will help make up for the wait between them.

Thanks to the awesome saberivojo and janissa11 for making career choices in the world of medicine and health care, thus enabling me to keep that important part of the storyline as authentic as possible. As always, my thanks goes out to the equally awesome Katt, for the past, present and future betas and for taking precious time away from your own 7B WIPs to work on mine. As always, I tweak after every beta though so all mistakes are my own.

Rating: PG13, T (language/adult themes)
Wordcount: Will be about 100,000 total, give or take
Warnings: A few curse words still not heard on network TV as well as some un-PC comments/insults. There are references to other episodes and canon characters throughout and I'll do my best to address them within the relevant chapter notes.
Disclaimers: See my profile page.

Episode Summary: Anyone reading this story undoubtedly remembers "the mine cave-in episode" but, for the uninitiated, here's a brief overview:

Against the wishes of the owner (and their dad's former partner), the youngest four McFadden brothers sneak into an inactive mine in search of enough gold to make up a wedding band for their sister-in-law, Hannah. Jenny Barrett, the owner's daughter (and Guthrie's classmate and fellow talent show contestant), follows them and shortly thereafter the mine caves in, banging up Daniel and separating him from his trapped siblings and Jenny. Over the next two days, a huge, desperate and seemingly futile rescue effort ensues during which Daniel suffers the wrath of Jenny's father, Adam's cold shoulder, and enough self-inflicted guilt to sink a ship. In the end Daniel saves the day, first finding, then navigating the ventilation shaft that provides an escape route for the kids; earning forgiveness from Adam and the Barrett's and thereby allowing everyone to live happily ever after…

Or so we think ;).