Outside the castle, Thunder was battling with Aero in the skies, Chronos was grappling with Terra, Mirage was fighting Aqua, Leaf was reluctantly dueling against Frost, Galaxy were dealing with Flame, and Sol and Luna were battling each other.

"Give up, falcon! You cannot defeat me," Aero taunted.

"That's what you think," Thunder said before sending an orb of electricity Aero's way. It made contact and Aero fell to the ground, defeated. While on the ground, Aero's white eyes changed back to green and the moon disappeared from his chest. Thunder touched down and saw Aero was unconscious from the battle.

"One down, five to go." Meanwhile, Chronos was using his chronokinesis to slow down time so he could gain an advantage over Terra. When she charged right past him, Chronos grabbed her horn, mustered up enough strength to lift her into the air, and threw her into the ground. While unconscious, Terra's eyes changed back to brown and the moon on her chest disappeared. Chronos looked over to his friend to see him come out on top over Flame. He watched as the moon on Flame's chest disappeared into thin air.

"Halfway done with Luna's troops," Thunder said as he saw the same thing Chronos had. He then glanced over to Leaf who had just fallen to Frost.

"Leaf." Before he could do anything, Rocket used his speed to deliver a high-jump kick that knocked Frost to the ground.

"We may have lost one battle, but we still won four others," Thunder said as he watched the moon fade from Frost's chest.

"Done," Mirage said as Aqua fell to the ground. Aqua's eyes changed back to their usual blue and the moon on her chest disappeared.

"My five soldiers may have fallen, but I'll make sure you meet a different fate," Luna said as she launched a beam of pure lunar energy at Sol. He dodged it before firing a blast of pure solar energy right back at Luna.

"You may defeat me, but my five soldiers will continue on the fight in my honor," Sol said as the fight between him and his old friend raged on. Soon, Frost, Aero, Leaf, Terra, Flame, and Aqua regained unconsciousness and watched as Sol and Luna battled.

"Solar Punch!"

"Lunar Claw!" Both Sol's attack and Luna's met each other and caused a massive shockwave that knocked everyone back and demolished the castle behind them. Sol climbed out of the castle debris and looked around for Luna.

"Luna?! Luna," Sol shouted before more of the debris moved. Luna climbed out, her fur covered with the debris of the castle collapse.

"Sol," Luna said as her eyes changed back to their usual green.


"Sol, are you okay?"

"I am," Sol responded.

"I am so sorry for the trouble I put you through. Assassinating Thunder's grandfather, taking control of Rocket's allies. All of it. I'm ready to pay for what I did," Luna said softly.

"It's okay, Luna. I don't blame you for any of this."

"You don't?"

"Not at all," Sol responded.

"Thank you, Sol," Luna said.

"You are quite welcome."

"Great to see that we're all friends again," Rocket said as he and everyone else found their way out from under the debris.

"Rocket, nice to see you're okay," Sol said.

"Yeah, for the most part. I have this killer backache now."

"I'll check it out when we get back to New Mobotropolis."

"Quite right, Thunder. Let's go home."

"All of us," Sol said, glancing at Luna. Sol and Luna then led everyone else on the long journey back home.