I do not own the characters..Just for fun

Christian's POV:

Another long night working in my study. You'd think after all these years, these long hours would stop. I supposed it's my own fault….I have the right people in place. Good, smart people…but I need to stay in control…know what's going on in all aspects of my company…anyway, no one is better than me when it comes GEH.

I walk thru the quiet, dark house to our bedroom. Ana's already fast asleep. Her long brown hair fanned over her face. Quietly breathing. So peaceful, so beautiful. Perfect. I sit down in the chair facing the bed and watch her. To this day, I love to watch her sleep and listen to her semi-conscious nighttime confessions.

I think back to our beginning. Ana stumbling into my office. Those beautiful blue eyes looking straight thru to my soul. She unnerved me, immediately. Like no one else, temporarily disarming my tough barrier in that millisecond. Ha, her nervousness and fumbling sure fooled me. In a million years, I never would have guessed, she was brave and strong and defiant as hell.

But I soon learned this was no ordinary girl. Time after time she took my overbearing crap. Well, I was trying to protect her, keep her safe. I'll never stop doing that. Never. She dealt with my colorful past. Thinking back to my pre-Ana days seems so distant, like it was someone else's life.

Here I am now. Happy. I never thought I'd be happy… content…whole. But I sit here, watching this angel in front of me, knowing that she loves me still. Knowing that she always will, despite my shit. I need her and she needs me. Together we are complete. We are more.

Sharing two fucking great kids. Smart, courteous, respectful kids.

Me with kids. Who would have thought? I fucking love it. Teddy and Phoebe are another piece of my life's puzzle, I never knew was missing. When they were born, my heart grew bigger. Amazing considering I didn't think I had a heart at all. Ted is bright and confident. Phoebe has me wrapped around her finger, I try not to let her see that, but smart as she is, she knows.

Ok, enough of this late night of rambling thoughts, time for bed.

As I start to get out of the chair, Ana stirs, opens her eyes and frowns at me.

"Christian, is something wrong?"

"No baby. Just wrapping up my day"

I look at this beautiful woman, who I have loved for twenty years, looking mussed up, sleepy. Breathtaking.

"I love you, Mrs. Grey"

She gives me her shy sexy smile. "Come to bed, Mr. Grey"