Connor took a step forward, eyeing the ruins of the building where the anomaly was. A darkened figure grew through the smoke; he couldn't work out what it was. It seemed so faded in the grey smoulder yet he could tell that it was moving. The rest of the team looked over to where Connor's eyes were focused on, there was definitely something moving towards them from out of the smoke. Emily pulled away from Nick, wandering forward slightly as she gazed at the figure.

"Matt?" She whispered, talking to no one but herself.

The sound of the gravel crunching came into focus as the figure drew closer, now they could see it was a man. His face became clear as the smoke drifted away into the air, it was exactly who they hoped it was, it was Matt.

"Matt!" Emily shouted, rushing over to the man, soon followed by the rest of the team, excluding Jayme who simply watched from behind. Emily laughed in glee as he brought her into an embrace, he hadn't left her; he had survived. The other members fell into a group hug, relieved that he had made it back alive after saving the world.

"It's so good to see you," Connor stated, smiling brightly at his team leader. "I'd say we did it, do you think we changed the future?"

"Yeah," Matt replied, resting an arm around Emily's shoulder and holding her close to his side. "I think so,"

"Matt, what about my truck?" Becker questioned, glancing over at the man. "No! Oh well, I guess we'll just walk back to the ARC," He added, slightly disappointed at the loss of his car.

The group of seven turned around and began to walk across the gravel. Matt and Emily with their arms around each other, Abby and Connor hand in hand, and Jayme, Nick and Becker behind them, walking separately.

As they headed into the ARC's main control room, Jess came straight up to them, face now clean of blood and tears.

"How's Lester?" Connor questioned, after waving at the field co-ordinator.

"He's going to be ok, he's already threatening to sack the medics," Jess stated, smiling at her team members as they all entered the room. They wandered down the steps into the centre of room; Connor reached his hand out at Abby's arm so that she would turn to face him.

"Abby, could I just have a word?" He asked her as she stepped back up from the step she was on.

"Yeah," She murmured.

"Erm, I wanted to... you know the, the whispered thing,"


"Well, yeah, when we were in the future, you said that when we were back, and you know when all of this was over; then you, you said you were going to, you said, you said you'd... Great, you don't remember," Connor stated, nervously.

Abby smiled at him as he struggled to find the words he wanted to say, "Connor," She began in a murmur; he turned his head back to face her.


"Temple, will you marry me?" She finished, looking up at him with big blue eyes.

"I'll have to think about it," He responded, smiling back at her.

"Forget it," She muttered, spinning around to walk away from him.

"Yes," He added, "So yes," Abby came back to him, laughing. She brought her hand up to his cheek. She sent him another smile before pressing her lips against his, she was engaged to the man she loved, she had never been happier.

"Oh please, stop fussing, I am perfectly capable of walking by myself," Lester stated, as his wheelchair was pushed into the main control room by Becker.

"Here we are; how are you feeling Lester?" Becker asked, smirking at Abby and Connor.

"What an idiotic question, how do you think I'm feeling?"

"It's so good to see you," Abby stated, wandering down towards her boss and the rest of the group.

"I take it this means we won then?" Lester questioned, whilst standing up from his wheelchair, groaning in pain from the wound on his side. "You did it," He added, shaking Matt's hand in appreciation. "Guess this means we're stuck with you now,"

"Guess it does," Matt agreed, glancing over at Emily and smiling at her.

"I think we should keep the whole man from the future thing to ourselves, don't you? The minister's confused enough as it is,"

"Well this is turning into a surprisingly good day," Connor stated, grinning at the team. "You know, with us saving the world,"

"I suppose that's the end of the anomalies," Lester added, a slight questionable tone in his voice.

"It is possible Philip's machine might have closed the anomalies forever," Matt mentioned.

"That'd be really weird, being normal again," Connor muttered, glancing around at his team members, his friends.

The team were distracted by the sound of a phone ringing, coming from Lester's office. He looked up at it, curious to know who it was from. Jess moved forward, running up to the office to grab the phone, it was easier than Lester trying to do it.

"Ah, only two people have that number, one's the minister and the other's my wife, either way I think I'm ready for an earful," Lester stated. He used his walking stick to wander over to Jess and take the phone, bringing it to his ear as he answered it. "James Lester," He announced over the phone line, "Understood," He replied after a moment's silence. He ended the call and pushed the phone into his pocket, "So much for being normal, Connor. Train's just left King's Cross, and disappeared into thin air. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Anomalies! Chop, chop!"

"Everyone grab a black-box," Jess instructed as the team ran over to prepare for the new anomaly, getting back into their normal routine, looks like their job wasn't over after all. Thankfully, that's exactly what they had wanted, no matter how dangerous it got.




The cars pulled up outside the station of King's Cross, parking as close to the entrance as possible. The team secured themselves with EMD's, and Connor grabbed the Anomaly Locking Mechanism out from the back of the vehicle.

"Right, I'll go warn the station, tell them to postpone any oncoming trains so the track's clear, Emily you come with me. The rest of you check for the anomaly, we're going to have to do search and rescue mission through it, we can't exactly let a train full of people go missing. Be careful, we'll meet up with you soon," Matt informed.

The team set off towards the station, Emily and Matt soon heading off towards the office, whereas Abby, Connor, Becker, Jayme and Nick wandered down onto the tracks. The station didn't seem too full today, that was lucky; at least they weren't delaying huge amounts of people from getting to their destination. It took another ten minutes of walking down the tracks before they spotted the anomaly, a nice regular sized anomaly. Connor placed the container of the locking mechanism on the ground beside the track, and powered up his EMD, along with everyone else.

"Ready?" Cutter asked, glancing along at his team members.

"Yeah, let's go," Connor responded, leading the five people to disappear through the ball of energy into another time, another place.

The train hadn't travelled far, as soon as they stepped out onto the forest of the late Jurassic they had found it, sprawled out across the ground. There was no sign of any people, all they hoped was that they were still alive and hadn't wandered off. Jayme watched as the team rushed over to the different sections of the train, ready to pull open the doors. Becker turned his head back towards her, realising she wasn't following. She didn't look at him; she just watched the scene ahead of her, her mind deep in thought.

"Are you coming?" He asked, suddenly appearing in front of her.

"I can't," She murmured, still averting his gaze.

"What do you mean you can't?"

"I-I can't stay here,"

"What are you talking about?"

"I have to go, I can't do this,"

"Back to the present, right?"

She shook her head, finally looking up into his eyes. "I don't belong on this team; I don't belong in the present, not yet. I don't know who I am; I never really knew to be honest. I need to find myself, and I can't do that while working alongside all of you. I mean, my mother used me, she took advantage of me, I didn't think she would ever do that. I had finally found my birth mother, and the truth is, she didn't even care, about me, about anyone,"

"Are you trying to say you're going to just run, live in the past again?"

"Tell my dad I love him, and that I'm sorry," She whispered, turning around to walk away. He grabbed her arm, pulling her back to face him. He looked into her eyes, watching as the tears formed in them, she couldn't go; he didn't want her to, why was she convinced she had to?

"You can't go," He stated, loosening his grip on her arm.

"Becker, I have to. I'm sorry for everything I put you and your team through, but this isn't my life, I've barely had any control over my life and I need to figure that out before I start taking orders. I just wanted you to know that. And that I hope you won't hate me for everything I did. I really cared about you, it's strange, but I did, and I'm so sorry. But it's time for me to leave, I hope you understand, goodbye Becker," She finished. She started to walk away, after taking one last glance at the team who were checking on the people inside the train. The truth was that now she understood something, something that she didn't even know she was doing to herself. She felt exposed. She hadn't realised she had worn her secrets as armour until they were gone and now everyone could see her as who she really was. It was true self destruction. What scared her most was that she didn't even understand who she was, she had lost that a long time ago, now she had to get that back, now was her time to figure it out.

"Jayme!" He called, careful not to alert his team members, "I could never hate you," He stated, his voice quieter now. She sent him a small smile before disappearing through the trees. He was so tempted to run after her, how was he going to explain this to everyone, to Nick? She was gone, hidden behind conifers, he didn't know how far she had walked, or maybe she had ran; he had no idea. All he knew was that suddenly he felt alone, something he hadn't felt for a while now, something that he hoped wasn't going to last. If this feeling did last, he wasn't sure he could even go back to how his life was before. She had only been there for about four months, yet he couldn't remember how his normal life worked, he couldn't remember her not being there. If she truly was gone forever, he could only hope his life would slowly go back to normal, to how it was before she had entered his life, to how it was before she was all he could think about, simply to how it was before Jayme Cutter.




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