This is just a small bridge – a teaser of sorts – because the next chapter is probably also going to be on the small side – but for a good reason! Because…we are going behind enemy lines! YES! Next chapter is Brian's POV. BOOM! (I'm sligtly scared about your reaction to this invasion...)

Will saw Brian exit Mac's office with a horrible self-satisfied smirk plastered on his face, and his heart sank a little as he realised who the victor of the meeting must have been.

He watched him walk back over to the work station he had been using for the last week or so; they made eye contact briefly, and Brian gave him a slight nod as if he thought they were in on the same joke. It made him feel slightly sick.

A few moments later, Mackenzie exited her office. To anyone else she would appear to be her usual self, but Will knew the weary look behind her eyes. He was used to seeing it a lot after shows and during their late night meetings and early morning sessions when they would come in and try and get the ball rolling on the newscast before the rest of the team came in.

She looked around for him and he caught her eye, giving her a sympathetic nod. She smiled weakly back at him before going to off to talk to Jim. As Will looked around for Charlie, he caught Brian frowning at him. He got the sudden feeling that today was going to be a very important day.

And now the end is near…

Yes, you lovely bunch, this fic is nearly over. Not that there will be any shortage of ficage from me in the future given that even I've lost track of how many I've got going at the moment :p Can't believe we're on chapter nine and the timeline of this story isn't even a day yet. I may actually be impressed with myself! Which I know isn't cool, but I can only apologise hehe!