The Ties that Bind

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Summary: it started with a paper cut and ended with an explosion – of fur. The threat to her life was the catalyst and suddenly, Bella's life would never be the same. NM AU. Seriously OOC Bella. Imprint story. Bella/Paul

Rating: M for excessive language, mild violence, mild adult themes and possibly character death.


The day after my disastrous eighteenth, I fell over my feet getting out of bed. That was nothing new, so I thought nothing of it until I stumbled into the kitchen. Things got weird then. Not only could I actually reach the cupboard above the fridge for some poptarts, but Charlie was staring at me funny, as if I'd grown a second head. Turns out, it wasn't a second head, but about three inches taller – overnight.

As wonderfully wonderful my new height advantage was, neither he nor I could deny that, indeed, it was weird. But then I remembered that my parents were both weirdly tall, my mom in particular. Thus, I chalked it up to being a late growth spurt.

The following day, I spurted another two inches. My boobs had inflated, or that was what it seemed, my waist had shrunk and 5'9" had never looked so good. It also screamed supernatural, so I was on my guard.

The Cullens were avoiding me, so they hadn't noticed my supreme changes yet. I didn't know whether or not to be glad for that fact.

Something I wasn't glad for was the perpetual stink emanating from all of my room. As much as I tried, the smell wouldn't fade. It frustrated me to no end. If I were in my right mind, I'd find that strange in itself. I wasn't in my right mind though, so it hadn't crossed my thoughts.

On the third day, Edward asked me to go for a walk with him. I felt sick – horrendously so – and was cranky the entire time I followed him in the woods.

That same day, Edward broke up with me. That same day, I exploded.

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