The Ties that Bind

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Matthew Caleb Lahote was born at the end of June. I remembered the rain. Paul remembered my tears. He had been perfect though - all ten fingers, ten toes and with a head of fine dark hair. Emily had commented that he was a pretty baby. Kim had marvelled at his seven pounds. I had told her to look forward to it - she didn't have wolf healing capabilities. For her, it would hurt like hell.

The Cullens departed soon therefter, never to be seen again. Before he left, we'd been reassured by Carlisle that our son was entirely human, regardless of the not-so-human nature of both his parents. After worrying that the prolonged presence of the Cullen coven and fazing that one time while pregnant ensured that he'd be fazing from day one, it was a relief to be told otherwise.

The goodbyes had been bittersweet. For though my feelings towards that family had been apathetic at best, I couldn't and wouldn't deny that they had played a monumental role in my life. For that, I'd never forget their love. Apparently, they'd never forget me either. It seemed I'd made an impact on their immortality as well.

When I returned home - I'd moved in with Paul completely after graduation - we'd settled down to start our life with our perfect little Matthew. It didn't matter that I was only eighteen or that we both turned into horse sized wolves on a regular basis. We were happy. That was all that mattered.

Years later, I would look back on my eighteenth year and laugh. I'd been so angry for so many reasons it was hard to name them all, though the most prevalent was my lack of belonging. It had been with me my entire life and at the time, I was afraid it would never leave. I was afraid I'd never belong.

The imprint changed all of that, though I hadn't known it at the time. I'd been too wrapped up in my problems to realise. At eighteen, I'd been too angry that our bond tied me to a place I hadn't wanted to be. But then I'd fallen in love - not to mention the arrival of Matthew. And as the years went by, as I grew a little older and a little wiser, I came to learn.

The imprint wasn't a prison.

It was my fate. It tied me to a place I had always belonged. It tied me to a place I would always long to be. It bound me to La Push, to my Quileute roots - to Paul. As such, I'd finally accepted those bonds without qualms. I'd found my place in Paul's arms and there was no where else I'd rather be.

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Author's Note: It took longer than I'd anticipated, but it's finally done. Thank God. In all seriousness, this brain child was seriously a pain in the ass. There were so many plot points where there were possible divergences, those choices gave me frigging nightmares. Legitimately, plot ideas haunted me in my dreams. Not cool.

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Anyway, I have another story in the works if you're interested. No guarantees that it will be going up for a while though. Here's the info:

Title: Bound by Blood

Summary: When Embry fazes, questions of his paternity are raised. Bonds are broken, relationships are forged and the truth may only be found in the memories of a broken heart - who is Embry Call?

Rating: M for content, language and character death.

Pairing: Bella/Embry

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