Sorry I haven't updated for a while, tons of school work. For all those who sent in the YAOI type dares, I don't accept them, sorry but I like Toby straight XD anyway, I just don't like YAOI that much, but I have wrote one, if you wanna read…look for it yourself…. I would be happy to include Jack x Damian though lol they are funny

I wanted a vacation….


"Oh sorry….yeah I'm back to force everyone to do your crazy dares blah blah blah, lets just get started"

The first for today is Junk Dragon

Make Kyoya fight a lion, that's a good way to start my day, Hailey! I need your help!

"What is it?"

"Let's take Kyoya to the zoo and then throw him in a lion cage"

"How do we take him to the zoo?"

"I still have Leone"


~At the Zoo~

"When will this stupid story ever end?" Kyoya yelled

"It will never end, now go in that cage and wrestle that harmless lion"

Kyoya sighed and went inside, and then I locked it.

"Get away from me you big pussy!" Kyoya cling to the roof of the cage.

"Yeah, it isn't the same without Leone isn't it, I even thought lions loved you" I said

"Do you think he'll be okay?" Hailey asked.

"This is anime, no one dies, hey Kyoya I said wrestle! Not cling to the roof like a coward!"

Make Hikaru and Madoka striptease in front of Ginga.

I went to the WBBA and looked for Hikaru, who was hiding from me in a bush, too bad, I caught her.

"Okay I give up, what do you want me to do?"



"In front of Ginga"

"!" she looked like she was about to strangle me.

"Hehe don't forget I have everyone's beys"

Haha, she had no choice, but I locked her in a room with Ginga just to make sure none of them run away while I go get Madoka.

It was harder to get her…since she doesn't have a bey, Hailey went through her things and found her laptop, yay!

Now I went back to the cramped up room.


Hikaru and Madoka started striping, blushing at the same time, while Ginga…he seemed to be enjoying it.

"Geez Ginga, I didn't know you were a pervert"

"You don't know me completely…."

"I'll get out of here now…."

Make Benkei run a bull running festival in Spain.


"Yeah, I can't exactly run that fast"

"Just run! Go!"

Benkei started running eventually catching up to the bulls at the same time getting trampled by them.

Make all the girls wear bunny girl costumes and give Julian a harem.(I'm not really sure what a harem is…)

"Why aren't you wearing one?"

"Im the host, you can't do anything to me! Now fight till the death and you'll earn Julian!"

"I don't even know Julian" Hikaru said


Make Ginga eat a burger from epic meal time.

Me and Hailey imitated the stockyard burger only we accidentally over cooked the bacon, and all the other ingredients, truth is I don't know how to turn the stove off.

Time for sauce.

"Is this mayonnaise?" Hailey asked

"Nah! Who cares" I mixed everything.

"Here Ginga, eat this"

"Is that even edible?"

"Of course it's edible what makes you think it isn't?"

"Judging by the color, I don't think it's edible and when was the last time you two held a stove?"

"Hehe, never"

"That's my point"

"For goodness sake just eat it!"

"Fine!" Ginga started to chew it down until there was half left.

"Finish that"

"I don't want to, it taste like fried bugs"

Make Team Gan Gan Galaxy do the cinnamon challenge.

"Me? Again? Aw give me a break!" Ginga sat sitting down on his chair; Yu was jumping up and down "I love cinnamon!" Tsubasa wasn't interested, Masamune was just as eager as Yu.

I bet you all know what the cinnamon challenge is right, it's just swallowing a table spoon of cinnamon within 30 seconds, without water. Now start

"You do realize that can cause choking" Tsubasa voiced out

"Don't be such a kill joy" I said

"You just made me eat a stupid burger" Ginga complained.

"It wasn't that stupid"

Yu and Masamune already started while Ginga and Tsubasa caught up.

Masamune started choking.

Tsubasa spit it out; he really is a kill joy.

Ginga threw the spoon at me "ouch"

Yu was done, he wins! Yu jumped up and down, Ginga ran out the door Tsubasa rolled his eyes, Masamune was still choking…..I don't know what to do with that, it's anime, no one dies…right? If he does…I had nothing to do with it!

Next list is from Bes9200

She wants to shave Jack's hair, well what are you waiting for? Come on

Bes9200 was in, I gave her a razor.

"Oh Jaaaaack!" I called "There's a sale on paintbrushes!"

Jack ran here full speed "Where?"

"I lied, Bes wants to shave your hair"

Few minutes later….

"No! my beautiful hair!"

Make Ginga go around to the teams that helped Ziggurat during the spiral force and brag about winning the world championships.

"Hey Ginga, go brag"

"I don't brag"

"Who cares, just to those who helped Ziggurat"

"Will any of you give me a break?!"

"Aw come on, they love you"

"Okay fine!" Ginga barged out the door.

"Don't forget to make it harsh!"

Ginga ran to Julian's mansion and picked the largest window and spray painted the words I WON THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, IN YOUR FACE!

Then to Jack

"I won the world championships hahaha!" Ginga ran around in circles

"WHO CARES? Im bald!"

Then to Damian.

"You know, you look like an elf and I WON THE WORLD CHAPIONSHIPS YOU HEAR ME?"

"Kassy dyed my hair pink! Why should I care?"

"Hey, you dyed it yourself! I just replaced your shampoo! Next time, look first before you do anything stupid" I jumped out of the bush all of a sudden.

Then to team Garcia

"I won! I won! I won!" Ginga said imitating Enzo's every movement.

A few minutes later….

Ginga ran outside the building "You'll never get me alive! Punks!"

Followed by the Garcia siblings each holding a bat.

Pour acid on Chao Xin and blame Ian

"Hey Ian, stay here on top of this surprisingly high building for a second"

I ran down the building "Hey Chao Xin, stay right there"

I an back up the building and poured a cup of acid right onto Chao Xin's face, wops I didn't expect that.

"Ah! My beautiful face!" Then he looked up

"It was Ian!"

"What, it wasn't me!"

"WE ARE GONA KILL YOU!" A bunch of Chao Xin's wild fangirls started to climb up the building, Ian started running.

Set HD academy on fire and blame it on Ryuga and Julian.

I lit about 25 matches and threw them in the building and took away all the sprinklers.

"Wah! What did you do to my building!"

"Im 13 what can I do?, it was them!" I pointed at Julian and Ryuga who happened to be standing there.

"What? it wasn't us, it was her!" Ryuga said

"Hey, you're the one who has LDrago that thing can set anything on fire"

"You're the one who has it!" Ryuga yelled.

Ziggurat started to go nuts "You will pay for this!"

Have Benkei drink toxic waste, the kind that turns people into monsters and Kidnap Madoka and Hikaru and take them to the tallest building in Metal Bey city.

"Hey Benkei, drink this"

He chugged it down

"What is it?"


"Oh" he continued to drink it.


"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean it could turn you into a monster"

Benkei started to turn green then getting bigger and bigger, I better go now…

Later that day Benkei was on top of the wind tower where Ginga and Kyoya battled with Hikaru and Madoka in his hands.

Hikaru, kiss Ryuga…

It had to be done. Hikaru managed to get off that tower, I pushed Ryuga to her and they kissed, considering I was holding Ryuga's head against Hikaru's.

Next is from fan person

Let Casey put Damian in a hospital.

"Casey! Can you go in that room where Damian is and beat him up?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Wait! Don't forget your bat and this box of sharp weapons"

I don't know what's going on in there but trust me; none of you wanna go in there….

Take away Jack's art supplies and lure him to a pool.

"Hey Jack! I have your paint brush!"

"What? How did you?"

"Want it back? Follow me!"

I lured him into a giant pool and threw his paint brush in until it sank to the bottom.

"No! My baby!" jack dove in.

"Baby? You're a bigger freak than I thought you were"

Have Toby beybattle Casey.

"Hey, go battle Casey"


"I do not like to fight girls"

"T_T well that's sweet, but aw come on!"

(hehe sorry I guess, I don't know much about Casey's special moves)

Next is fro Leodasdragon

Have Yu eat 20 tubs of ice cream.

I spent all night, filling twenty tubs of ice cream; I was able to give them to Yu in the morning.

*panting* here you go Yu you love ice cream right?

I came back the other day, Yu was on the third tub, sleeping all the others were just melted, there you have it, you can't finish 20 tubs no matter how much you like ice cream.

Make Zeo wear a pink dress and do the chicken dance in public.


"Then say good bye to your bey in 5, 4, 3, 2-"

"Fine! Why does everyone want me to do embarrassing stuff?"

"Trust me; you're not the only one"

He came out in a fluffy pink dress, giving me death glares, while I was on the floor laughing.



"Okay, I think you'll look better with a tiara"

Zeo clenched his fist

"I'm a girl, you can't punch me! Now go chicken dance in public"

"Gr..." Zeo walked away stiffly, I made him wear high heels too XD I followed behind…..cautiously.

Yep, Zeo was dancing in public…for five minutes…and there was a large crowd….with video cameras….

Zeo stopped and ran to the nearest dark alley.

Have Madoka shoot Jack with a paintball gun for 30 minutes.

"You're the reason that I'm bald, locked me in a closet and threw my paint brush in the pool, why am I supposed to trust you?"

"Cause I have befoul, and you do not want to know what I'm gonna do with it, now get in there!" I pushed him in a room.

I went in 30 minutes later, I heard jack begging Madoka to stop.

"Please! Have mercy"

Put Kyoya and Damian in a cage and make them argue about what's better, waffles or pancakes.

I managed to trick them both into the cage.

"What do you think your doing!" Kyoya yelled attempting to strangle me, too bad he could reach.

"Just fight about pancakes and waffles, it's not that embarrassing"

Kyoya calmed down "I call pancakes"

"What? you actually like that stuff?"

"Yeah, have a problem"

"It's just that pancakes always go with syrup, I hate syrup, it's so sweet, I like bitter"

"Like your personality?"

"Look at the mirror and tell yourself that!"

Kyoya stood up and grabbed Damian by his shirt, lifting him in the air, Damian's feet were off the ground, slightly shaking in panic "Help me!"

"Hey, you got yourself into this, next time, don't insult someone taller that you" I said.

"Please help me!" Damian pleaded.

Due to his begging, I had to help him "Kyoya….Do you want me to feed Leone to actual lions?"

Kyoya growled and dropped Damian.

"I still think waffles are better" Damian muttered.

Dragel gets to drag Damian into a room and dress him up.

"Okay Damian your free from the cage, now get in that room with Dragel"

I waited a few minutes, eventually Damian came out with a sparkly pink dress….i couldn't stop laughing!

Next is from Ryuga- kowalski9496

Dare Toby to burn his wheelchair, O_O TOBY!

5 minutes ater Toby's wheelchair was on fire.

I was still O_O

"I don't use that thing anymore…"Toby muttered.

Dare Zeo to wear a dress.


"Aw, everyone loves to see you wear a dress, back to the dressing room for you"

Zeo grumpily went to the dressing room, slamming the door.

He came out with the same dress as before, he looked like a murderer princess.

Next is from LostSoulSister

Make Rin force Masamune to listen to Barbie Girl song for one hour.

One hour later….

Masamune was trying to get out of the room Rin locked him in.

"Rin, I think you should let him out"

"One more hour"

Force Jack on a date with Zeo.

"Why am I here?" Zeo asked.

"I don't know why I'm here either….I should be giving you some time alone" I ran out the door.

Jack raised his eye brow "you heard what she said"

After a few minutes, Zeo smashed the window and jumped right out of it, is he okay? I don't really know, that was a high window….

Lilo930's list:

Make Yu and Dunamis switch places.

"Dunamis, why do you wear skirts?" Yu asked innocently

"It's not a skirt" Dunamis said, a little offended "Your clothes are too small!"

"Well yours are too big!"

Yeah, it isn't going so well…

Lock all the girls in one room.

"Hey, you're a girl," Hikaru pointed out.

"Yeah, too bad I only exist in Silver's mind, and I'm the host, you can't do anything to me!" I said preparing to lock the door.

"Wait, what are we suppose to do in here?" Mei Mei asked

"Anything, discussing about who you want to marry is better" I suggested slamming the door.

Did I mention I had security cameras?

"So who do you wanna marry?" Mei Mei was the first one to ask, everyone blushed "Why, what's wrong with that?"

"You first" Sophie said.

"Oh, me? I wanna marry a puppy!" Mei Mei said happily.

Madoka's sweat dropped "Mei Mei you can't marry an animal"

"Really? You can't?"

"Wow your stupid….."

Next is from KazarinaIceAngel2

Make Damian and Jack Bungee jump off a cliff, then cut their cords.

Grand Canyon is better, now go dive off this high cliff, it's gonna be fun!

"Why don't you do it" Damian said

Jack was sitting under a tree "It's soo hot!"

*sigh* I wrapped the cords around them and pulled then to the edge "Now jump"

"What is we don't want-" I pushed them off, then took out a giant pair of scissors and cut their cords "Stay safe! Yeah, not really…."

Have Zeo run through a neighborhood screaming in the middle of the night.

"Me? Again? Aw come on give me a break!"

"Your lucky to be alive you know….quit complaining! Why you can't be more like Toby? He doesn't complain"

"Gr…what do you want me to do this time?"

"Run around and scream, as loud as you can"

Zeo ran to the houses and screamed until everyone was opening their windows, I heard one of then mummer "What's wrong with that kid?"

"Must have lost his girlfriend or something"

"Or he's just crazy"

Have Toby jump on Ziggurat and knock him out.

"Hey Toby, you're a nice type of guy right?"


"Why don't you go jump on Ziggurat and knock him out, it'll make you feel better"

Hey Ziggurat! Come here!

"What is it?!"

Toby jumped on him and began to wrestle him as well; I sat there and watched until Ziggurat wasn't even moving anymore.

"How'd it feel?"

"It felt kinda good; I think I broke his neck"


Next is from The-Gray-Ninja

Make Ryuga wear a sparkly pink dress.

"Zeo, where did you put that dress?"

"Where else, I threw it away"

"Gr….I have to get a new one"

I ran to the store and got a new one, with even more sparkle.

"Hey Ryuga, wear this!" I threw it to him.

He came out of the dressing room, oo murderer princess number two…..

Make Tsubasa go on a date with Seanna.

"I'm busy!"

"Busy how?"


"No your not, now go, or you'll end up alone for the rest of you life"

Kyoya, let your fangirls chase you.

I went around and gathered as many fangirls as I can and made them wait in a room, while Hailey managed to get Kyoya here.

"Oh good, now me and Hailey will slowly leave now before we get trampled"

"By who?"

I opened the door and a bunch of screaming fan girls came out.

O_O Kyoya ran as fast as he could.

Make Damian confess his love for Jack.

"What is in your mind? Jack is a freak!"

"I know right, but your also a freak, so you two are meant to be together"

"You will never get me in there"

I raised my eyebrow, easily lifting him up "Let me go!" Damian struggled as I tried to bring him to where Jack was, wow, he's so light….

"Hey Jack, Damian has something to say to you" I elbowed him, hard.

"Owf! You are the apple to my eyes" He said through gritted teeth.

Technically, I told him to say that, Jack was still O_O and he slammed the door at us.

Make Masamune kiss Mei Mei on the lips.

"Here goes nothing" Masamune said and pulled Mei Mei to him

….I should probably give them some privacy….

Next is from FunnyGhostXD

Make Damian sing Barbie girl in public.

"No! you are never going to make me do it!"

"I Can't believe you managed to make me do it…"

Don't ask how, he's tied up on a tree…

Yu, do not eat ice cream for a month.

"Yu! What's that?"

"Frozen Yogurt, I don't need ice cream anymore"

"-_- oh Yu"

Make Doji hug a cactus.

I bought a very big one and dragged Doji to it.

"Take me to the hospital!"

"Do it yourself"

Jack, Don't paint for a month.

Jack was on the floor crying, and it's only been 5 minutes….

The next one is from ShowoffXD

Make Masamune choke Ginga by his scarf until he yells Masamune is the number one blader.

Masamune was still pulling Ginga's scarf

"For goodness sake Ginga just say it!"


Next one is from Obachi

Let Ginga, Kyoya, Damian and Ryuga cross dress.

"It's so cold!" Damian yelled, he was wearing Kyoya's clothes.

"Seriously Damian, what are all these for, their so heavy" Ginga asked, Damian shrugged.

"No wonder you can't grow" Ryuga muttered.

Make Da Xiang, Nile, Toby and Benkei dance Gangnan style

"I can't dance" Da Xiang said.

"Me neither" Toby added

"-_- just do it"

The music started playing, wow, they weren't lying, they look like robots.

Lock Whales and Sophie in a room while Sophie is wearing a maid uniform….I once read a story about a prince falling in love with a maid, I wonder if it would look like that…

I was peering in the window, yep, it really looked like my book…

Make Ginga, Kyoya, Damian and Ryuga work as clowns for the children's party.

"Hey mommy! This one looks like a murderer" I kid said pulling Ryuga's hair.

Oo, I need to get him out of here.

Next list is from SkylarkOFTheMoon

Damian, why don't you hang out with thoses innocent looking dogs who naturally have three heads for a whole day.

"Help! They're trying to eat me!"

"You got yourself into it"

Make Jack destroy his most favorite art museum.

"Oh come on Jack, it's gonna be fun" I made him press the tint


"NO! I'll never see those beautiful pieces of art again!" he started crying…..

Let Toby and Zeo have a paintball fight with Damian and Jack, replace them with pink gun that shoot sparkles"

"I have had enough sparkles for one day" Zeo complained.

"Watch out!" Toby yelled, too late…Zeo was covered in sparkles.

The fight lasted for an hour….they're not stopping are they?

Next is from xxShadiceKokoro

Make Damian and Jack destroy their own beys.

"Here are your beys, now destroy them"

"What makes you think we will"

"Fine then I'll do it!" I smashed them with a sludge hammer.

Ziggurat, turn yourself into orange juice and let Doji drink you

"That only happens in cartoons" Ziggurat said

"You are a cartoon" I snapped my fingers, he turned into orange juice.

"Here Doji" I handed him Ziggurat, and he drank it.

"Eeek! Taste like Ziggurat!"

~in Doji's digestive system~

"Ew! It's gross in here!"

Masamune, Go do your ironic Number one pose…completely naked

I wasn't even looking, it'll scar me for life, I could tell that a crowd was gathering

"Kassy, when can I stop?"


Make Tetsuya kill one of his precious crabs…and eat them.

"No way, your not getting your hands on these precious crabs!"

"Aw come on, you gotta do something with it!"


Plan B do it by force


"NO!" Tetsuya yelled.

"All you have to do now is eat it"

"No! You're a monster!" Tetsuya carried it away "Let's get you a proper burial"

Next is for ZERO-mynameis, don't worry, you didn't spam the reviews…

"Julian, go do Zero's exams"


"Because I said so, unless you want me to feed your bey to the sharks"

"Okay, fine!"

Let's just hope he is as smart as he looks :/

Dare Toby to cosplay as Sephiroth from final fantasy and poke everyone with his giant sword.

"You heard me"


"You look soo much like him O_O"

Few minutes later





"What are you doing?" Zeo asked

"Yeah, I'm not really sure"




Dare Nile to tell Kyoya he's pregnant and see his reaction.

I pushed Nile in front of Kyoya and sat on a chair.

"Kyoya, I'm pregnant"

"O_O I DIDN'T DO IT!" Kyoya ran away, I fell off my chair.

"There, happy now?" Nile growled

"I Can't Breathe!"

Dare Toby and Zeo to pretend they're going out to piss off Masamune.

Masamune was glaring at me,

"Hey, don't look at me, I'm pissed to, and this has nothing to do with me!" *jumps in a bush*

Dare Toby to pretend to be a cat. This is a wonderful idea by the way XD

"Meow" Toby started purring and rubbing against coach Steel's feet.

"Masamune, I always thought you were weird, but now…I'm not that sure anymore" Coach Steel said.

Next is for Dar Spider (Do you want me to make a oneshot of Madoka X Tetsuya? Me needs more pairings XD)

Kassy, kiss Toby

*Spits out the water I'm drinking* WHAT?!

You heard me!

O_O more embarrassment, well it doesn't indicate where so the cheek will do.

Hey Toby!

"What's wrong?"

Yep, I kissed him on the cheek and dove out the window "Ha! You'll never get me alive!"

Madoka, go out with Tetsuya, forever.

"You killed my crab!"

"Oh come on quit grieving about your crab! You have Madoka!"

Toby, Change your hair color to red, purple and black.

"I don't wanna go near him….HAILEY!" I went in the closet and Hailey took over for me.

"Okay, all done"

"I look like a hoodlum….."

Tobio, don't eat a lollipop for a week

"What? I can't live without lollipops"

"Stop it, you'll get cavities and you're a teenager-_-"

Benkei, don't say bull for a day

"What should I say?"

"Say dog instead…."

Next is from Jerrisa

Make Nile dress up as a girl.

"Ryuga, where's that pink dress?"

"I burnt it"

"….even worse than what Zeo did, I guess Nile gets the purple one"

Starfox 54, I think I've got a problem with salt challenge, I think its cinnamon challenge….

Next is for Addicted to Nurarihyon no mago

Nile, Dress up as Ronald knox and say "I am the next reaper Ronald 'to die'"

"You heard that"

"I am the next reaper Ronald 'to die'"


Make Ginga sing a Justin Bieber song in front of all the haters.

He sounded worse than Justin Bieber….

Ryuga, kiss Hikaru.

"Not again!"

Kyoya, run with the lions, dressed in meat from head to toe

Poor Kyoya was being chased by lions, I wanna help him so badly.

"I hate Lions!"

"Then I guess you don't want Leone back do you?"

"Argh! I'll deal with that later!"

This is for asdgirlz.

Make Tobio not have lollipops for two months.

"Hey Tobio, make that two months"


Kill Dr. Ziggurat's animal and blame it on Damian.

I can't kill, so I just took it away, what are you a rabbit or a hamster?

"Where's my pet?"

"Damian killed it!"

"What! Damian!"

*Devious smile*our guest here wants Toby to kiss Kassy

"What! you'll never get me out of this closet!"

"Where?" asked Toby

"Doesn't indicate where"

Toby went in the closet.

Angelfromheaven2012 wants Ginga and Ryuga to act like each other.

Ginga set the pink dress on fire "Isn't this what Ryuga does?"

"Aw, now I need to get a new one! It says act like Ryuga, not do stuff that he does"

"Oh, hi I'm Ryuga and I want to murder everyone"

"I act nothing like that!" Ryuga growled "Hi I'm Ginga and I care soo much about my Pegasus that I take a shower with it!"

"That's not true!"

Is too

Is not

Is too

Is not

"Okay this is pointless!"

Next is for WoodLandspirit13

Make Damian climb up a very high dive at the pool…then push him off.

"Why am I up here?"

"Oh nothing" I pushed him off.

Jump into a pool of rabid piggies

I filed the pool with piggies

"Argh! Get me out!"

Make Damian try to win Zara over by doing all sorts of crazy romancy stuff.

"Psst! I suggest you lift an organ to impress her"

"Okay" he did, but he got trampled afterwards.

He tried to pick wild flowers from the forest, but accidentally took poison ivy.

He tried swinging on a vine like Tarzan. But smashed into a tree,

Poor Damian.

Well, that's it, Kassy still seems to e stuck in a closet, help me get her out, and find Chris, where ever that crazy fan girl took him, that's it for now, I'm Hailey by the way

Here's another long chapter XD did I do something wrong? Don't be afraid to tell me, in the mean time, do you have any dares for, Teru, Sora and maybe the metal fury characters.