Choose Your Own Adventure


== John: Go Shopping

You are John Egbert. Later this week is your best bro Dave Strider's fourteenth birthday party, and you are at a loss for what to give him.

Obviously, you could never beat the shades you gave him last year- he just loves them to death, even though he won't admit it- and all else you've come up wouldn't be enough to meet his standards, however messed up and "ironic" they were. Sometimes you wonder if he knows what "ironic" even means.

Your dad is taking you to the mall today to look for ideas, meaning he is dropping you off for three hours with fifty bucks in your pocket. After you watch his car pull out of the crammed parking lot and on his way to run some errands, you turn and check the directory map, scanning the list of stores for anything even remotely Dave-like. Your fingers slow to a halt when they reach the accessories section, and there it might be, you think: a sunglasses store. Maybe you can find him a neat case or some other supplies in there. You nod, determined, and head in the nearest set of doors, take a left, and begin swimming upstream through the thick as molasses group of people.

You keep a sharp eye out for anything interesting in the windows. You're nearing your destination, standing on the escalator and still looking for the sunglasses store's logo, when something catches your eye.

And- that's it for now. This was a short chapter, I know, because it's a prologue, but hopefully the real thing will be much longer.

So, as you might have gathered, this is a Choose Your Own Adventure, meaning I write a chapter, leave a cliffhanger, and in your reviews, you- yes, you, dear reader- tell me what you want to happen next. I'll go with the most interesting choice, probably, but I need to lay down a few rules.

This will be DaveJohn, and I won't try to get all shippy with anything else (sorry), but DL;DR.

This will be rated T at the MOST because how do I lemons.

Be as SILLY and CREATIVE as you want because sometimes fanfiction gets too predictable and I want this to be different.

Chapters will be titled at the top of the page, but not in the drop-down-menu-thing. Try to make them sound interesting, okay?

There you have it. Please abide by the rules when submitting ideas, but I would like some diversity in your thoughts. I WILL do my best to include as many good ideas as I can, perhaps even combining some.

If I use one of your ideas, I will recognize it down here in the author's note after each chapter.

Okay, I'm done. Good luck, and I hope to have the next chapter up soon!