The pills in her hand looked so tasty, so, so lovable.

She thought it would be easier to get over him, she had tried, hell she had tried. But she couldn't get herself over it. It had been four long years since he left this life, four years since he had died for their country.

The pills whispered to her.

Ashe felt tears run along her cheeks, she didn't want it to end this way. She never had. She had fought for everything she loved, only to lose it all soon after. The son of Halim Ondore sat in the palace right now, waiting for Ashe to get back.

Take me, you will love me afterwards.

She had thought that letting the past go would be the easiest way for her. she had been wrong. As she looked down at her rings she again stared at the pills, they whispered to her . come come.

She had slowly gone insane, insane about everything that had happened the last year, she was queen, she didn't want… no need a king by her side, she fine like she was. she thought.

Don't hesitate.

A new arranged marriage lay before her feet, tomorrow to be exact. But how could she betray his memory by marrying this man? The pills looked better and better. She sighed and closed her eyes. She saw his face when they married, before he left and when he so still in his coffin. What have I done wrong? Ashe opened her eyes again. She felt how tears fell down. She was reminded of the cold night. Because she was a woman she had to have guards around her constantly, she hated it. Where was the privacy? The heavy crown on her head felt like a burden. she was queen, but did she really have the power? Her people suffered, but what could she do? Nothing, she did not have any power, the counsels did all the job. She had complained but it had not helped.

Come my love, come to me.

Ashe closed her eyes again, she saw him moving above her, one of the few times they had made love, the one time he had made her with child. Then another tear. Her baby. His baby. The future of Dalmasca, their future, the fruit of the love they carried. It had all gone completely wrong. When he died she had decided to live and flee to safety with the child. But one night she woke up and all her dreams were crushed. Their lovechild, the one person Ashe could love died. She didn't get to feel it kick, not to hear it scream. It just happened that stormy night. It died. Just like the rest of her.

What are you waiting for?

Ashe bit her lip and remembered the note she had left on her bed. She looked at the pills, lifted her hand and swallowed. A few moments later everything went black. When she opened her eyes someone held his hand out for her. Ashe smiled and a tear fell from her eyes. She grabbed his hand and he put his arms around her. finally.

The newly appointed heir to the Dalmascan throne knocked softly on Ashes door. Empty. He saw a not e on her bed. with shaky hands he opened it.

I am sorry, I can't keep living like this. Forgive me. You deserve better. – Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca.

He frowned and looked out into the garden. What he saw shocked him beyond belief. Even as he ran as fast as he could down the stairs and out into the garden he still was too late.

Queen Ashelia had taken her own life. This for real.

Was everything she had fought for in vain?