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There was an awkward silence in the TARDIS console room. Neither said a word, they just stood contemplating what had happened over the past few hours. Ashley in particular.

She was the first to break the silence. "Diro, I nearly died."

"I know," he sais blankly, secluding on one of the jump seats, lost in his own thoughts. "And I saved you."

"My hero," Ashley smiled weakly.

"That's me, a hero," the Director smirked, earning a dirty look from Ashley.

"Modesty," she smiled.

Leaping off the chair, the Director began twisting some dials and fiddling with the TARDIS controls. "So, where to next?"

Ashley let out a sigh. "I don't know, after all that I fancy a bit of a break."

"A break?! You're joking! How boring!" the Director frowned, pulling another lever down. "Come on, can we at least go somewhere interesting?"

"Fine," Ashley said reluctantly. "How about you take me shopping on an alien planet?"

"Shopping!? You have to be kidding me," the Director said, lowering his head. "We are not going shopping. We have all the universe out there."

Ashley sauntered over to him and placed her hands lightly on his shoulders, resting her head on one and whispering in his ear, "Please?"

Now that just wasn't fair. He shivered beneath her touch, and she noticed, smirking, knowing she'd got him.

"Fine," he sighed. "I'll take you shopping."

Ashley grinned and squealed, "Thank you!"

"Yeah, yeah," the Director said. "And I bet I'm going to be dragged around in some boring shoe shop or something. There's plenty of clothes in the TARDIS wardrobe!"

"Oi," Ashley snapped, flicking his arm. "We won't just look for clothes. We can go for a drink or something."

Just then she noticed his expression change dramatically. "Huh! I have a brilliant idea!"


"Planet Zestour 8. They have a little island there, well not really little, but it's a popular tourist spot. It's got a nice big shopping centre and tons of arcades. Hedozgh Blaaxk, it's called."

"Uh, English please?"

"It translates directly as Black Island."

"Oh, here you go," Ashley said sarcastically, resting a hand on her hip. "I know you, a name like that has got to be haunted."

A frown spread across his face. "Would I ever take you to a haunted island?"

"Yes, actually, you would. Bit of a ghost hunter, are you?"

"Well, it's a bit more interesting than spending the entire day shopping."

"Shut up," Ashley laughed. "So, Zestour 8, is it a nice place?"

"Yeah, s'not bad."

"Let's go then!"

With a pull of the materialisation lever, they were sent through the time vortex. As usual, it was a bumpy ride, and Ashley shrieked as she almost lost her grip on the side of the console. After a few seconds of being thrown about, the TARDIS finally stood still.

"Black Island," the Director beamed. "Legend has it, at night ghosts roam the forest. They've even had cases of people going missing."

"Well, great," Ashley sighed, "You could've told me this before we landed here!"

"Too late now!" he grinned, taking her hand and entwining their fingers. "In the words of a little Italian game character, Letsa Go!"

Ashley burst out laughing. "You are kidding me! You play Mario?"

"What's wrong with Mario?" the Director asked innocently. "He's cool! Mario's cool!"

"You big kid!" Ashley chuckled. "Mario's for babies!"

"No he isn't!" the Director insisted. "Mario is sick!"

"Since when did you start using sick?" Ashley giggled, flicking his arm again. "That word is weird. I don't know why people use it instead of cool. When I hear that, it makes me think it's horrible or disgusting or something!"

"Oh, sorry," the Director said. "OK, I'm never saying that again!"

"Good," Ashley nodded, opening the door. "Come on, then!"

As they stepped out, light blinded them from one of the three suns. The sky was a piercing orange, which sent a tingle of nostalgia through the Director's mind. His own planet had had an orange sky, he remembered how it used to look at night, the twin suns setting, gradually being swallowed by the mountainous horizon...

"Diro!" Ashley was waving a hand in front of his face. "You in there?"

He nodded, shaking the thoughts from his head. "Yeah, yeah, just dozed off for a sec there."

In front of them stood a huge building, with equally large glass windows which reflected the suns' light into their eyes. It was built on sand, and behind it was the forest, presumably the haunted one. Beside the building, which was the shopping centre, stood the arcades and other tourist attractions. Behind them was a beach, which stretched out for a few hundred metres. Washing up on the golden beach was a sparkling blue sea, an amazingly bright and vibrant blue, almost completely transparent. In the distance was mainland, with a few ships dotted around it.

They began to make their way towards the entrance, which was crowded with tourists. Aliens of all different shapes and sizes mingled about, either chatting to another or going home after a few hours worth of shopping.

"It's amazing!" Ashley exclaimed as they pushed past a group of aliens with bright red skin. "Thank you!"

As they entered, they got a chance to see the huge interior for themselves. Ashley would've compared it to the TARDIS, much bigger on the inside. It was absolutely huge. Panes of glass covered the domed ceiling, allowing a view of the bright orange sky. A water fountain stood in the centre; bright blue shining water trickling down into the bottom, where little kids dropped coins in. Ashley found that she could read all of the alien writing, courtesy of the TARDIS translation circuits.

She squealed with delight. "This is so amazing! I love it!"

The Director cracked a weak smile, squeezing her hand a little tighter. "So, I'll give you some money, then you can go, right?"

She frowned. "Aren't you coming?"

He shook his head in response. "Ash, I'm not really a shopping person. I prefer exploring."

"Please come," Ashley begged. "Please, Diro. I don't want to be alone on an alien planet."

"Take this," he said, digging into his pockets and pulling out a small watch-like device. "Press the button if you're in trouble, and it'll home in on my sonic screwdriver and teleport you to me."

However Ashley still didn't seem satisfied. "Diro, please. I really want you to come."

"Ash, I'll bore you to death with my rambling. Please take this."

Reluctantly she took the silver device and strapped it to her wrist. "Love you."

He pecked her briefly on the lips before turning in the opposite direction. "Love you too!"

Before he left he quickly handed her a debit card, then walked away. Shopping wasn't his interest. He preferred to find out more about the 'haunted' part of the island. Running a quick hand through his hair, he strode out of the exit and admired the beautiful sight that greeted him. According to legend though, it was only at night when the ghosts came out. So he'd have to wait.

What to do during that time, he thought. Deciding that he didn't particularly want to wait until it was dark, which was a long time because a day on this planet was 46 hours long, he began to walk towards the forest. When he got to beside the shopping centre, the sand turned to leaves and twigs. There was a small alleyway between the shopping centre and a restaurant next to it, which he walked through. Unfortunately, at the end, there was a locked gate.

The Director made quick work of the gate with his sonic, igniting a spark from the lock and causing it to snap open. With his spare hand he pushed the gate open, and walked through it, leaves and twigs crunching underfoot. He could sense something freaky about this forest just by looking at it. Who had forests on a desert island anyway?

Even with three bright suns shining down, the tall trees managed to block out most of the light which hit the forest floor. All different kinds of wild animals squawked and called out in the daylight. The light reassured him, and he followed it, and soon came to a halt at a path.

A path?

Then he noticed. There was a sign attached to the side of a tree. It read: Ghost Walk Stop 45.

So there was actually a ghost walk he could go on and he'd just gone through the hassle of breaking open a gate and climbing through loads of bushes. That had to happen.

But then he had a thought, the ghost walk must only be on at night. Maybe if he waited until then, he'd be able to go on the walk and have someone explain to him all the details about the legend, because he didn't really know much about it.

Paths were boring. He didn't want to follow a path. He might find something interesting by going off the path. Interesting things always popped up off the path.

Deciding that he was going to be a little bit daring, the Director pointed his sonic screwdriver and scanned around, hoping to find something interesting. He began to walk in the opposite direction of the path, pushing through bushes and thick undergrowth. The twigs scraped his bare legs as he continued walking, still scanning. Unfortunately he had no luck so far.

Just as he was about to change direction, the Director stumbled, and fell down a slope. Only then did he realise that it was an electric shock that had caused him to stumble. Crying out, he rolled down a steep slope, twigs and rocks scratching at his skin.

Finally he came to a stop, leaves and twigs in his hair and about a thousand scratches up his arms and legs. Good start then.

Standing up, he brushed the debris from his hair and looked around. He was at the bottom of a slope, he knew that, but where did the electric shock come from? He looked down at his ankle where he felt it, and saw a stinging black mark. Extremely very not good.

At last he was onto something. At least he hoped so, though. Where could he have gotten an electric shock from anyway? Unless it was the power cables leading to the shopping centre, but that was unlikely since they'd probably be insulated...

He tried to walk. But his left ankle where he'd gotten the shock didn't respond. It was like it was temporarily paralysed.

Trying again, he still failed. His brow creased in thought. Maybe it was a trap?

If he couldn't move, he would be useless. Stuck in the middle of a forest with no help. So he did the only thing he could do. The tip of his forefinger lit up with a gold swirling light, and he lowered it to the wound and touched it lightly. Within a few seconds, the burn was healed and he could move his ankle again.

Bouncing on the balls of his feet, the Director turned and looked up at the slope. All kinds of thick bushes and plants blocked his way up. It was also incredibly steep. There was little chance of him making it back up there again. But he was the Director, and he would make it back up.

He needed to find out where he'd got the electric shock from. Using his sonic screwdriver he scanned around again, but came up with nothing. No traces. Whatever technology this was it must be pretty clever, to hide itself from a sonic screwdriver.

Once again he began making his way back up the slope. His sneakers weren't designed for climbing up a slope which had dirt which crumbled and sent you sprawling back down again. He was continuously slipping and had to grab onto the nearest plant stem or branch for support.

These were the times when he wished his curiosity wouldn't take over. Now that he'd discovered this the ghost story would probably turn out to be an alien invasion. Everywhere he went, aliens followed. It was like he was a burden, or a curse.

This time he had to take more care. Watch out for traps. Because if he got shocked again, he didn't particularly want to use up more regeneration energy. Sonic screwdriver in hand, he scanned around, not at all reassured by the readings. He knew that this technology was advanced, undetectable, and he could stumble upon one at any moment.

Before he could react, he'd stumbled over a massive tree root. With his hands he tried to cling onto a branch or trunk or anything, but he slid back down the slope again, his shirt lifting up and allowing the stones to get access to his upper body. Yelling out in pain as a sharp rock clawed at his stomach, the Time Lord finally managed to find a branch to hold onto and gripped it with a hand, holding on with all his might.

With all his strength, the Director managed to grip onto the branch with his other hand too. Heaving himself up the slope, he finally found a reasonably flat piece of ground next to the bush and sat down for a few seconds, inspecting his injuries.

On his stomach he had a huge scratch, presumably from the rock. His shirt was ruined, dirt covered and torn apart by the stones. Now he really did regret coming out here.

Just as he was about to get up, he noticed something, like a little device sticking out of the ground. It looked a bit like a Taser, two prongs at the end on a platform which allowed it to swivel around. Swallowing hard, the Director realised that that must have been the device which gave him the electric shock. But this wasn't where he fell, which meant that there must be more than one around.

Scanning it with his sonic screwdriver, he finally got some readings, which he didn't like the look of. It seemed these devices were cloaked from a long range, which meant that you had to get close up in order to detect them. They had an incredibly powerful electric beam, which paralysed the victim for 2 hours. He still wondered why whoever had put these devices here would want to paralyse someone, unless they wanted to come and get them. Hunters, he thought. Maybe hunters.

But just as he was about to stand up, he fell back down to the ground again as he felt a sharp stinging sensation in the side of his head, sending him into backness.


When he awoke, he was in a small, dark room. When he tried to move, he realised that he was strapped to a table. To the left he could barely make out the outline of a door. He continued to struggle, his restraints not freeing him, but holding him back. The stinging was still there, at the side of his head. He presumed he'd been knocked out, perhaps by a baton. And he knew for a fact that police used batons.

Maybe then he had been arrested. Maybe what he'd been doing was illegal, and he was in a prison cell. Just then, as if on cue, the door creaked open and a figure in a silver suit walked in, turning a light on. The intense brightness of the light forced the Director to squint.

"What do you have to say for yourself, child?!" the figure snapped, its voice low and booming, as if being spoken through an intercom. "Trespassing in the forest. You should know that the forest is closed off during the day."

The Director's mouth was dry and he could barely speak, so his voice came out as a hoarse whisper. "Why is the forest closed during the day?"

"It is dangerous in the forest, people have gone missing," the figure explained. "We only open it at night, when we have a professional taking guests around who can protect them if anything goes wrong."

"I thought the ghosts only came out at night," the Director said. "So how come people go missing during the day?"

"They do. But last month we sent a crew of ten in there to fix some cables leading to the main power generator. None came back alive. We think something is inside that forest, maybe a creature, maybe a monster or a demon, but nobody knows."

"A monster or demon," the Director grinned. "Now that's more like it."

"It is not safe in there, you must stick to the paths only at night with a guide."

"But what about those electric shock things?"

"We planted them there to find anyone who goes in there and arrest them immediately. We cannot afford to lose any more people to this monster, or whatever it is, it will damage our reputation."

"If there is a monster in there, then how did you manage to plant those devices there?"

"We used robots," the figure replied. "Enough talk, I want to know why you were in that forest."

"I was looking around."

"We found that one of the gates was broken through."

"Not me."

"If you lie to me, child, then you'll be in more serious trouble than you already are," the figure barked.

"Fine, that was me."

"So why were you there?" it asked.

"Like I said, I was looking around. I was interested in the ghost legend."

"The ghosts only come out at night."

"You said people were taken during the day."

"Do you have parents?" the figure changed the subject.


"Come with me."

It walked over and undid the chains, pulling the Director into a sitting position by his shirt. It dragged him off the table and pushed him forward, then out the door and into a hallway.

"Where are you taking me?" the Director asked, wincing when the figure thumped part of his back which had been scratched by stones.

"Everyone who goes in the forest unauthorised can expect a punishment," the figure said with sadistic pleasure. "But you are just a child, which means we cannot arrest you like an adult. You will receive a small punishment, then consider yourself warned."

Then he was shoved into a room, with another dressed exactly like the figure that took him in here standing next to a giant chair. The Director got shoved onto the chair and his arms chained to the armrests.

"So," the figure said, typing something into a computer. "First we need to do a scan."

The Director gulped when he looked up and saw wires attached to the chair. It wasn't a good sign. He knew for a fact that on this planet punishments weren't light, even for offending children. Of course if you were under 10 you wouldn't get a punishment like this, but he was over so he didn't have a choice.

And worst of all, in the corner of the room, he saw a power box with an electricity warning sticker on it.

Hell, he was in an electric chair. He had to escape.

The scan made him jolt slightly, as the screen in front of the figure showed an internal view of his body, a graph each side with the rate of each of his hearts. He gulped when the figure turned to face him.

"You shouldn't even exist, boy," it said.

"Let me go!" the Director snapped, trying to struggle free of the restraints. "You can't do this! I didn't even know that going into that forest was illegal!"

"You know now," the figure chuckled. "Don't worry, you'll only get a little shock. Then you can go free. But if you do it again, you'll get an even worse punishment."

"Please," the Director said. "You don't know..."

He cried out in pain as waves of electricity coursed through his body. The pain was excruciating, every nerve ending felt as if it was on fire. It was even worse than regeneration.

Gritting his teeth he tried to struggle through as his body fell limp in the chair. Remnants of the shock still pulsed through his body.


The next thing he knew was that he was in a white room, tucked up in a plain bed with only a sheet covering him. A nurse stood over him, a mask covering her face. She seemed to be examining the results.

Tiredly he managed to sit up, eyes heavy. A blush crept across his face as he realised he was only in his boxers. His hearts were beating faster than usual, he realised. Probably a result of the shock.

The cut on his stomach seemed to be gone, the same with the scratches on his arms. Then the nurse came over to him, pulling her mask down.

"I am the nurse. How do you feel?"

"Completely and utterly shit," he groaned, falling back on the bed.

"I have put a substance on you that heals your wounds. You should feel better soon."

"So this is what you do? Electrocute me then fix me up again?"

"We have to get rid of your wounds. If people find out that we punish tourists like this, then we will have a bad reputation. This planet has strict laws against crime. When you go back, nobody will know that you were even punished."

"But what if I tell them?" the Director asked.

"You won't. You don't know where our base is," the nurse said. "We knock you out then take you back to ground. Then you get on with life as normal."

"Can I have my sonic screwdriver back?"

"All possessions that are considered as weapons must be confiscated."

"It's not a weapon!"

"I'm sorry, but what our analyst says goes."

"Aww, man," the Director sighed. "I love my sonic screwdriver!"

The nurse began to make her way out of the room. "A person will come in soon and take you back to ground."

Back to ground. That must mean that this place is underground.

Once he was certain that the nurse had left, the Director climbed out of the bed and grabbed his clothes, which were completely wrecked. But the prospect of walking around almost naked seemed worse than wearing some tatty clothes, so he put them on anyway. He made his way out of the door, and into a hallway. It was the same hallway as the one he'd been dragged down earlier.

Running down, the Director came to another door at the end. It slid open for him, and he walked through. In this room there were three teleports.

The Director hopped onto one teleport and just as he was about to press the button, he noticed something in the corner of the room. It was a huge rubbish crate, which looked set for someone to tip down the rubbish chute.

Then he spotted something poking out of the heap of rubbish. It was his sonic screwdriver.

Internally he whooped with joy, running over to pluck his prise possession from the crate. He returned to the teleport, eyes scanning over the buttons. Eventually he got fed up of trying to work out which button sent him back up and used his sonic screwdriver instead. Within seconds he vanished in a flash of blue light.


His surroundings had changed. It was natural since he had been teleported. He was back in the shopping centre, and when he looked up he noticed Ashley staring down at him.

"Diro, you look a state. Where have you been?"

"Oh, nowhere in particular. Only to some secret police base, where they electrocuted me then left me in some bed only in my boxers. Then they nicked my sonic screwdriver which I luckily managed to rescue," he explained, standing up.

"Oooh," Ashley grinned. "I would've liked to been beside that bed. What a wonderful sight that would've been."

The Director chuckled. "Yeah. I think I need some new clothes. I can't go around in these."

Ashley pecked his cheek. "I'm glad you're OK."

"Would you care to accompany me in my quest to find some clothes, Ashley East?" the Director said in a posh accent, holding out his arm to her.

"I'd prefer it if you didn't have any clothes," Ashley smirked, taking his arm. "But I'll come with you anyway."

Both walked off, spending the hours until it got dark finding some new clothes for the Director, mucking around in the arcade and having lunch in the café. But little did they know that the ghosts were getting ready to come out. They were getting ready to feast.

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