The rain bashed the car windows as a figure stepped out. He was very well dressed. The left side of his suit was white, the right black, wth matching leather shoes. He didn't mind the rain, heck, t was always raining in Gotham. Still, he was nervous and the rain didn't help the atmosphere.

It was only a few days ago, that at a therapy sesson at Arkham Aslyum , Two-face learned that his Ex-fiance had two twin boys. She hadn't married or gone out with anyone else, and they were born about the same time that Harvey became Two-face. So, of course, he assumed that they were his.

Which is what had brought him here.

Two-face approached the door to the house. It was quiet, except for the sound of the rain. He knocked.

Then, after what seemed like forever, Grace answered the door.

She gasped. " Harvey,"

"Grace. May-may I come in?" Two-face had wavered for a moment, then recovered.

"Of course, Harvey." Grace stood aside and let him in.

" Is what they told me true? That you have twin boys?" Two-face growled.

Grace sighed, and nodded.

" Are they mine?"

Another nod. "They boys are asleep."

Two-face turned to leave.

"Harvey?" Grace called out to the rougue.

He turned to face her.

" I- I still love you."

Two-face turned back and just as he was about to go, he said, " Goodnight Grace."

Then he was gone.