Authors note: I'm sorry if the characters aren't exact, but please let me know of anything I can do to make it better.

Dr. Brennan inspected the bones carefully. She picked up a rib with her gloved hands. "There are particulates along the cuts on ribs 5 and 6!" she called down to Hodgins.

"Got it!" he called, picking up his tweezers.

Angela walked onto the platform as a familiar "Bones!" was called out.

Sighing, Dr. Brennan turned around as Booth swiped his card, hurrying up the platform. She looked at him with an annoyed look in her eyes. "What is it? We haven't found anything new."

Booth was about to reply when Angela interrupted. "Actually, I finished the facial reconstruction and got a name." She held up a drawing of a caucasian boy with cropped blonde hair. His big smile distracting from his blue eyes. Underneath was his name, Scott Smith.

"Good job Ange," Dr. Brennan said turning back to Booth. "So what did you want?"

Booth straightened. "Stop working on this case. We got one that is top priority." The familiar smile grew on his face, suggesting this case would be interesting.

Brennan was surprised. "What could be more important then solving the murder of a boy?" she asked seriously.

Booth sighed. "That's the bad part. We're solving the murder of someone that was eaten. There's a cannibal on the loose."

Her eyes widened. "Do you think it's Gormogon? We already lost Zack because of it." Brennan's face was pulled in a tight frown, obviously trying not to shed any tears.

"I don't think so. I'm pretty sure the Gormogon case is over. It's probably just a random wackjob that went cannibal." Booth fought the memory of arresting Zack.

Brennan nodded, taking off her gloves. "Let me get Vincent, I'll need him." She walked off the platform, and headed for Cam's office. Vincent was probably telling her about the fractures on the C5 veribrae.

Booth pulled up to the crime scene in his car. Annoyance was evident on his face from Vincent spouting off random facts. "Just go do your squint stuff, and solve the case." Booth said to Vincent.

"Take pictures of the house, and take some samples for Hodgins." Brennan instructed her intern. "Where's the body?" she asked Booth.

Booth led the way into the house. He walked past the living room and entered the kitchen. The bones were scattered everywhere. The skull sat on the counter. Some of the skin was still there, as if the killer had stopped, like they just realized what they were doing. There were even bite marks on some of the flesh.

Brennan gazed at the bones. "It's a male, late thirties. He was a basketball player. He was married, might have kids." she stood up.

"How do you know he was married?" Booth was surprised.

Brennan pointed to what was left of the hand. "Wedding ring. Normally your the one to spot that," she smiled.

Ignoring her last comment Booth looked around the house. "So, how much do you want taken to the Jeffersonian?" He was ready to be told he needed to get the whole kitchen there.

"The bones should be fine. I'll send Hodgins to come later at take anymore samples he'll need." Brennan replied.

"Bones," Booth said seriously.


"We have to solve this case. We can't let another cannibal go loose."

"I know."

Sam looked up from his laptop as Dean grabbed a beer. "I think I found a case. Someone was eaten, by another human."

Dean sat down. "You think it's a rugaru?" He took a drink.

Sam closed the laptop. "Possibly. We should hit the road, find out."

"Really? Your not usually so eager to go on a case." Dean pried.

Sam sighed. "I remember what a rugaru does. If this one has started feeding, it won't be long before another body shows up."