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Chapter name borrowed from the Sex Pistols.

On with it, shall we?


Fresh out of hell, and I don't get one day of peace.

First off, Bambi's MIA, and Sam's a nervous wreck.

Then, once we finally find her, a whole new crisis is dumped on my head.

Odette in hell.

Cas kicking her to the curb.

I want to punch him straight in his stupid face.

Son of a bitch had promised me he'd look after Bambi!

And what had he done?

Left Odette to get dragged into hell.

Left my sweet, innocent sister to an eternity of torture.

I'm itching to kill him.

If only I knew how.

"So you know," Odette says quietly. "About Lucifer and the Seals."

"Yeah, unfortunately," Sam replies, looking at her worriedly.

This time, I think his mother-henning is justified.

Bambi is worrying me too.

Except...she doesn't seem like Bambi anymore.

She doesn't even look like Bambi anymore-at least not the Bambi I know.

She even dresses different.

She's in tight skinny jeans and a vest with a black leather jacket over it, with these really pointy black boots and skull earrings.

Skull earrings, I kid you not.

Her hair is spikier than before, and looks almost black, and it is streaked purple in places.

Even her eyes are done up with this totally thick eyeliner, almost like raccoon eyes.

On anyone else, it would have looked comical, but on Odette, it just looks badass.

(Sam just asked me when I started noticing this stuff. I tell him to shove it.)

Odette has always been beautiful, but now...she looks sexy.

Way sexy.

And I feel dirty just thinking about it, because, hell, this is my sister.

Okay, my drop-dead gorgeous sister, but brothers don't notice that kind of stuff!

They just don't.

In short, Odette looks unrecognizable.

Nothing like herself.

She sits back down on the sofa.

"Why are you here?" She asks Cas coldly.

Cas looks at her tentatively.

"My superiors decided to send me here to assist you with restraining Lucifer."

Odette's eyes flare.

"We don't need your help," She snaps.

Cas looks guilty, but his voice is steady.

"I'm not allowed to leave," He answers.

If looks can kill, Cas will be dead on the floor.

They stare at each other for a long moment.

Odette gives up.

"Fine," She snarls.

"Stay. See if I care. But this is purely business. Nothing else."

Cas looks more miserable than I've ever seen him, but he says: "If that's what you want."

Odette ignores him, sitting back on her sofa.

Sam eyes her uncertainly.

"Odette...how'd you get out of hell?"

Her eyes tighten.

"A devil's gate opened. I climbed my way out."

We blink at her.

She purses her lips together.

"I had help," Odette admits.

"Help? From who?" Sam asks, mystified.

"Jared," Odette whispers, and her eyes glisten.


None of us know what to say.

Odette jumps up and digs around under the cushions.

She brings out my leather jacket.

I stare numbly at it.

"I think it's time you wear it again," Odette holds it out.

And just for a second, I can see the old Bambi behind all the eyeliner and make-up.

Just for a second.

"Thanks," I say gruffly, slipping it on.

Odette's eyes suddenly slide over to Cas, and she pulls her weird silver sword back.

Without moving an inch.

My eyes narrow.

"I thought I told you not to use your powers," I say quietly.

Sam twitches uneasily.

"Dean," She stares at me with her big doe eyes.

"You don't understand. Hell unlocked my powers- I had to use them, or I'd have never gotten out."

My anger fades a bit.

How can I blame her for trying to escape, when I know what hell is like?

"Besides, it's not even demon blood," Odette says quickly.

"I'm supposed to be a descendant of Metatron, or something."

Cas jerks at this, but doesn't stay anything.


The gesture doesn't escape Odette, but she ignores him.

And then Cas has to open his big fat mouth.

"Where did you get the sword?"

Odette's eyes turn cool and detached.

"From a friend," She says coolly, impassively.

Her voice is cold and brittle.

Nothing like the Odette I know.

Cas points at the sword.


Odette's eyes narrow, but she evidently decides to speak.


Recognition flashes over Cas' face.

Recognition and horror.

Odette smiles grimly.

"So you know who she is. You knew an angel was in hell, and you did nothing to stop it."

My head is beginning to ache.

"Whoa there, back up a second," I say testily.

"Explain. From the beginning."

Sam wraps an arm around her shoulder.

"What was it like..." He trails off. "In hell?"

Odette's eyes turn glassy and distant.

"Don't ask me that, Sam. Please."


"Leave her alone," I say pointedly.

Once is bad enough-for both of us.

I don't want to remind her of hell.

No more than she already has been.

Unexpectedly, Odette grabs my hand.

"I can only imagine what it must've been like for you... you were in there longer than I was."

I shake my hand free.

"I don't remember hell," I say quickly.

Odette surveys me doubtfully.

Has she detected the false note in my voice?

"I must've... must've blocked it out," I stammer.

I don't like lying.

But this is something I can't talk about.

She lets it pass, laughing mirthlessly.

"Then you're the luckiest man alive, Dean. Because I remember every second."

Her eyes seem almost black, and it is Cas they accuse as she continues speaking.

"Meg was right. Hell is a prison of bone and blood and flesh and fear, and you're trapped in there with no way out. Nothing to do but scream and scream and keep screaming until you rip out your own throat."

Her lips pull back in a snarl, and Cas actually takes a step back from the anger in her eyes.

She's really gone, then.

This isn't the innocent, gentle girl I left behind.

"I ran into an angel named Amitiel," Odette explains.

"She seemed to know who I was. Why I was there. She helped me train, get stronger."

She deliberately leaves out explaining about Jared, and I don't push her.

She's suffered enough.

I don't want my sister to hurt anymore.

Cas decides to speak again.

"Where is Amitiel?"

Odette glares at him.

"She's dead," She says harshly.

"What do you suggest we do, Castiel?"

Cas flinches back from the venom in her voice.

I'd feel sorry for him, but the bastard deserves it.

But Cas isn't soft.

"Stay here," Cas says.

"Drop everything and try and stop Lucifer. I'll help you."

"Help," Odette mocks bitterly.

"Sure. Just like you helped me when I was in hell?"

Cas stops short, and he seems genuinely sorry.

But I know better than to trust in liars.

"I'm sorry, Odette."


"I don't care," Odette replies, and sounds almost convincing.


"It's late," She changes the subject abruptly.

"Why don't you and Sam take the rooms on the left-they're spare."

Sam gets to his feet, but I wait.


She turns back to look at me.


"Isn't this your dad's house?"

Her voice is completely emotionless.

Frighteningly so.

"He's dead, Dean."


Something clinks in the living room.

I look at my watch.

It's one o'clock in the morning.

I move forward cautiously, then freeze as I look into the room.

Odette is sitting rigidly in her armchair, drinking a glass full of amber liquid.


She holds a cigarette carelessly in one hand.

Plumes of white smoke envelope the room.

Her expression does not change when she looks at me.

"Hey, Dean. Why aren't you asleep?"

I cross my arms together.

"I could ask you the same."

Odette drains the glass in another minute.

"Hell in HD is bad enough on its own. I don't need a re-run, Dean."

My retort is lost as I look at my sister.

The Bambi I knew is long dead and gone.

No, that's the wrong word.

The Bambi I knew has been killed.

My eyes sweep the room, noting the overflowing ashtray, the long line of beer bottles, and finally the niggling sensation at the back of my head makes sense.

I know who she reminds me of.