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I unfortunately can't write slash to save my life, I love reading it (especially Luke/Percy) but I can't write it.

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Oh, and changes to ages so as to not make Luke seem like a creeper. Percy was thirteen turning fourteen in The Lightning Thief. Luke was already seventeen. When the Last Olympian happened Percy was sixteen turning seventeen. Luke was already twenty (his birthday being in May and hers in August).

Luke Castellan - Jake Abel - May 5th, 1989.

Persephone 'Percy' Jackson - Barbara Palvin - August 18th, 1992.

The is a three year age difference, not that much of a difference.

Waking Up The Ghost.

They Never Knew.

The battle was here, the day in which the prophecy would be fulfilled. She didn't know how she was standing right now, faced with Luke but not Luke at the same time. The golden eyes told it all, this was Kronos. Luke wasn't there anymore, at least not consciously. She knew for a fact he was still there though, buried deep behind Kronos' conscious.

"I will only offer this once more Persephone Jackson," Kronos hissed as their swords clashed. "Join me or die."

Percy glared. "It's Percy, not Persephone."

She twisted away from a slash and spun around, bringing her sword down, but it bounced off his skin and the next moment Riptide was skidding across the ground. She was left defenseless, Kronos looming over her, smirking.

Luke's smirk, she thought bitterly.

"STOP!" Annabeth yelled, coming from seemingly nowhere.

She just appeared, shocking both Percy and Kronos. The Titan King spun to face her, slashing Backbiter as he went. Annabeth was able to counter it with her dagger hilt, showing just how skilled her best friend was with the knife she was so fond of.

Percy watched with wide eyes as Annabeth held the Titan back, their blades locked. As injured as Annabeth was Percy didn't know how she pulled it off.

"Luke," Annabeth said, eyes narrowed, "I understand, but you have to trust me."

Kronos growled in fury. "Luke Castellan is dead! His body belongs to me, and will burn away as I am released into my true form!"

Percy was frozen stiff, what could she do? According to Rachel she wasn't the hero. Riptide hadn't returned to her yet and she was terrified. She didn't want to fulfill the prophecy. Someone was going to die, she knew this, but she didn't know if it was her seeing as Rachel was certain she was not the hero.

Heroes soul cursed blade shall reap – there were only so many candidates for that.

"Your mother. She saw your fate when you were a baby," Annabeth said, her face determined yet pained.

"Serving me, that is his fate!" Kronos cried angrily.

"No!" Annabeth argued, the pain clear on her face.

Percy feared she'd break into tears, her and Annabeth both.

"It's not the end of the story, Luke. It's just the beginning! The prophecy: she saw what you would do. It applies to you!"

"I will kill you, you ignorant child!" the Titan roared and Annabeth smiled sadly.

"You won't though," Annabeth said sadly, but hopeful. "You promised."

Percy's eyes widened, and she knew what Annabeth was trying to do. She had to help, she had to get Luke to listen!

"LIES!" Kronos yelled in outrage.

Percy watched struck by anger, shock and fear as the Titan King backhanded Annabeth across the face, before kicking her in the stomach. Annabeth was thrown across the room and hit a pillar close to one of the Olympian thrones.

Kronos glared at Annabeth and raised his sword, prepared to move towards the hurt girl. She was shaking her head as if trying to clear it, Percy was sure Annabeth had hit her head on the pillar. Being kicked in the gut and backhanded by a Titan probably didn't feel too good either (unfortunately she had a little experience in that area).

"Family, Luke. You promised."

Percy could barely hear the whispered words but she saw the golden eyes flash blue quickly, but they were solid gold again within second.

"Luke!" Percy cried, and the Titan on instinct or maybe by some force of Luke himself, turned.

Percy once again was face to face with Luke.

"Annabeth's right," she said, limping closer. She was indestructible but only on the outside, her insides were still rather fragile and being hit by another person who was indestructible hurt. "You promised. You promised so much."

Kronos snarled. "I gave you the chance to join me Persephone. I gave you the chance to allow Luke to fulfill his promises to you. So did he, didn't he?"

Annabeth watched the exchange and wondered if there was something to this. She knew Percy hated Luke being brought up, that they had been close friends when they first met but she wondered what promises Luke had made.

Percy felt Riptide return to her but she dropped it, and fell onto her knees in front of the Titan Lord, shocking Grover and Annabeth.

"Percy!" Grover gasped, and Annabeth stared with wide gray eyes.

"You promised you'd be there, you promise to take care of me." Percy felt her throat close up, but she continued as tears filled her eyes. "You promised never to hurt me."

"LIES!" Kronos screamed and brought the flat side of his scythe down and across her face, forcing her onto her side.

She leaned onto the palms of her hands and raised up. To everyone's surprise the skin was bright red and irritated, almost looking as if it wanted to bleed but the skin would not break properly.

"You promised Luke... please come back," Percy pleaded, her hands clasped in front of her as if she were praying, or begging.

She had seen the blue trying to take over the gold when he'd slapped her with his scythe, now the blue was struggling to overtake the iris.

"Promise," Kronos or was it Luke, muttered.

Then he gasped, his eyes were blue but with specks of gold still around the pupil. Something she'd seen before, but she knew it was Luke.

"Per...Sephie," Luke stumbled over her name, as if unsure which nickname to use.

He stumbled forward, like someone who'd half forgotten how to walk. Or someone in very little control of their body. "You're face... you're hurt. . . "

"My knife." Annabeth had spoken this softly and she finally understood. Percy had gotten through to Luke, Percy had to be the one to choose. "Percy, my dagger. . ."

Percy almost hesitantly moved to the side, slightly around Luke, and scooped up the dagger.

Luke took a step towards her, his hand reaching out as if to touch her but Grover was suddenly in the way.

"Don't come near her," Grover snapped, glaring, ready to defend his friend.

Percy held her breath as anger went across Luke's face and Kronos spoke, "Satyr..."

Percy's let it out once she noticed the golden glow appearing. She had a feeling about what that meant.

"Sephie, He's changing. Please help. He's . . . He won't need my body anymore soon. Please—"

"NO!" Kronos screamed and raised his scythe – Percy was unsure exactly when he'd turned it from Backbiter into the terrifying scythe.

Grover tried to rush him, maybe stampede him but Kronos slapped him away and he landed close to Annabeth. He once again turned towards Percy and raised his scythe.

"My dagger Percy, you have to..." Annabeth's words came to low for her to hear after that. Her blonde friend wasn't doing to good, but neither was she.

"Luke," Percy muttered and somehow caught the scythes blade with Annabeth's dagger. It wasn't easy though, and she'd never been the best knife fighter.

She saw him spasm and then Luke collapsed, clutching his head and hair, the scythe laying forgotten a foot away where he'd thrown it in horror.

"So sorry, please, Percy . . ."

Percy let herself fall to her knees in front of him, placing her free hand on his shoulder. It almost stung, then she recalled the golden glow.

Luke smiled painfully. "You can't... be the heroine this time babe,"

Percy licked her dry lips. "Why, please there has to be another way!"

He chuckled bitterly, leaning his head into her shoulder for a minute. The heat grew, a small pain like a needle being stuck in and out an inch deep starting.

"I'm so sorry, but you can't. He'll fight me more, he'll defend himself more. It has to be me, I can control him. I have to do it."

He moved back to facing her, and Percy could see the glowing was worse now, his skin starting to smoke and crackle.

Percy gripped the dagger to her chest fearfully. "No, please. Not like this."

Annabeth and Grover watched, stricken.

"Please, there is no time," Luke begged, resting his hand on her cheek tenderly. He pulled back when he noticed the effect the glow had on her. "I can't hurt you anymore, I promised I wouldn't. But I already have, haven't I?"

The prophecy replayed in her mind and she broke, tears streaming down my face as she nodded, and handed the dagger to Luke.

Grover gasped. "Percy?"

"She's right Grover," Annabeth reassured. "It's the right choice, it has to be."

Percy barely heard this as she watched as the son of Hermes unlatched his armor, exposing the skin under his left arm. Ice blue eyes like glaciers yet warm and sad met her fearful and grief stricken sea green orbs.

She gasped in pain when he made the final choice and stabbed himself. It wasn't even a deep cut, but he howled like a dying animal. Like he was in so much pain and she didn't even realize she was screaming with him. Her own Achilles heel burned, like it was loosing something valuable.

Percy knew when she stopped screaming and she knew when she shut her eyes. The glowing aura around Luke just to much to bare and then what felt like a nuclear explosion struck, blistering her skin and cracking her lips.

It was silent for far too long.

Percy noticed Luke first. He was laid out in front of her, the floor around him was darkened by a blackened circle of ash. Percy still felt a dull pain in the small of her back but ignored it, the pain in her heart hurt worse.

"Good . . . blade," Luke stumbled through the two words.

Percy cried, a watery smile on her face for a split second. She took his bloody hand in hers and squeezed it.

Annabeth and Grover joined Percy, tears in their eyes.

Luke looked at Annabeth sadly. " knew. I'm sorry...for breaking my promises. You'll always be like a sister to me."

Percy wasn't to sure Annabeth would like hearing that but she grinned, tears falling freely.

"You'll go to Elysium, you were a hero in the end," she assured and he smiled.

"For a while, I...I have someone to wait for," he said weakly, turning his head back to her. "Think . . . rebirth. Try for three times. Isles of the Blest."

Percy wasn't to sure if he was answering Annabeth, asking her permission or asking her to try for rebirth with him in the future. She sobbed, he didn't even have to ask.

Annabeth sniffled, leaning into Grover for support.

Luke reached out with his other hand, now charred and ran the fingertips across her face.

"I'm sorry Sephie. Did you . . ." Luke coughed, blood leaking from his lips, some splattering on her face and armor. "Did you ever love me?"

"Oh gods," she heard Annabeth mutter and she knew her best friends now understood.

"Forever and Always," Percy said, choking on a sob. "Just like we promised each other."

He smiled and winced in pain, his charred hand falling away.

"We can get some help, Apollo, some of his children...nymphs...ambrosia, nectar – something!" Grover exclaimed and Luke chuckled, the chuckle turning into a coughing fit.

He turned his head and a puddle of blood leaked from his mouth onto the floor beside him.

"You're...a great satyr, Grover. But It won't work," he muttered and stared up at Percy. She wiped her tears with her free hand. "Please don't cry Percy."

It only made her want to cry more. Percy leaned forward, uncaring for the blood staining his mouth and pressed her lips to his. The last kiss they'd ever share, she realized with grief coiling in her stomach.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds and she pulled back.

Luke grinned and the hand she held tightened around hers. "Ethan. Me. All the unclaimed. Don't let it . . . Don't let it happen again."

"I won't, I promise," Percy said, and she saw his eyes loose focus, glaze over and stare at her in empty light. His hand felt loose in her hold and she saw his chest relax, not longer rising or falling sparsely.

"Luke," she cried, leaning over and resiting her head against his chest. She felt as if her world had ended, as if her spirit was being ripped from her body and flayed alive.

"Percy..." Grover started, resting a hand on her shoulder but she just shook it off and continued to cry onto Luke's chest.

"No," she muttered. "Why, how is this worth it?"

Annabeth felt her own sobs trying to escape, she wondered the same thing but she couldn't answer with anything that sounded right. She hated seeing her best friend, sister, like this.

They never knew.

It was that simple, they had never known of the secret love between Luke and Percy.

The gods arrived a few minutes later in their full war attire, moving in such a way which led the demigods around Luke's body to believe they expected one hell of a battle. What they found was Grover and Annabeth trying to pull a distraught Percy from the broken body of Luke Castellan.

"Percy," Poseidon began, his eyes wide at the scene in front of him. "What is this?"

Percy stiffened and sniffed, letting her friends pull her from Luke but she didn't move far. She turned and face the Olympians. Injured, broken and with red puffy eyes and tear streaked face.

"We need a shroud," Percy spoke, half sobbing. "A shroud for the son of Hermes, Hero of Olympus."

Hermes looked at the girl between her friends, who seemed so torn apart. A look at Aphrodite rose his suspicions, she had a wide eyed look as she stared between Luke and Percy. She looked to be in great pain, but then so did Persephone Jackson.

Right now he couldn't be bothered to figure it out. His son, his favorite son, was dead.