hey this is my first star trek tos fanfiction. its a collection of drabbles because i cannot write long stories. a few will have sequal chapters and will share a similar name. i hope you enjoy them because i enjoyed writing them. please r&r xxxx

First Things First - Kirk

It had been a long walk from the Starfleet base to Iowa but Captain James T Kirk wouldn't have it any other way.
The corn moon was in full glory as he approached his father's dusty old farm. Kicking up the reddened dust beneath his feet, he ran down the main drive and stood, panting slightly in the moon-bathed porch.

He set his bags down on the rickety rocking chair and fumbled around in the potted plants for the spare key. He found it and straightened up, unlocked the door and walked into the dark hall way. He breathed in deeply and the smell of dried wood and fresh bread filled his nostrils. He put his bags next to the grandfather clock and shut the door. Smiling slightly he crept upstairs, winching at creaking floorboards, and slipped across the landing and into his old room.
He looked around and took in his old car posters and Starfleet ship models. Apart from being an awful lot cleaner than he remembered nothing had changed a bit. He walked over to the window and gazed across the dusty fields, illuminated by the moon. He sighed happily and fell backwards onto the bed. He was asleep in seconds.

Standing in the doorway the next morning, kirks parents smiled as they watched their son sleeping, still in his yellow Starfleet uniform and boots, spread luxuriously across the double bed.
James Tiberius Kirk was home.