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This is a oneshot that got stuck in my head while I was writing a different story. I've been working on a story for several months now and suddenly one morning instead of working on that story I wrote this in two hours flat! I was impressed with myself. I hope you like this. It's a little different from what I wrote before.

Warnings: Language (Swearing and vulgar), Blood play (It is a vampire story LOL) and defiantly yaoi (MaleXMale) if you don't like it please don't read this. Thank you!


There he sat again night after night in that large elaborate office without a care in the world. Confidence oozed through his blood, calling to me in every shape and form. All I wanted was a taste, a small sample of that deliciously smelling blood. Who would have guessed that the man I despised the most would have the most alluring blood I've ever smelt in my short vampiric life? I wanted it. I slid my hand along the tinted glass just to the left of him. If he turned his head away from his obvious workload he could see me. I knew this, but it was thrilling enough to stay exposed for him to see. Who would have thought that sleeping in a park with no place to go will summon a vampire? I would have never thought such a thing but it matters not anymore. The only thing I desire is to sink my teeth into that pearl skin of Kaiba's, tasting that wine he calls blood. Twenty five years that blood has existed in his body. Twenty five years no vampire has ever noticed that smell. I become one and the next day all I smell is his blood. Now all vampires want the same thing I crave. They can't have him. I rub my hand over my hardening cock. Oh yes, I want him.

Shifting my gaze away from him just as another existence became more than Kaiba and myself. I bared my fangs and hissed, making my eyes flash golden at the new vampire that floated several floors below me. I placed my hand on the glass again and hissed. No one was going to have what I claimed. The other vampire snorted and took off into the dark sky. Kaiba will be mine whether he was a willing victim or not. There was no time left. I must take him before any other vampire did. Closing my eyes, I merge my shape with that of the window and melted through it. My solidified formed landed on the floor, and I opened my eyes only to see the arrogant CEO pointing a gun at me. His emotionless mask still held firm. "Jounouchi," he barked. "What are you doing here?"

I ran my fingers through my darken blond hair and licked my lips. "Laying claim to what is mine."

"Excuse me? I don't see anything in this building that could ever be yours. Leave now. I have no time for games."

I chuckled. Conveniently he didn't ask how I got in his office. Perhaps he has excepted his past life as a priest and could sense a difference with my presence. Yugi would love that information. If only I still talked to my once best friend. He was not able to accept my transformation and feared for his own life even though I told him countless times that his blood wasn't desirable. Kaiba kept the gun still pointed at me, never once loosing his resolve. That confidence flowed even stronger. He was sure he could kill me. That thought delighted me. "That gun is useless. Haven't you sensed it yet. I'm not the same second rate duelist you thought I was. In fact, why not show you exactly what I mean?"

Before he could blink, I was across the room with him pinned against the wall by his neck and the gun flung forgotten on the ground. I could smell the fear that he desperately tried to hide and something more. My grin plastered across my face. Did he desire someone to dominate him? Was this turning him on? My body screaming with yearning. I was simply going to drink his blood and lay claim to him so no other vampire could have him, but his erotic smell was blinding my senses.

I released the clawed grip I had on his neck, watching small beads of blood running down his neck. He gasped and coughed, raking his body with shivers and spasms. I licked the blood that reached his collarbone. My eyes glowed and my mind seemed lost. I had to keep control. Just the pinch of his blood awakened the beast inside of me. My lust and the smell of his desire threw me from my senses. I used my free hand and grabbed his cock through the pants. He was semi-hard. I licked my lips. "If you wish to play, we cannot do it here." Before he had a chance to answer, I had his taller, thinner frame trapped under my right arm. I blasted through the window, leaving it nothing but dust. I had to take him someplace no one would interrupt us. Someplace that I could play for hours with my new prey.

I floated through most of the cold night air and jumped from rooftop to rooftop with accelerated speed. There wasn't much time left before sunrise, and I wanted to fuck this willing victim at least and drink his blood before sleeping for the day. I landed quickly at my destination, dragging my feet to a stop and kicking up parts of the roof of the abandoned placed I once called home. The term most appropriate should be the place where the end of my life began. No one had lived here since I killed my father the same night I became a vampire. No human bothers to maintain the now ghost house. I flipped my body into the broken second floor window. My room appeared the same as I left it except there was a cloud of dust over all my furniture. I threw Kaiba on top of the bed. He coughed from the cloud of dust that formed around him.

"My security will be here before you know it."

"Aww, is the little CEO scared of someone so insignificant that you just wipe him away like a speck of dirt?"

"I don't fear you. Even if you found someone to give you the technology to fly and move quickly."

I snorted. "Still denying what you see in front of you." I moved over to the bed, placing one knee on it and leaning over him as he tried to melt into the mattress. "Have you not noticed what you're missing?" Kaiba shifted away from me and glanced down at the sleeves of his shirt. The cufflinks were torn and missing. "It's hard for your security to find you when they are still in your office. Your trench coat that you always wear is back at the office as well. You forgot you left it there. Such a shame, Kaiba, no one is coming to save you, and you don't have the strength to save yourself."

"What is it that you want?"

"I told you. I want to claim what is mine."

"I am not your property."

"You have no choice. You will become mine or belong to one of the other countless vampires out there that have noticed your presence. I assure you that none of them are as patient and nice as I am. They would have already fucked you, drank from you, tortured you and would have done it right there in your office not caring what position your staff, or worse, your little brother would have found you in. You should be grateful that I've controlled myself enough to move you away from prying eyes." My eyes glowed in the night and I could clearly see everything around me. His slight tremble and hitched breath. "How long, Kaiba? How long have you wished for someone to dominate you like this?"

Kaiba growled and swung his fist at me. I shifted slightly back, watching the fist miss me by a few inches. I grabbed both of his wrists and slammed them to the mattress above his head. "Release me."

I shook my head. "Why would I do that? You clearly want me to tie you up and fuck you. I can feel it and see it through your pants. Are you going to be honest with me, or do I have to force you into submission?" Kaiba tried to pull his wrists from my grip. I hissed my warning at him and grabbed his necktie. Quickly untying it from around his neck, I circled it around his wrists, tying them together before using what was left to secure him to one of the bars on the headrest. "I guess I have to force you."

I extended my claws and tore his shirt into shreds, placing angry red welts all over his chest and arms. He glared up at me but remained silent. I knew he wanted this, but for how long? How long did he desire pain and pleasure like what I was giving him? Was it just the pleasure he craved or was it me? He hissed as one of my claws dug slightly deeper directly beside his erect nipple. He will be fun to play with. I licked the blood that start to simmer to the surface before twirling my tongue around his nipple. I bit slightly down on it and sucked the small object into my mouth. He gasped and arched his back. Even though his pleasurable sounds remained quiet his body screamed to be taken. I released his nipple and slid my hand further down until my now clawless fingers circled his navel. "All in good time, Kaiba. But, first, I must claim you as mine so no other vampire may have you." Even though I showed him nothing of my fears, I remained afraid that some other vampire would hurt him. That is something I would never wish upon anyone, not even my worst enemy.

I pulled his pants down, taking his boxers, socks and shoes off all at once. He now laid beautifully naked before me. His porcelain skin glowed in the moonlight creeping through the broken window. I glanced down at his weeping cock. It wanted to play. I know it did. I looked up, noticing the rose color now on Kaiba's cheeks. He wanted this. I know he did. He had ever chance to fight and struggle, but he never bothered. He could have summoned his security at any time in the office, but he didn't. My frustration grew. If I would have know he wanted this, I would have claimed him months ago.

I parted his legs. He didn't resist, in fact, he moved them further for me. I ran my fingers from his foot up his leg, twirling them gently along the sensitive skin of his inner thigh. "Do you want to be mine?" I asked. Even though I despised this man in my human life, I still had my pride. I wished not to hurt him as I had been hurt before. No one should have be taken against their will.

"Yes," he hissed.

His answer was like a thousand of my fantasies coming true. I leaned down and licked his pulsating cock. "Do you want this?"


"Do you know exactly what I mean?"

"Damnit, Jounouchi! Are you going to fuck me or marry me?"

"I prefer both."

Kaiba stared at me before snorting. "Selfish aren't you."

"Not nearly as selfish as you. This will hurt. Once my scent is mixed with yours, no vampire can drink from you or fuck you. They won't be able to harm you, but some may try to kidnap you to get to me. Your blood is like a narcotic. Everyone is after it, but I was the first to notice it. If I were to die, some other vampire can claim you. I don't want that happening."

"I can protect you."


"I said, I can protect you. I know that's what you're are trying to do for me, but I'm not some princess that needs a prince to save her. Marriage is sharing. If you want to marry me, then we both protect each other. Now, stop teasing me and get on with it."

I chuckled and slid my body so I was lying directly in-between his legs. I placed a kissed on his inner thigh before sinking my teeth into the vein there. He gasped and bit his lip. I could smell the blood from that. His entire body trembled, but I knew it wasn't from pleasure. I knew the pain from when the vampire that changed me first claimed me. I placed my hand over Kaiba's fast beating heart, willing it to slow down. "Stay with me," I mentally said as I continued to pull the blood from his body and allowed my own scent to enter it. Finally, I started to smell my own scent coming from his perspiration. I stopped and licked the small marks. His breathing continued to come in small pants. I could see water collecting at the side of his eyes. His once erect cock was gone. I felt his pain and suffering. He was trying to hide it. I released his hands and pulled him gently into my own arms. "I'm sorry," I whispered. "I know it hurt. I won't ever do that again. You now have my scent."

His body continued to tremble, but I could feel his heart returning to normal. I glanced out the window. I could feel the sun slowly creeping its way into our world. We only had an hour left. Even though I desired to give him all the pleasure he craved, I didn't want to scare him or force him into anything. The least I could do is stay with him until sunrise and comfort him. The worst was over.

After a few minutes his body stopped trembling, and he moved until he sat in my lap. He stared into my eyes. I breathed in his scent. How was that possible? He should have been unwilling to continue. I remembered not wanting the touch of my master, but he continued anyway. He claimed me, fucked me and changed me all in one night. I could never do that to someone. The pain was tremendous and still plagued my mind. I shook my head. "It may be too painful for you."

"When did I have give you the suggestion that I was a wimp. I told you to fuck me. You said that it was over with the pain. What pleasure could you give me?"

His bare erection slid against my clothed cock. The scent of his lust was overwhelming. I couldn't stop myself. I threw him back down on the bed, pinning him to the mattress. I twirled my tongue along his neck before sinking my teeth into the artery there. He gasped and arched his back. Blood pooled into my mouth and I hungrily drank. He moaned and gripped the back of my shirt. I licked the wound and broke apart, unable to wait. I threw my clothes off and slid my body directly on top of his. I grinded our hips together, smearing our precum all over our cocks.

I flipped him over quickly like an animal in heat. I pulled his hips to me, forcing him on his knees. Sliding my tongue greedily into his hole, I didn't give him time to think. He moaned and pushed himself onto his hands. He shifted his body back and forth with the thrusting of my tongue. I knew what he wanted. I needed it too. I slicked his entrance with my spit using both my tongue and my fingers to stretch his very tight, very hot virgin hole. He fisted his hands and leaned his head down against the mattress. I knew he was feeling the pleasure and slight pain at the same time. I brushed my fingers against his prostate and he cried out. "Fuck, Jounouchi. Hurry."

I smirked and pushed my throbbing cock inside of him. I pulled him until he sat in my lap with my cock fully inside of him. His sweaty back leaned against my chest and his alluring neck was tilted for me to bite. My fangs dug into his neck, sucking more blood from him. I knew if I didn't stop soon, his life would be in danger. Only taking enough blood to make his cock throb more, I placed my lips beside his ear. "You better hold onto your senses. I guaranteed you've never been fucked properly until you've been fucked by a vampire."

I gripped his hips, making sure to keep them in the shape of my fingers inside of my claws and lifted his entire body off my cock before slamming back into him. He screamed and moved his hands to grip my arms. The speed and strength that I thrust into him was enough to cause sweat to drip off both of our bodies. He was so tight and hot. I groaned and never wanted to pull my cock out of his body. "Jounouchi," he panted, "So close."

I pulled him completely off me and slammed his back against the mattress. I wrapped my hand around his cock and squeezed it. "No," I growled. "You'll cum when I say so. You're my bitch now." I grabbed his one leg and threw it over my shoulder before slamming back inside of him. He screamed. I continued the fast pace, still holding onto his cock. He wasn't going to cum before I was ready. I wanted him to continue to thrust with me, not lie there spent while I finished.

"Jounouchi, please," he begged. I knew he couldn't hold out for much longer.

Finally, I could feel myself nearing my peak. I released his cock and gripped his hips again. He lasted only a few more thrusts before he released his large load all over both of us, screaming my name. His body put my cock into a vice-like grip, pushing me over the edge. I released inside of him, continuing to thrust until his body milked everything out of me.

I pulled out of him, placing my hand over his heart again. His breath came in fast gasps and his skin felt like a flame. But, he still opened his beautiful cerulean eyes. He placed his hand over mine. "I'm okay," he whispered between breaths.

I smiled softly at him. He figured out the reason for my hand. I pulled him into my lap and wrapped my arms around him. He took a few deep calming breaths until his breathing was back to normal. He leaned his head against my chest and closed his eyes. "You know my security would have noticed the broken window and my cufflinks by now. You can't take me back to the office with just my pants on without them noticing that something was wrong."

I snorted. "With that large intelligent mind of yours, you can't think of some excuse to give them. However, I can only take you one place before sunrise. If I take you home, I can sleep there."

"Oh sure, leave me to clean up your mess."

"Don't I always."

"As if I want to."

I smiled and placed him back down on the bed. "Seriously, we need to get you at least back to the mansion. If the sun rises before I get you somewhere then wherever we are we stop until nightfall."

Kaiba grunted and leaned down for his pants. He hissed from the obvious soreness in his back. I glanced back but he just waved his hand in the air. "I told you I'm okay. Just a little sore. I haven't had sex with anyone in several years."

Once he had his pants on, I gently picked him up and cradled him in my arms. "I know, I know you're not a princess," I said, answering his glare. "We have to move quickly and I'm going to fly most of the way. My suggestion after you get your security under control is a warm bath and a long day of rest."

"Where will you be?"

"An area in your mansion that's cold and has no light."

"The wine cellar. I'll keep everyone out of there."

"I knew you would." I leaped out of the window and moved my way through the waking city to his mansion. I landed on his roof and moved my way to the window of his bedroom. His scent was all over the window. I placed his feet gently down on the floor and glanced back out the window. "I need to go. See you tonight, Kaiba."

Kaiba grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. His lips brushed against mine. He deepened the kiss for a few seconds before breaking. "Now we are married."

I smiled sheepishly. "I guess we are now." I shifted my form and melted through the floors until I found the wine cellar. I knew I had to ask him that important question of how long he wanted me before I took him, but that would have to wait until nightfall. I curled myself into the corner and fell asleep, not knowing what Kaiba was going to do about his sudden disappearance. It didn't matter to me. All I wanted was sleep.


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