"Ana?" His soft voice makes me stir in my sleep. Why is he waking me? It's the middle of the night. My tired eyes stay closed but I let out a small groan, letting him know I've heard him but I'm not waking. Annoyingly I feel his arm wrap around my stomach, his hand resting on my little bump, I desperately try to kick the wave of pleasure that rushes through me, it happens every time he touches me and he knows it will wake me. Rolling my eyes, thankfully I'm facing away from him so he can't get annoyed, I turn to face him. His beauty silences me , still after all this time my husband can make me speechless with his sheer beauty .Those striking grey eyes stare down at me as he rests up on his elbow , it's like he can look right into my soul. I look down; I'm mad at him for waking me and therefore can't let his eyes get the better of me, they have a power over me

"What Christian? I snap, I can hear the smile in his voice as his finger runs over my cheek and across my lower lip

"Did I interrupt your beauty sleep Mrs Grey?" I glance up at him and purposely roll my eyes , smiling in triumph as I see his expression change to a colder one "Ana what have I said about rolling your eyes" I match his tone , we're equals in this marriage , well at least that's what I want

"And what have I said about letting me sleep Mr Grey" softening my expression I place his hand on my little bump "and it's not just me you've woken up" my heart leaps as he smiles that beautiful smile of his , watching him closely as he leans down and kisses my little bump , I feel my whole body shiver.

God one kiss and I want him, stop it Ana it's just your hormones, he looks up and our eyes meet and he smiles that smile, oh who I am kidding I always want him. And I can have him whenever I want, he's mine. I scold myself, now is not the time to get distracted Ana, I'm still not happy he's woken me. I move back sharply and his smile vanishes "Well come on then what's so important that you have to wake me and little blip up at ... "I check our bedside clock and gasp "half 3! Christian I have work tomorrow!" Make that this morning! What the hell is he thinking! I'm fuming as I wait for his rush of apologies and expect to hear some lovely dovey response about how he just had to see my eyes or something like that, which in all honesty I love hearing him say but can't his declaration of love for me wait until the sun has risen?

Except he doesn't say anything, his eyes are dark and his body is tense. I feel my heartbeat quicken , shit I've pushed it too far , oh god what's he going to do to me , surely nothing to harsh I mean I am 6 months pregnant, he'd never ever put little blip in danger just to punish me surely? I unconsciously bite my lip in fear and meet his eyes, pleading him to ignore my smart mouth this one time. His eyes give nothing away and neither does his voice as he slips out of bed and puts on a pair of grey pyjama bottoms, even when I'm worried about his twitching palms I still watch him dress, greedily drinking in his body. He doesn't even look over as he walks to the door, shouting over his shoulder to me as he exits "Taylor texted me that he needs to talk to us, he said its urgent so I suggest you put some clothes on and come to the office Mrs Grey" Finally he turns to look at me and his eyes are so empty of emotion it scares me, double shit I've really pushed my luck with him. We just stare at each other for a while before he speaks again, that cold tone is right back with him "Now Anastasia!" and with that he leaves.

It takes me exactly 20 seconds to jump out of bed, a task which has become hard now thanks to little blip, and pull a light pink silk nightie over my body, before swiftly making my way to Christian's office, my hand protectively over my bump as I walk, I'm not known for being the most graceful of people and am prone to falling on my face if I'm not concentrating. I walk briskly through our lovely new home and finally reach Christian's office, taking a deep breath, and knock softly "Come in Anastasia" Christian's voice booms at me, taking another deep breath, I walk through into the office. Christian is sat in his office chair reading what looks like a hand written note , his face gives nothing away to what he's thinking as usual , I clear my throat and he looks up briefly and nods towards a big arm chair. My inner goddess and subconscious are both staring at me with worry and are both shouting the same thing how bad will he punish me? Shaking them both from my head I move to the arm chair and sit down carefully, keeping a hand on my little bump. Christian stops reading and looks up at Taylor, who is stood next to Christian's desk, like my husband his expression is impossible to read.

Christian catches my eye and I see a flicker of a reassuring smile and I instantly relax oh thank god he's not angry anymore he looks back at the note than up to Taylor "Are you sure this isn't some kind of money con?" My moment of relaxation ends Money con? What on earth is Christian talking about?

"We're sure sir, I sent Sawyer over to the ladies address and she's telling the truth" Ladies address? Telling the truth? What's going on? My heart is in my stomach and my mouth dry, I need to know what's going on but both Christian and Taylor are staying silent. I want to scream at them both but I can't find my voice. Christian stands and starts pacing his office , running a hand through his thick gorgeous hair.

"We need to make sure the press don't get a hold of this and keep my family away for a while , I don't want them becoming panicked about this" Ana breath! My inner goodness is hiding somewhere and I'm left with my subconscious , thankfully she is still calm he'll tell you what's going on in a moment , he knows you're in the room I nod to myself and take another deep breath, feeling my panic start to dissolve, finally I find my voice.

"Christian what's going on? What's written in that note?" He stops pacing and turns to face me, his mouth is in a tight line but his eyes look horribly sad and I have to fight my inner goddess ,who has emerged from her hiding spot and is now begging me to run toward him and engulf him in an embrace , I ignore her and stay where I am. I have to find out what's going on, if I embrace him then he will seduce me with those eyes and he'll never talk to me about it. He might be 50 shades of fucked up but I've worked him out a little. I watch him as he walks to the office door and locks it with his key, placing the key in his back pocket "Did you just lock the door while we're still inside?" He ignores me and I stand to check the door, yep he's locked us in, but why? I turn towards the desk and he's holding out the note, his eyes are so sad, wait no that's not sadness its fear. He's scared, oh god the only things that scare Christian Grey are me or anyone else in his family being hurt and the idea of me leaving him, which I'd never ever do. I take the note and read;

Dear Mr Grey

My name is Esmeralda Gold and 7 years you and I had a 'relationship' of sorts and during that 'relationship' I fell pregnant. I knew you didn't want a real relationship with me so I left, thinking I could look after a child on my own, and I have and she is perfect in every single way. Her name is Victoria and she looks so much like you. I am sorry to have to tell you this now but I have come into some financial trouble, as I have had to leave my job, and am no longer able to provide for Tori on my own. I know you said you don't speak to your subs once the contract has been ended but she needs to know her father , she keeps asking me questions and I have no way to answer because I know nothing about you. I read that your married now, I was shocked. She's a lucky lady to have won your heart.

I beg you to at least meet Victoria and explain that she isn't weird for not knowing her dad, she only has me and I just know I'm not enough for her.

I have added my number and address at the back of this letter. I beg you Christian please meet her.

"Ana!" His voice is the last thing I hear before the room goes black.