Chapter 1: Finding Mine

Jill's POV:

Paris is a big place. There are big houses, big monuments, big museums and crypts. And then, there's me, Jill. Short, small, brown haired, amethyst eyed Jill. It was crazy that my mom thought I'd ever fit into this place. I'd lived on a farm, until my dad died. Then we'd moved to the city, hoping to forget all the memories. I was still so young, and now, now that my mom has finally found an escape from the amethyst eyes that remind her so much of my father, I'm standing here…in front of the largest high school I'd ever seen in my life.

Welcome to boarding school.

Welcome to hell.

Claire's POV:

It's always best to get to the school a couple days ahead. That way you get the peace and quiet you need to unpack your stuff and cram it into the 7 by 9 square foot closet that becomes your room for the next few years. A strand of my blonde hair tumbled out of the bun I'd placed it in. I huffed, throwing my bags in and collapsing on my familiar bed. Posters and pictures I hung on the walls taunted me. Freshman year had gone well before my dad got sick. I was a farmer's daughter. No one knew that, no one outside of his farm anyway. So there was no one in the school who could POSSIBLY understand why I'd gone back to the farm this summer and spent my days walking the trial he had, seeing the people he had.

The pictures on my wall were of me being happy with a couple of friends. Paris was a beautiful place. I…well, I was just a mess.

Kai's POV:

The summer was over. I scowl as I pulled my bags into my cramped living space and threw all the clothes in the dresser. Summer was the only awesome time of the year. Nothing else could compare! Girls in bikinis, grilled corn and swimming all day long! Compared to what, sitting alone in a cramped room trying to memorize math formulas? The only good thing was that we were in Paris. Paris could get really beautiful at night. I didn't know about the rest of the nerds inhabiting this school, but I was ready for a beautiful Paris. And I was going to see it, no matter what.

Skye's POV:

Why the hell am I in Paris? School? Please, my father must know by now that school isn't that important to me at all. No, this was for appearances of course. He wanted his rich son to go to a rich school because we all had to be rich and snobby if we had money. Fat chance. All I was looking forward to was the bounty that could be found in these houses. My job was going to be made a whole lot easier, that was for sure. I just hope it doesn't rain a lot in Paris. NOTHING was going to get me out in the rain. Nobody, nothing, no amount of money or whatever else people used against you.

I did bother to unpack though, because it was no use complaining. Nothing was ever going to change. Paris would still be beautiful, and I'd still be a Phantom.

At least some thingsi n life are consistent.

Gill's POV:

This school was perfect for me. It was for the rich and powerful, and I was definitely that. Waffle Town schools were just so…plain. Everyone was let in, no matter what their standings! It was like…public-school. Yuck. At least all the upperclass would be here, in Paris. I was definitely glad for that. My father had allowed me to be here out of generocity of course! I had to remember to thank the man in a weekly e-mail. Huh, that would definitely be hard.

I arranged all my things quickly and with purpose. Everything had to be perfect! I couldn't have guests over and have it all messy now could I? The annoying cowlick in my hair was tauninng me as I hung up my mirror. Whatever. It was good to be returning to this school. Everything felt similar. Nothing was new. I kind of liked it that way. The people wouldn't be knew either. Smart, rich, and good-looking. I was going to fit in wonderfully.

Maya's POV:

I'd caught the plane to Paris a week before I'd had to. Oops. Something was always going askew in my life, and though it should always have actually been my cooking, now it was school. Now cooking had to be a part of my life. And I STILL hadn't mastered it. I didn't know how to cook! My room didn't even have a kitchen! Mom had bought me a microwave and I set it up, but what good would that do? I'd still have to speak French to get the cookable dinners. I'd still have to go out there. Nothing was different in my room. Everyone had gone here from grade 9. Paris didn't HAVE newbies. Kind of sad though. I thought of calling Chase and asking him to help me, but then I remembered what he'd told me before we left. Now that we didn't have to work together in my parents' Inn, he didn't want anything to do with me. I remember how I'd cried at that. He was just a big old JERK. I didn't need him to help me with my cooking or my studying.

With a loud POP I squealed in delight. My popcorn was done! I opened the microwafe and coughed at all the smoke. Ok…so maybe I did need help with cooking. BUT THAT'S WHAT THE INTERNET IS FOR!

Luna's POV:

I was the youngest sophomore in this Paris school. I was a year younger, only a year! But the fact that I hadn't hit puberty yet kind of did make me look like a kid. I was so much shorter than everyone, it sucked. But then again, all the attention would be on me. Could I keep my grades up? Of course I could, this is ME we're talking about. Luna. I'm fabulous. Candace didn't come with me because she had to help aunt Shelly. Well forget about them. They're not in Paris for a reason. They're scared. And there's not one thing I hate more than people scared of that they could become.

I tried on different outfits, getting ready for the first couple days of high school. All my old friends would be here of course. I was already known. I could be popular.

I WOULD be popular.

Chase's POV:

I was so happy I oculd speak French. I could order the finest thingso n the menu and pay for it in euros. I could be French. Studying in Paris would be a breeze so long as no one came around to bother me. Plus my mom lived somewhere around here and I oculd go see her on weekends instead of my so called "friends". There was so much food I wanted to taste, so many things to learn and experience. I was excited as I pulled into my cramped living space and smelled home. The scent of cinnamon was in the air. My violin was in one corner, propped up, and my mini fridge was stocked with bountiful food. It was such a shame I couldn't have a kitchen in this place.