A birthday present

Aomine had never cared much for birthdays- except Momoi always left her some bowls of peaches near his bed on his birthday, she had said that Aomine need to like peaches- simply because she like peaches and that he should eat peaches on his birthday. Kuroko had also gone early to his classroom at that morning and remarked flatly to him- a slight smile on that small lips. "Happy birthday, Aomine kun." Invisible as he is, he made Aomine choked on the peaches which he had eaten for breakfast.

"Thanks, Tetsu. I don't really care about birthdays though. It's simply another day where you just get older. It's more of a liability." He rambled pointlessly, nestling himself on his desk as his eyes went to stare at the field.

Kuroko, meanwhile was putting a box on his desk. "Your birthday present, Aomine kun." He said, and Aomine imagined that he saw a grin in his otherwise emotionless face.

"Thanks, what's in it?" Aomine asked, not particularly interested.

"Open it." Kuroko offered.

Ripping the birthday present apart, Aomine found a complete collection of Taniguchi Mai magazines. For that day only, Aomine Daiki had started to appreciate the meaning of birthdays.