Katie is the short and tanned one

Sadie is the fat and pale one

Staci is the girl who kept yapping to get herself voted off first.

Dakota wakes up first. She sees her phone on the side of the table. She sighs. It had no reception.

Sam wakes up in his cabin. He quickly grabs his game. He tries it, only for it to run out of batteries.

Soon Brick's alarm clock goes off waking up everyone in his cabin. Noah was already awake reading. B and Trent woke up to it. soon Brick wakes up stopping it. "Sorry, forgot to reset it," Brick said.

Dawn was outside of the cabin, meditating. That gave the fan girls time to chat with Staci. "Yeah and my great great great great Grandpa Kyle invented alliances," Staci said. "That's great news, but the other's don't believe you," Sadie said.

Soon the teams were at the starting line. Chef came, because he is host. "Today's challenge is a race around Bony island! I brought some mutants and traps," Chef said. Jo turns to her team. "If we lose, last one there is out," she said before taking off. Eva and Zeke follow her.

Ann Maria started walking. Justin catches up to her. "So what happened to Vito," he said. "Oh that was just Mike," she said. "I can be better then him," he said. Un knowenly, Mike was listening while running.

Confession: "Sure I'm glad Ann Maria found someone else, I just hope Vito is cool with it!" - Mike

Brick was leading his team. "Let's go," he said. He steps on a invisible string, sending him stuck in a tree. "We has to help him," Dawn says. "Fine," Noah said. Noah takes out a sling shot he made. He fires a rock from it breaking the branch. Brick falls on his face.

"Good job," Katie says. Brick gets back up. "We need to hurry," he says running. Staci went up to Noah when he was running. Katie was also next to Noah. "My great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great Grandpa Jimmy invented sling shots," Staci said. "No he didn't," Noah said.

"I'll prove it," Staci said snagging the sling shot. She closes her eyes and fires at a tree, knocking down an apple. She opens her eyes. "Told ya,"

Confession: "Well I hope that proved my point!" - Staci

Confession: "That.. Doesn't.. prove anything!" - Noah

Trent kept on running while counting to 9! "7.8.9" Noah shouts, "10!" Trent then steps on a wire, unleashing a rabbit as it grabs on his face. Staci runs up to him. "My Aunt is a animal tamer," she said grabbing the rabbit. She pats it's head. Dawn catches up to Staci. "I guess it's true," Dawn said. Staci pets the rabbit on it's head making weird noises. She releases it.

Dakota got lost, along with Sam! "Hey," he says. Soon the same rabbit Staci tamed found the two. It attacks Sam's face. "Sam," she shouts. Her hair turns green. She also grows a bit. Sam manages to swipe it away. Dakota kicks the mutant away. She then turns back to normal. "Good thing you turn into Dakota-zoid," the gamer said. "I did," she questioned.

Confession: "Did I miss something?" - Dakota

Confession: "Wow, Dakota turning into Dakota-zoid! Just like a she-hulk!" - Sam

Jo and Eva reach the end of the course. Zeke slowly catches up. "Thank goodness I wast last this time," he said crossing it. They were back in front of the cabins. "You'll be fine! If Cameron can come second, you can too," Jo said. "Thanks," (Lightning wins in the US version! Sha-bam!)

"Just don't ditch me," Jo shouts at him. "Yeah, and take back those comments from season one," Eva said. "Ok sorry. I was home-schooled, I didn't know better. Sorry," he says.

Mike was still following Ann Maria and Justin. They were laughing at something. Mike wasn't watching where he was going and set off a trap. He goes in a pit hole. He changes into Chester. "You kids an your darn traps," he said. Justin looks back into the whole. He chuckles helping him up.

Soon Brick crosses the line. His team was like a few yards away. And so was the others! All but Sam and Dakota was there. Trent was still counting to 9. ".9" He then crossed the finish line. Noah, Katie and Sadie then crossede it. Staci was worn out. "And obstacle races were made by my great great great-," Staci started. Sadie crosses the finish. "Um, now's not the time," she said.

Dawn was walking next to B as they crossed the finish line. "We did it B," she said. He smiles back at her. Geoff crossed the line next. Soon Sam and Dakota came into view. Mike, Ann Maria and Justin were close to the line. "Just you and me," Sam said running. Dakota takes a deep breathe and starts running. Sam was worn out though. She past him easily. Mike, Ann and Justin crossed the finish already. "I lost," Sam says. He blinks and sees a race track. He was in gamer world again. He thinks him and Dakota are playing Mario Kart. He starts stepping on the imaginary peddle. He also has his arm like a steering wheel.

"Um Sam," Brick calls. He looks up and sees Dakota across the finish already. "whoops," he says continuing his walk.

"The Curious Cheetahs lose! Someone's going to this other island tonight, and it is defiantly going to be Sam," Chef said walking away. When Sam reaches his team he says, "sorry!" Noah sits on a log and starts reading the hunger games. (Sorry, but it's a good book. I don't own!)

Staci saw it and said,"My great great great," she starts. "Enough already," Noah says turning the page.

That night, the curious cheetahs stood in front of the dock. Chef had the votes in his hand. "There was only one vote for Staci," Chef said. Staci sighed. Noah grinned at her. "But 8 votes against Sam," Chef said. Sam walked to the end of the dock. "Guys, I voted for myself. I couldn't take it anymore because my batteries were low," he said. The wall comes closer. "Why am I not surprised," Noah says as the wall hits Sam into the boat of losers. It had Owen's picture in the top left corner. Tyler's picture in the middle As the boat zooms away, Chef takes the picture and places it next to Tyler.

That night, Geoff was walking outside the cabin. Zeke noticed and walked up to him. "What are you doing,eh," he whispers. "Sh, I'm planning a prank on the other team," he said. "I'm in! Let's prank Chris too," Zeke said. "Perfect!"

Dakota meanwhile reaches for her phone. It still didn't have reception.

Team Vicious vipers : Jo, Justin,Dakota , Ezekiel, Anna Maria, Eva, Geoff, Mike,

Team Curious cheetahs: Brick, Staci, Katie, Sadie ,Noah, B, Dawn, Sam, Trent,

Challenge idea: MarkellBarners360

Sorry fans of "Blank!" I just didn't have any plot for s/he so maybe later.