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Greeting! Another story I wrote in my spare time! This one is JazzxFrederic and CrescendoxFrederic, although it's more one-sided. Poor Crescendo. This story is rated T, and I do not own Eternal Sonata and its characters. *Italics are flashbacks*

I Love You Forever and Always

I put my head back on his bare chest,"Bede cie kochac zawse i na zawse."

"Huh? Is that Polish?" Jazz looked down at me.

"Yes," I snuggled closer to him.

"What does it mean?" he asked.

I sat up and looked into his brown eyes," It means," my finger traced the surprisingly delicate curve of his chapped lips," I love you, forever and always."

The clock struck two o'clock in the morning. The plan was simple; slip the note under Crescendo's door, and escape through the stable gates. After that I would find Jazz in Andantino and fling myself at him with pride abandoned.

"Frederic, I love you," the blonde prince blurted.

I stared at him in shock. What am I to say? I am in love with Jazz. What if Jazz hears? I do not want trouble stirring up between old friends. I have to reject him, but how? His eyes held such hope, hurt, and helplessness with out any barriers. It breaks my heart just looking at him.

"Prince Crescendo..." I stopped unable to go any farther.

I had to go I couldn't stay in this snowy castle any longer. Despite his ever lasting kindness and his fancy for me I can't. I love Jazz too much. Even though what he did was wrong it was for love. Love for me. One cannot simply forget those feelings and try to love another.

" Oh, do be realistic!", I walked over to him from the window, "Jazz, I know about wars. If you are suggesting I stay in Baroque and be with Crescendo stop."

"What would be so bad? Don't you see I am doing this because I don't want you hurt? I trust Crescendo. I know he would be good to you. If you love him it is for the best." Jazz huffed.

My stomach dropped at this suggestion, "I love you, Jazz! I know what it is like when you are parted from things and people you love when they are ravaged with war... I don't want that feeling... No... not again," I had began shaking and my voice broke, " You are my Polska now. I can't loose you. You are the one who filled holes caused be this very same thing..."

I packed the last belonging in the leather, brown satchel. I had to do this. Even if it breaks Crescendo's heart. Even though I am going to feel forever terrible for it. I cannot have the regret, of not going, on my second death bed.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. When I opened them I grabbed my baton, opened my bedroom door, and hastily walked towards the betrayed's door.

"You have lost weight. You aren't ill again, are you?" Crescendo asked grabbing my hand.

"No, no, I am not Crescendo," I looked up to meet his gaze and gave him a half-hearted smile.

"Your lying... It's because of Jazz. You still love him," he said quietly," Frederic, I would love and lavish you with all the gifts the world has to offer. But I saw the way you two used look at each other. I knew it was and is love. It's a love I searched for with Serenade, but couldn't find. The love I thought I might have with you..."

I ran away from Crescendo's door and to the stables as quickly and quietly as I could. Once there I selected a sturdy, white steed, and turned to look at the great castle. With all the ice and analogous, cold colored hues. I was going to truly miss Baroque, but having Jazz back was worth the sacrifice.

" Dziekuje, Crescendo," I sighed and nudged the animal into a canter.

Walking over to the stack of papers by the piano I began to organize them. Since everything is to be moved out of the guest room into my new room, just down the hall from Crescendo's, I really must clean. As I moved the neat stack to the table something fell onto the ground. It was a vanilla colored and crumpled.

I picked it up and turned it over. Immediately, it seemed as if electricity washed over my body and I fell to my knees. That hand writing.

I looked again and my heart skipped a beat. It was one of the first love letters he had ever written me.

I had been traveling for days on horse back. I have been stopping at inns whenever possible. Most remembered me from our group when we were on our adventure and welcomed me kindly. And finally, I arrived at Andantino. I asked the front guard, who I am acquainted with, where Jazz was.

He gave me a suspicious look, " The hideout."

"Thank you sir," I bowed trying to hide my excitement and remember my manners.

Without thinking I shoved the reins of my traveling companion in his hands and hurried off in my beloved's direction.

After a short time the old house was now in view. Happy familiarity washed over me as the memories of Jazz and I there came back. Such blissful and intimate ones made me speed even faster to my love.

"I...I understand," I told Crescendo.

Truth be told I only half way did. I am rather speechless actually. That's not how I managed his blessing. In the horse stables and all...

"Go on, be with him," he gave me a pained smile and nodded behind me, " You both deserve it."

I opened the door, and there he was. Jazz stood up from the couch and stared at me. He was unkempt and had black under his eyes, but care I did not.

"Frederic?", he walked over and put a rough hand on my cheek.

I smiled and my eyes threatened to tear up, "It's me my love."

"Frederic... I," he started but I interrupted.

I placed a finger on his lips, "I forgive you."

His worn face broke into a smile and he pulled me into a kiss. A kiss that was so full of passion and guilt. One that seemed like we were melting into one another as we matched intensities. I let all my emotions flow into that kiss like a beautiful, singing melody.

When we broke he smiled again, "I love you."

I smiled back at him, "Zawse i na Zawse."

Feel free to constructively criticize. It is much appreciated! Thank you!