Jackie stood by the Forman's phone, trying to decide if she should call her. Her cousin said to call if she was feeling blue, and well, Jackie was blue. More than blue, in fact. Samantha had taken her puddin' pop. Donna had sided with that whore, and Steven hated her now. He probably thinks I'm too ugly to give Sam up for. Too ugly. Too fat. A silent tear slid down her face, and Jackie picked up the phone.

"Eva? I need to go to your place. I need to go to Washington, now."

Jackie listened to her cousin talk for a while, and then drove to her place to pack. She scribbled on a pad of paper some parting words to Fez, and then drove to Kenosha International Airport.

20 minutes later

To Fez,

Goodbye Fez. I am so sorry I couldn't be there in person, it is just too hard to be in point place anymore, I am going to go live with my cousins in Washington. Their numbers to reach me are on the back of this sheet. I love you Fezzy, but I'm not in love with you. I'm so, so, sorry. Please don't tell any of the gang where ill be, you're the only one I trust.


Fez stared dumbfounded at the piece of paper in his hand. Jackie was gone? His beautiful goddess was gone? Fez knew Jackie didn't love him, he was just a rebound. But he still tried to make his goddess happy. What had caused her so much pain? Fez knew the answer. It was the bastard in the basement, Steven Hyde. Fez had no idea how someone could do that to his Jackie. But Steven had, and Jackie was gone.

4 hours later

Jackie's plane taxied into Bellingham international airport. She looked out the window at the gently waving birch trees and smiled. Next to point place, Bellingham was home. Her uncle on Pam's side lived her with his wife and two twin daughters. Eva and Harlow, her cousins. She got out of the plane after a short wait and grabbed her luggage from the carousel. Jackie looked around for her family, and pretty soon she saw them. Eva with her shoulder length mess of brown wavy hair and Harlow, with her long straight black hair. The two were pretty much opposites, Eva was thoughtful, dreamy and an artist; Harlow was hot headed, fast and a star athlete. Jackie looked much more like Harlow, who took after her dad, but Eva and Jackie had the same eyes, both mismatched. Harlow shrieked as she ran over to Jackie, swooping her up in a big hug. Everyone else piled on, and Jackie smiled through her tears. She was home.