The Gray Soldier

Chapter One

Author's Note-

This is my first story ever, so if there is any mistakes please forgive me.

This story may not exactly follow historical timeline, but my fanfic my rules.

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Story Start-

For anything to exist there must be a beginning, such as the organization "Phantom Task".

Initially the organization was known as "The Order of the Legionaries", created in response of the Christian Crusades to regain holy land for the Church. They were brought together under the banner of an unnamed leader, whose identity was erased and lost over the ages past.

He had no equal in strategy or in mortal combat. In the hundreds of battles he fought, he had never lost a single battle and however dire the situation maybe he was able to lift the spirits of any soldier that was serving under him, whether they be battle hardened veterans or fresh recruits. He also was able to crush the spirits of his enemies with a single word or a glance, which made them see the horror of what he was about to do to them. Such was the power of his charisma. Such was his adoration and respect that he was given the title "White Knight". The main reason for the title was that he was chivalrous, champion of the poor, always taking the "good" choice in any situation.

The reason for his super human abilities is what now has been named "Knight of Honor" ability, which all of his direct descendants had. The ability presents itself in two forms "Armor of God" and "Warriors Soul". "Armor of God" forces the body into its peak performance as soon as the gene becomes dominant, which manifests in most cases when a direct descendent comes close to dying. While "Warriors Soul" gives the body an unnatural ability to use any weaponry as the descendant touches it, this gene curiously only manifests when the descendent is both close to dying and feels an unnatural need for revenge. It does not matter for what cause, only that the descendant succumbs to it. The only way of knowing if the descendent possessed either gene is by the gold ring which appears around their eyes when they first unlock the dormant gene, which gradually disappears, possibly in hours.

All descendent, whether they be direct descendent of the "White Knight" or not, the gene for "Armor of God" has 100 percent chances of activating the gene. Most of the descendent unlocked it due to the rigors of their birth. But only a few descendent ever manifests "Warriors Soul" gene, the few who do succumb to their need for vengeance and become a berserker, before either dying due to their wounds or succeeding in their vengeance but later dying due to their wounds or because of surpassing the limits a human should never cross. The few who does survive becomes comatose or stop reacting to the outside world before slowly wasting away. "White Knight" however had both of the genes dominant, which allowed him to do unbelievable things and accomplice tasks single handedly, which otherwise required a hundred professional soldiers. He, you could say was blessed and cursed, blessed to survive any conflict he enters and cursed to lose his friends and soldiers in any conflict he enters.

"The Order of the Legionaries" was made up of soldiers who had fought with "White Knight" for decades. They were completely loyal to both him and the cause of "The Order of the Legionaries", which was the return of the lost holy lands to the control of the Crusaders and the Church.

At first they were extremely successful, capturing both land and gold from the battles with the Muslim armies. It would seem nothing could stop the Crusades from recapturing all of the lost holy lands except for the times "The Order of the Legionaries" fought against the Muslim armies lead by Saladin. There is the multitude of battles. Each and every single one of ended up in a draw. Even if one defeated the other, the defeated would have accomplished their objective making the supposed victory or loss into a draw. Even though they were enemies both "White Knight" and Saladin respected each other.

It would seem that the Crusades had ground to a halt, when out of nowhere one of "The Order of the Legionaries" allies, the Templar's were destroyed on the ground of false charges of heresy and witchcraft, lead by the church, the various nobles and kings who were in debt to the Templar's. The entire Order was destroyed leaving the remnants floating about, most of whom joined up with the "The Order of the Legionaries". The reason for this was that the Templar's were using the prestige and power to seemingly over step their boundaries and pitting themselves against the leaders back in Europe.

"The Order of the Legionaries" was afraid this would also become their fate after seeing what was done to their "Brother in Arms". They were right to be concerned, as later they received confirmation that they were next. So with a heavy heart, "White Knight" was forced to give orders to abandon their monastery, which was later overrun by the armies lead by Saladin, whom he had sent a message to explaining why he did it, and evacuated the Order back to Europe.

This took almost a decade to accomplice, as not to alert any of the Orders enemies in Europe. By now "White Knight" was a old man, who had seen most of his life's work go up in flames due to his enemies, leaving only a few remaining descendents and a shadow of his Order remaining, most of them dying in the long march back to Europe.

So before succumbing to his old age, he proclaimed to his descendents and Order on a clear and sunny day. ""The Order of the Legionaries" haddied in the monastery in the Middle East, betrayed and forgotten by the people we once served and now like a phoenix we are reborn from the fires as "The Forgotten Legion". We now and forever more, shall exist to get vengeance on those who had betrayed us and to ensure that all above else the Order will survive, with either the blood of our men or our enemies". With that final speech, the man known as "White Knight" departed to the afterlife after spending over a century on this plane. As he died the clouds formed and rain began to fall, as if the earth crying as a friend had departed forever.

The new leader, first born son of the "White Knight", renamed their family "Albus Militis" decided that the best cause of action would be to first secure their holding in Europe, in order to do that gold was required, so they began to do missions for various remaining allies in Europe.

Over time they began to branch outward from France where they were currently based by either alliances or force. While cementing their control over the continent of Europe, they made various alliances which allowed them to gain vengeance on their former enemies. The Pope found himself impeached and replaced by the church, the various nobles saw their coffers run empty and made into peasants whom they formally had commanded and finally the rulers saw their kingdoms destroyed or killed by their own families.

Through this entire time the "The Forgotten Legion" never did any kind of mission like massacres on behalf of anyone. But this changed when the 4th generation took over the leadership of the order. They were obsessed with gaining more power. If allying themselves to the scum of the earth or doing the missions that would curse them to the fires of hell, then so be it. They thought that the order would simply follow them like a mindless drone, but this caused fierce resistance which was put down harshly with the members being publically executed and their family sold into slavery. This allowed them quickly spread like a cancer plague across the entire continent, the various people or organization that tried to stop them were killed, leaders assassinated and then assimilated into the Order.

By the eighteen hundreds, the Order had taken complete control of the European underground and had branches in Forbidden City to the east, the Red Square to the North, Washington DC to the west and the diamond mines in Africa to the South. Only area they were having trouble was in Japan, whose populous deemed them as "Gaijin" and so no one would co-operate with them. They needed the ports in Japan to smuggle Opium into China on behalf of the British. The only path available was a Yakuza clan named the Orimura family.

They were willing to help them branch outwards in Japan, all they asked in return was a direct descendent to marry the matriarch of the Orimura Clan. This was blasphemous, in the eyes of the descendents of the "White Knight", an outsider gaining the treasured bloodline, was inconceivable in their eyes. But if they didn't do their job, would strain the relationship between them and the British Monarchy and may lead to their downfall, so they were forced to comply. The Orimura Clan seeing an opportunity for future, decided to assimilate into the Order. The Order didn't think much of this, believing that they assimilated due to how powerful they were. This was their true downfall.

Orimura clan was somewhat of an oddity when compared to other yakuza clans, where the rights of succession where not determined by blood, rather by how cunning and resourceful you were and instead of only having Patriarchs, they had both males and females assume the role of leadership. The Orimura family instead of fully assimilating into the Order, they began to slowly leach the power of the Albus Militis. They took no notice of this until they found they order being overturned on behalf of the orders from the Orimura clan. Now there were 2 alpha's leading a single pack and like in nature one of them had to fall.

Orimura clan made their play for power in 1914, just after the declaration of the WW1, during the celebrations of the life and death of the "White Knight", which the entireAlbus Militis attended, which was held in France. They initially kidnapped as many of the children of Albus Militis as they could before they attacked the villa where the celebrations were being held. Over a seemingly endless supply of bombs and ammunition were fired into that villa, the entire surrounding forests were lit ablaze by the inferno that the villa had become. They also sparked off the first major conflict between the Entente and the Central Powers. The children were brainwashed and made into the personnel army of the Orimura Clan, they were named "silentiosus" due to the fact that they never made a sound unless they were spoken to.

The seemingly easy shift of power to the Orimura clan did not occur. Instead other parties in the Order began their own play for power. The Orimura clan ruthlessly kept control by in their word "Cutting off the gangrenous parts, leaving the main body safe". They were successful due to the silentiosus soldiers. This brutal contention for power lasted until the year 1920 and left 25 percent of the Order dead. The Order also lost most of the alliances and treaties they made, this left them perilously vulnerable, but thanks to the economic boom of the 1920's they easily bounced back into another hurdle, which brought the Order to their knees, The Great Depression.

Any economic power they had was lost in a matter of days, any blackmail they had on influential were useless, as they dropped into the gutters or committed suicide. It would seem that this would be the final blow to the Order, but it was not. They knew that Treaty of Versailles was uneven and that another war was on the horizon. So they prepared, buying next generation, war materials and investing in factories. They helped the rise of Hitler into the Fuher of Germany, supplying him with him both arms and information.

They continued support until they learned of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor, they knew if the Americans entered into the war that the Germans lost the war. So they informed the Americans and switched their allegiance to the Allied Forces. After the war they supported the Soviets, thinking that the "Red Tide" would wash over the countries and governments. They did a number of missions for the Soviets, which allowed them to gain a number of satellite states and it seemed that it would be a matter of time until "Red Tide" would succeed. They grew complacent and were not able to foresee the Dissolution of the USSR. They were unable to stop it from happening and were the front audience to the destruction of 65 years of work of the Orimura clan.

During this period, the Orders past allegiance came to light and they now had CIA, MI5 and even ex-KGB agents after them. One after another their safe houses were raided, funds seized and leaders assassinated. In most cases the Orimura family members, survived the attacks by sacrificing their silentiosus escorts. Sadly for the Orimura clan, they were reduced to less than 50 members, while silentiosus were reduced to only 7 soldiers, out of them 5 later died due to wounds. The remaining silentiosus was ordered to teach other silentiosus, who at the time was a child.

With enemies pressing down on them from all sides, the Matriarch of the Orimura clan, Orimura Amaya decided for the survival of the clan and the Order, "The Forgotten Legion" had to be destroyed. They allowed a sect of the Order to be placed out in the open, who about to betray the Order and sold information to their pursuers saying that the leaders are present with the sect. The attack was spear headed by a force lead by a Spetnaz soldier named Andrei Kalinin (Guess who), he mercilessly killed every one of the sect without allowing them respite due to the fact that he lost his wife and child due to a operation lead by "The Forgotten Legion" in Bosnia, where she had been working as a medic.

This went accordingly to the plan laid by the Matriarch, She them proclaimed like the "White Knight" did centuries ago. "We like the "White Knight" and "The Order of the Legionaries" centuries ago, have been brought to our knees by the enemies who would want us destroyed. But yet we survive, like a distant and hated memory. We shall take form of a wraith, a phantom, to gain vengeance on our enemies. Like how they have brought to our knees, we shall bring them to theirs. Even if it takes decades or centuries, we shall have our righteous vengeance, even it be through hellfire, we shall march onwards. For every life taken from us, take a hundred of theirs. We, now are no longer "The Forgotten Legion", we are reborn as "Phantom task". May whatever god they believe in have mercy on our enemies now and in the future, as we will not show them any".

"Phantom task" for the next few years spent regaining the power they once held. They were particularly interested in next gen weaponry. They easily steamrolled over any opposition they met, with the usage of their advanced weaponry. Until they were back to their original peak of their power, but the creation of the I.S. became their greatest boon and curse. It was the ultimate weapon, it could only be defeated by another I.S. and the Alaska Treaty made it harder to gain an I.S. to experiment. But this also gave them the perfect chance gain vengeance.

Now we return back to the present.


Somewhere underground in Vorkuta

"Wake up, prisoner 16" shouted the jailer into a darkened cell.

From the darkness a child appeared. He had black hair which reached all the way down to his shoulders, he was wearing used shirt and shorts, which did little to hid the multitude of scars which ran along his thin lithe body could be seen, 4.5 foot tall, white skin and eyes with an extremely dark brown iris, which seemed to make to make his eyes look like dark pits. But what instantly grabbed your attention was that his eyes had no emotion but you felt a shiver whenever his eyes made eye contact with you.

"It's your lucky prisoner 16. It seems that the boss decided that you are finally ready"


"Not going to speak eh prisoner 16, very well, just remember that if you screw up, you will return back here and if you thought it was hard before. It's going to seem like a day in the play ground when we are through with you". The jailor smirked, seeing a brief fleeting emotion across the kid's passive face for a moment.

As they made their way through the dimly lit tunnels, there were hundreds of identical cells cut into the sides of the tunnel. Most of them empty, but the few who had occupants, had the same look upon their face. They held a look of a dead man, who had given up on escaping or even living. The lucky few already lost their sanity before this happened to them.

As the boy made eye contact with the prisoners, he remembered the first lesson he was taught by his mentor.

"A trained emotionless weapon is useless, he is no better than a trained thug, he may have slightly better chances of surviving but can't adapt to a situation faster than a trained thug. You must harness your emotions if you want to be of use, suppress it when you kill, harness it when you hide in a crowd. An emotionless weapon will instantly stick out like a sore thumb. In order to be the ultimate soldier, you must know when to harness it and when to crush it."

As the boy neared the light at the end of the tunnel, only one thought came to his mind. "Were the people who sent me here to train going to use me or eliminate me?"

The sunlight burned the boy's retina as he exited the tunnel, but he kept himself still through the pain, soaking up the much needed sunlight needed for production of Vitamin D. The jailor gave him a moment of respite before pushing him forward towards a Mi-24 Hind.

"It seems that they need me or otherwise they would have shot me by now. Either that or they preferred a live execution."

6 Hours Later. A Villa overlooking a shipyard, Hidden room

"Do you understand why you are here, Subject 16?" asked a man obscured by a bright light.

"I do not know, Sir" he replied.

"You are here, because you are possibly the best choice in order to protect a certain heir"

"No there must be better, such as my mentor." he replied shocked at that they give me such a prestigious mission.

"Unfortunately, your mentor died last week protecting the Matriarch during an assassination attempt. I am sorry for your loss." The man said without even a hint of sadness.

The boy was shocked, his mentor had died. He survived multiple attempts at life and his charge. It seemed that his mentors luck finally caught up with him. The boy removed any possible emotion from my voice before replying "I would be honored to do this mission."

"Good, your charge should be present in the library, do not fail your mission or the consequences would be dire. Now please follow the guard to the library, but before that change into something acceptable". The man replied shocked at his quick acceptance. The boy found his shocked tone quite amusing.

"It seems that even the high mighty can get shocked if they are not expecting it". The boy thought as he allowed a small smirk to appear as he made his way to the library.

The Library

The library was built as if it was made in the eighteen hundreds. The entire room was made of mahogany, there were vintage arm chairs made from leather, a dead animal skin rug in front of a roaring fire place, various animal heads mounted on the walls and finally a chandelier. If the boy didn't know that this was an actual room in the villa, he would have thought that he had time travelled into the eighteen hundreds.

His charge was sitting in the armchair closest to the fireplace, with a number of books piled high on the nearest table. She had long black hair which reached seemed to reach all the way to her lower back and was spilt into parts. She was possibly as tall as or taller than him, seemed to older than him also, she had brown eyes which were a lighter shade than his and was wearing casual clothes.

It took her some time to notice him, before she gave a glare before asking him rudely who he was.

"So this must be my charge" he thought before replying "I am your new bodyguard and you are my Mistress"

She raised her eyebrow as if amused by the thought that a boy younger than her was supposed to protect him. "Why do you think I need a bodyguard and how are you even qualified for that?"

"She must think that this must be a joke being played on her". He thought before replying "I had been training to be of use since as far I can remember, my qualifications is that my mentor was your mother's bodyguard before his untimely death last week, protecting your mother"

Her eyes widened slightly at the news before a glimmer of sadness was seen. She then asked "He was a good friend of the family and you must be his apprentice. What is your name?"

The boy was shocked, no one had ever asked for his name before. He opened his mouth to reply nothing came to mind except "I don't have a name, since I have been able to perceive the outside world all I have been called is "Subject 16"".

"So you don't actually have a name?" the girl asked with curious tone.

All the boy did was nod.

"Would you like me to give you a name?"

"I think it would be best, it could create a more camaraderie bond between us" the boy replied with a sigh.

"How about the name of your mentor, he was quite proud of you. I am sure he would have wanted to give you his name"

"My mentor actually had a name?, he told me that he didn't have a name" the boy thought slightly shocked at this news, before coming to the conclusion "It must be a name given to him from the Matriarch for the services rendered to them"

"Very well than, what was my mentors name" slightly curious to what his name could be.

"It is….. I am sorry was Ichika and no he didn't receive the name from my mother, rather he chose the name with his own power" she replied slightly amused to see if the boy

"Ichika huh that does not sound so bad and can she read my mind?" the boy thought with a hint of fear at the ability she may have, before replying "I accept the name my mistress, but might I ask what is your name?"

"Yes I can, remember I have been training since I was born to be the next Matriarch of Phantom task." she with a small smirk which later turned into a small gentle smile "By the way, my name Chifuyu". She replied, before extending her hand towards the Ichika for a handshake.