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The Butcher Shop

The tender part of the chicken is the 'oysters' here on the back.

Will Graham had finally been given a day off, after months of searching through piles of paper work, placing a tissue against his nose to prevent the foul smell of decaying flesh to tickle his taste buds, he was able to catch the killer who the press had poorly nick named -

Route 58 Strangler

The bodies had been found on the 'U' turn of the highway each victim being female, their throats an ugly shade of blue with a mixture of yellow, the weapon of choice always laying limply by their bodies, sometimes it was a scarf other times it was a belt but what hit Will the most was the school tie that they had found on the second body. It belonged onto a young boy who was named 'Brady Cliff' the young boy had been apprehended three days before the body was found, apparently his parents were out for the day visiting some friends that they had managed to find through an online site, Brady had agreed to meet up with some friends after school as he walked to their "secret hideout" a middle aged man jumped out and threatened to shoot him unless he gave him all the money in his pocket, his back pack and his school tie, being young and terrified Brady didn't question the man and gave it to him unaware that the gun the man was holding was only a plastic mold. Will was just thankful that the boy had not been physically harmed.

Pulling back his cheap suit arm he looked down at his wrist watch that his father had given to him, two christmas' ago he let out a faint sigh seeing that he had at least another forty minutes before he was meant to be on his date, to meet up with a young female who he had meet during one of the less than pleasant talks with the fourth victims family, she was the niece and had been staying in town due to a family meeting that was taking place due to either her cousin's or grandmother's birthday party. Will knew that meeting someone like that probably wasn't the best thing in the world, but Will was a sucker when it came to green eyes and dark brown hair. Of course asking her out was the not the most easiest thing in the world, he was surprised that he managed to walk out of the house with all of his girth still in tact.

"I know this must be a hard time for you but I need to ask you some que-"

Will had been looking down at his pad of many messy notes, when he looked up he was meet with a tearful female who looked no older than twenty eight, her dark green eyes reminded him of the grass that grew around his fathers log cabin. Her skin was pale but there was hints of freckles forming around her cheek bones, and her nose was the perfect round shape, that it reminded him of what many people called 'button noes'. His own cheeks grew incredibly hot and stayed like that through out the interview, of course she didn't notice she was to busy keeping her composer and trying not to seem weak not that Will would have thought any less of her if she did.

Coming out of his daze like vision he found that he was meer centimeters from walking right past the butcher's shop, he cleared his throat as he did an about turn and walked in, the old fashioned bell above the door chimed loudly causing a young Italian American to rise up his head and grin causing his beefy cheeks to scrunch up, he wiped his hands down a rather bloody apron which made Will's stomach flip, but he did the polite thing and nodded followed by a small smile before he started to browse at what was available. From what he could remember over their conversation during his very limited breaks in between solving the cases and keeping himself, awake over some piping hot coffee she didn't like her meat to be rare and would rather stay away from any meat products that had been killed at a young age which meant that 'lamb' was certainly off of the menu. Will noticed from the corner of his eye the large butcher sitting himself down on the stool that he had stood up from up moments ago, he was surprised to see that he was not cutting up meat or trying to make light conversation by showing off the new range of stock that had just come in, Will was guessing by his body movements that the man either had some personal space issues or was just shy. Moving himself along he stopped in front of some large pieces of beef steak, beef was one of his favourites meats and though he wanted to try something new the last thing he wanted to do was give his new lady friend meat poisoning so thought it would be best to stick to something that he knew well enough that if he did mess up he would be able to fix it easily.

Placing the palm of his hand against the back of his neck just where the flesh was particular thin, so that he could rub at his spine he sucked in his lower lip and started to chew on it gently, not enough to tear away the flesh but enough that it would cause a slight sting. He failed to hear the sound of the door bell chiming and the faint smell of musty wood, with a hint of old spices and freshly ground herbs. Nodding his head sharply he looked up towards the butcher, he nodded in his direction and proceeded to remove his wallet, the butcher stood himself up from his stool and made his way over as he slipped on some gloves.

"What can I get you sir?"

Will didn't fail to notice that this man was trying to hide away his Italian accent and pull off a rather shabby American accent instead, but Will was not one to judge to harshly so instead he flashed a small smile as he pointed towards the beef steaks.

"Please can I have three slices of the steak? Not to thick."

The Butcher nodded his head as he slipped his fingers under the heavy load and dumped it down onto the counter, he grabbed onto a rather blunt looking knife and yet he somehow managed to cut three perfectly cut slices of steak, Will was impressed but instead of making comments he began to flick through the many dollar bills that were bunched together in his wallet like a pack of sardines. The Butcher was waiting for the rather large looking arrow to stop moving from side to side and the numbers below to stop changing from one to the other, he placed his hand against his hip as he tapped his foot clearly getting annoyed before he grinned.

"That will twenty dollars please sir."

Will was starting to panic he could have sworn that he took at least thirty dollars from the register on his way to work, but it seem like he had made a rather critical error in his mathematics. A deep flush caused his hollow cheek bones to become highlighted he opened his mouth to express his deepest apologies, and if the butcher would be so considerate to put the bill on his tab or at least wait a few moments while he made a run to the register, but as he opened his mouth he was paused by a rather polite clear of a mans throat, he turned his head and looked towards a man who was at least a foot taller than himself dressed in an expensive looking suit with a long ankle stroking black coat and a flat had that was tight enough so it wouldn't slide down his forehead, his hair from what he could see was a sleek black and tied back into a short pony tail.

"By the colour of this young mans cheeks it would seem he is short on cash, I myself am looking to purchase a couple of stakes of the same animal, I will be more than happy to take the bill if it will prevent any missing limbs?"

Was this a joke aimed at him? Will was not a man who took to humour lightly especially if it was directed at his inability to count bills, he opened his mouth to thank the man but that if he was more than capable of living on his own for twenty years then he could handle living with a couple of missing fingers, but instead this man decided to turn his head and gaze down at him, the eyes were the first thing that Will noticed. They were a rare rich maroon colour, his facial features were calm yet hard showing that this man must have seen and felt his fair share of hard work and pain, he looked to be in his early fifties to late forties. Quickly Will closed his mouth knowing how his tongue so easily ran off with him, and instead turned his head to look at the butcher hoping that this unknown male wouldn't have noticed how his cheeks had enhanced the rich crimson red.

The Butcher only shrugged his shoulders muttering something along the lines of if he gets paid, he wouldn't care if was the Queen of England who took the bill. Something in the air changed when the man spoke, Will couldn't explain it but it seemed to heat up and it gave him the image of an angry bull who was being booed by the crowd, because he managed to pierce his thick sharp horns into the fleshly part of the males thigh. He could feel his head slowly starting to turn as he dared himself to look at the male, to see if his once calm facial expression had changed but at the sound of rustling paper and two different sized chunks of meat being placed meters away from his nose that was just above the glass covered counter, he was once again brought back into reality.

Will watched as especially neat looking dollar bills slipped out of a black leather wallet, were soon destroyed by the large greedy hand of the butcher who shoved them into the cash register.

"Thank you for doing that Sir."

Will hadn't been brought up in an old fashioned sense of living, but he grew up knowing to show respect to people and when to give thanks. The male smiled gently at Will as he placed his own cuts of the stake into a woven basket, Will didn't fail to notice there was two large bottles of red rich wine and some apples and pears, along with a clove of garlic whoever this man was he certainly knew his way around the kitchen or his wife knew and he was just the buyer. Will didn't know what he was doing but as he noticed the male about to take his leave he didn't stretch out to touch, his arm but instead called out to him hoping that his voice didn't sound to desperate but he wanted to re - pay this man for what he had done especially after he had been spoken to so rudely by the butcher. Will made a mental note to shop here again.

"I would be honored if you would let me by a you a drink, in return for the stakes."

Will briefly turned himself around to collect his own two stakes not wanting them to go bad, as turned back he noticed that the man was facing him while holding the door indicating that he should go first. Will nodded a thanks as he slipped out of the door and turned to watch the older male shut the door lightly, Will shifted himself around on the same spot waiting for an answer not wanting to push the male.

"I have some appointments that I need to attend to, but here is my card call me or drop in later today or tomorrow and we can arrange something."

The male handed Will a small card which had a strange symbol in the corner, it seemed to be that of a group of unknown flower woven in the shape of a small circle with a Roman 'M' in the middle, as Will was looking over the information he rose his head to thank the man only to notice that he was on his own outside the butcher shop, he blinked his eyes slowly before he looked back down at the card and whispered out the name at the top -

"Dr. Hannibal Lecter."