Note - Thank you for the review much appreciated. Sadly I don't know when the show comes out, but would love to see it if anyone has any information on when it comes to England please tell me. Ta' :) I am also basing some of Hannibal's physical appearance on the stories written by Thomas Harris which means Hannibal does have a sixth finger on his left hand, this was removed in Brazil before Hannibal went to Florence in the book - Hannibal. Enjoy. :)

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His first date and he went ahead and blew it with his head in his hands and his fingers hidden away by the mass of light chestnut hair Will sat with a face redder than a drunken Santa Clause, his legs were wobbling causing the table to shake and the half eaten dishes to make a daring escape towards the edge of the table, he had planned out everything every little detail that would prevent him from slipping up and mentioning the murder scene that meant they were enjoying one another's company, but one slip and 'BOOM!' she had walked out of the door without even a kiss to the cheek. Dragging his hand down his face slowly causing his bottom lip to stretch and his eyes to roll to prevent his finger nails from grazing them, he turned his head and looked at his clock and was even more mortified to find that the date had only last a good forty-five minutes maybe more considering his clock was slow, standing himself up as he brushed aside the hideous crime of his joke he slipped his fingers under the plates and picked them up from the table and walked to the kitchen deciding to put the meal into the fridge that way if he was back home late tomorrow, he could put his faith into his microwave that seemed to have homicidal thoughts. Placing the plates down with little care causing them to clatter that made him tense and listen out for his maniac of a next door neighbour who seemed to have no respect for anyone, let alone a FBI agent who possibly saved his ass more than once from being another mug shot in a file, he made his way towards the sink and put on the hot tap as he squeezed in some cheap cleaning product he would have used Fairy but he hated the smell. Stretching forward to grab onto the knife and fork that was barely balancing on the edge of his own plate he felt something sharp cut across his wrist that made, him cruse and by instinct he pressed against the throbbing wound causing something small to flap from the gap between shirt and jacket sleeve, to float down onto the ground and land by his shoe he narrowed his eyes until the name caught his attention -

Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

The card that he had taken from the gentleman back at the butcher's shop it had been up his sleeve the whole time, and he had almost forgotten this wasn't like Will but then again he could see through the eyes of a killer without, even knowing their real name, he crouched down and picked up the card twisting it around even flipping it between his finger and thumb before he was able to find the address on the card, that seemed to give him some hope that he would be able to end this night on a high note.

The night ended on a smooth note everyone enjoyed their meal and the plates were so clean Hannibal would have been able, to put them away without having to introduce them to boiling hot soapy water, coffee went down without a hitch in front of the roaring fire with large logs at the base to give it a more homey feel, to Hannibal though the logs were nothing but horror and fear but he sat in his chair with a straight back and a calm posture allowing his guests to mingle, and would always speak up with a joke that only those, with brain cells not waisted on game controls would understand. As he dipped his hands into the soapy water the cuffs already unclasped allowing his sleeves to be rolled up and rest just underneath his elbows, he could feel the sharpness of the blades scrapping against the tip of his thumb he wound his thumb around the blade drawing it towards his palm as he started to wipe and rub away, at the sauce that was capable to stain clothing he pulled it out of the water examined his handiwork along with his reflection before he placed the blade on the silver holder upon the sink he reached his hands back into the wall only to pause at the faint, sound of cheap shoes scrapping against the steps that made his miniature porch just outside of his black door with stainless steel diamond-shaped windows.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Not even his guests would knock against the wood, it would mean that this was someone who was not accustomed to the ways, of how door bells worked or pheraphs the figure was nervous? Hannibal quivered his nostrils inhaling the scents around him he managed to clear a small path through the smells ignoring the expensive cleaning soap that had turned into bubbles, and the faint aroma of his home cooking he picked up a faint smell of cheap after shave followed by steaks that smelled familiar to his own. His maroon coloured eyes flashed as his thin lips twitching allowing the smallest of smiles to be seen already before he had opened the door, he knew who to expect at his door step.

Will stood on the door step his hands returned to his pockets when he had knocked on the door, there was a strange chill in the night air that his second-hand thick jacket was not able to protect him from, his teeth were gritted and his lips tight as he turned his head looked over his shoulder gazing at the street that he was sure had been spit shined. His eyes rolled up and squinted as he gazed at what looked like a Victorian electric light that hung over the step that he was standing on, he was taken back to his childhood days when Will's father would read to him the many stories of Sherlock Holmes that was before the drinking started when his father was still a father and not a creature who would make mother cry, and a younger version of himself to wish that the monsters under his bed were real.

He was brought up out of his childhood by the sound of a lock turning, and a gentle voice that couldn't melt butter.

"Good evening."

Will had never seen a man like the one stood before him he had a mop of light silver-grey hair which was slicked back and tied, into a tight pony tail he wore a crisp white egg-shell shirt which was unbuttoned just below his neck allowing his manly adams apple to be on show, a damp kitchen towel drapped over his shoulder as his left hand clutched onto it possibly to prevent any droplets of water from trickling down his back. What Will saw on the males left hand was something that was rare but not uncommon, a sixth finger Will should become sickened and want to back away in fear but it was the maroon eyes that made him more fearful, what is it that the Italian gypsies called it..?


Will could understand why anyone would think this when looking at a man like the Doctor, but he pushed aside supernatural issues and extended his hand in a common polite gesture to introduce himself.

"Forgive the late intrusion, I'm Will Graham we meet in the butcher shop earlier this morning."

Hannibal took Will's hand without hesitation and shook it in a grip that was firm, one slip and he would crush the young man's hand in his own not that he would allow this to happen the boy was polite and he prefered to dwell in free range rude when it come to showing his true colours.

"I remember well, I am sure you read the card and know my name is Dr. Hannibal Lecter, please come in let me take your coat."

Hannibal spoke as he moved his body with grace back into the warmth of his home, he let go of Will's hand and used it to open the door and extend it allowing Will enough room to enter without brushing their bodies, he watched as Will walked into the room and moved to take his coat as Will easily slipped out of it.