Title: Remembering
Author: LucridLucifel
Genre: One shot, romance.
Rating: PG
Fandom: Disney's Pocahontas
Summary: John Smith recollects and her face is unforgettable. PocahontasxJohnSmith. Slight PocahontasxRolfe.
Disclaimer: I don't profit and earn money from this fiction. Disney owns the rights to Pocahontas.


As happy as John Smith was for Pocahontas, it broke his heart to know the Native American woman he fell in love with in Virgina decided to leave on the ship with John Rolfe. He knew there was not point in kidding himself of having another chance with Pocahontas.

It was ridiculous at this point in time.

John Rolfe was John Smith's opposite in every way possible. John Rolfe is an aristocratic diplomat that believes in the principle of etiquette and mannerisms.

John Smith, on the other hand, is a man of the simple life and was satisfied with rolling and tumblin' with the best of them.

It was laughable that Pocahontas would even get along with such a prissy tight collar, but in the end, John Rolfe was a good man and he risked his life for the woman John Smith loved and if she was happy, then that was good enough for him.

But in clear mornings such as this, John Smith thought of the exotic, raven haired, copper skinned beauty. Several years from the day she left the dock with John Rolfe into the mists, he still could not forget her face and how this Native American woman touched his life forever.

The End.