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Chapter 1

I woke up early this morning, mentally rehearsing on how I was going to explain the truth to her in a way she would understand. I sat at the kitchen table with my cup of coffee and stared out the window. I knew she wouldn't be up for another hour; and it gives me time to think.
She is an innocent minded young lady that has always made her father and me proud. She is strong willed and determined. I know she is able to make this decision, but I worry that, even though, she can see the best in people, she may not be able to handle seeing the worst.
I was a little anxious when she walked into the room."Samantha, come sit with me." I said. I looked straight into her eyes. "You know your father's story and everything he has been through when he was an immortal. He has taught you many things he has learned in his 400 years; karate, self defense, tracking, fencing, honor, self discipline, and for some reason how to pick a lock. But until right now, I have always kept mine hidden, and never gave you the full story. You are 20 now and soon will need to decide your future. You will need to know my story in order for you to understand the choice you will have to make and how it will affect the world as you know it today."

There was a time before I met your father; I was a mother of two wonderful children. I had a son who was 15 years old, Chase, standing almost as tall as me. He had dark brown hair with deep blue eyes. He was so positive and outgoing. He was the comedian of the family, always keeping everyone in a good mood. My little girl, Sharon, was more demanding; with green eyes and brunette hair that dripped down her shoulders. She loved attention, and being a part of everything. She was a tennis player and fashion gooroo. She was 13 and just starting out in junior high. I was married to a carpenter; he worked hard and ran his our remodeling company that did pretty well for us. He was a family man, much like your dad, always outside playing with the children. Everything seemed good; I never thought my life could change so dramatically in just a blink of an eye.

We were on our way to my sister's house for our mother's birthday when everything went wrong. I remember looking out the car window, seeing the sun filled the sky, and there was a light breeze. It was just the ideal day. Then, I saw the red truck blow past the stop sign and headed our way. I remember watching the truck as it came toward us but it didn't seem to register in my mind that we were in danger. I didn't react in anyway. I noticed the grill of the red truck, the headlights, and the man driving. The driver appeared to be asleep. As the truck got closer, I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of him. I really thought he would wake up at the last second and swerve away. I watched it get closer and closer. Not saying a word, I was frozen in the moment. When the truck T-boned our car I noticed my husband in the same state of memorization I was in. I heard my daughter scream and my son yell. Then, I slipped through the seat belt, my knee and my hip became dislocated as I passed through the belt. I looked back to see if everyone else was ok but couldn't see anything. My back hit the windshield, and the glass shattered.

Now, I was in the grass. Slowly standing on one leg, I looked back at the car. It was difficult to see where the truck stopped and the car started. Everything seemed to be tangled and twisted together. I questioned myself "what just happened?" I hopped over toward the car, denying what my eyes were seeing. Unable to come to the conclusion that my family could still be inside. I glanced into the cornfield across the street, expecting to see them just standing there waiting for me. Then, I heard the sirens. It all started to come together in a flood of emotion. Running, screaming the rest of the way to the car, I stopped cold when I saw their bloody motionless bodies. Frozen, I stood in disbelief.

Now in the hospital, my knee was wrapped; people were telling me how lucky I was. But I knew this was a lie. My family had died and there was nothing I could do, and no way to change or fix it. I'm a mother, I thought, I know how to fix everything I should be able to fix this. I was in complete despair, it was hard to move or breathe. I hated what happened. I hated what has happened to me, to my family. Within the next couple weeks, my family was laid to rest and I was alone, all alone. I felt like I no longer had a purpose in life.

As the weeks dragged on, I never left my bed. I couldn't bring myself to live. That's when the dreams started. Night after night my dreams were filled with young mothers giving birth. The mothers came from all different time period, all across the world. The disturbing part of the dream was when they gave birth the woman would age rapidly; their hair would turn gray, wrinkles formed, and soon death. These dreams became more and more detailed each time. At first I thought, I must be crazy. Then, I thought, this must be my way of dealing with my loss. As they continued to appear, dream after dream, I guessed again, maybe these dreams were trying to tell me something. However, I had no clue what they were supposed to mean. I was secretly jealous that they had died because I wanted to die. I wanted to be with my family again but I couldn't. And soon I became annoyed by the repetitive dreams. I started avoiding sleep and struggled to stay awake as long as possible. I couldn't stand to have the dreams anymore, let alone being unable to decipher what they are supposed to mean.

Around this time, I started feeling different. I noticed that a few of my wrinkles were disappearing, I became thinner and soon I lost about twenty five ponds. I blamed my weight loss on the despair of losing my family and the refusal to get out of bed, to eat, let alone shower. But it felt more than just weight loss; it almost seemed as if I was getting younger. Even my sister noticed the changes when she visited me. She asked me about the changes, but I had no explanation for her. As I looked in the mirror, it was like every woman's dream. I looked like I was in my twenties, thin and petite. My hair was now to my shoulders with a light brown glow. Finally, I went to my doctor, Dr. Ross, trying to find some answers. He had been my doctor for years. Dr. Ross ran me through test after test, week after week and he still had no answers. Between the loss of my family, mysterious changes, and endless dreams; I felt so alone and helpless.

I needed to get away. I couldn't stay in this town any longer. Something was happening to me that neither I, nor anyone else could explain. I felt abnormal, like a freak. I left my home town not knowing where to go, I just started driving. I hoped, I could find someone that could tell me what was going on but I wasn't sure where to look. I must have spent weeks in my car. I drove through one small town after another. I continued searching for something or someone that could help.

Soon I noticed, my focus would to change. There were times, I would see a delicious guy out on the street, and all I could think about is being with that guy or being all over that guy. I wanted the excitement of being in bed with someone. I wanted to be with someone, anyone, so badly. I couldn't understand why. I shouldn't feel like this. Then, my dreams would come to mind and I fought back the intense desires. So, I continued driving and driving, to the next town, and mesmerized by the next guy. This constant battle between my desires and my morality lasted about a week.

Chapter 2

Continuing my unsuccessful driving campaign to find answers, I came upon another small town. It seemed like any other town I had driven through. But this time something caught my eye, that wasn't a good looking guy. I saw a tall stone church. I don't really know why but I drove toward the church. I pulled into the parking lot, and just sat there looking in amazement at the magnificent building. I was drawn to go inside. It had been a long time since I felt anything but despair or the temptations of desire. I didn't see any consequences of going inside since I would be moving on shortly. So, I might as well let my curiosity go.

As I entered the building, it opened up to the enormous synagogue. There were stained glass windows and seating for at least 500 people. At the front was an altar with a large podium. I took my time walking up, absorbing everything I saw. I sat down and just wondered why I was here and what am I doing? It wasn't long before I had this incredible feeling come over me. It seemed to be all around me, a presents that surround me. I saw him standing at the altar. He must have been a monk because he was dressed in dark robes, his hair was short, and wore sandals on his feet. He didn't seem to mind me in the room; actually he really didn't pay any attention to me at all. I began to hear women's voices; they seemed to come from within me. "Blood to blood, all will be answered," is what they said. It rang through my head over and over. "Blood to blood, all will be answered." I quickly ran to him. So overwhelmed but for some reason I knew he was the key to all of this. I looked at him saying "blood to blood, all will be answered" I grabbed the crystal vase sitting on the podium and broke it. He seemed to just stand there like he wasn't sure what to do. Then, I took the piece of glass and cut my hand. Immediately after that, I grabbed his hand and cutting it too. With my hand covered in blood, I grabbed his hand. Next, I felt this extreme energy ran from my body down my arm and into his. The pain was unbearable, I became weak, and I couldn't stand. I let out such a yell that I thought the whole world would come running, I heard him bellow out, and reaching up with his other hand. That would be the last thing I could remember, until I woke.

As my eyes opened, I could see the brown blanket that covered the metal framed bed, the room was filled with shadows which made everything that much harder to make out. It seemed to be a plain room with old plaster walls, a wooden night stand, and a dresser. At the base of the bed the monk sat speechless in an old wooden chair. He looked up at me, his eyes watery and swollen; the streaks running down his face seemed to say it all. He had been crying. Now, I was really scared. The person I thought would have some answers was crying this must be really bad. But I couldn't explain what happened because I really didn't know. We just sat there speechless, it seemed like forever. I decided that if I apologized I could get out of this church and back onto the road and into the next town.

"I 'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, I have never done anything like that before" I said softly, my voice shaking with every syllable.
He spoke gently, saying "It's ok. You are with me now."
I jumped up from the bed really confused about what had just happened, "No, no I have to go. I can't stay here."

Running around him, I reached for the door handle. When I grabbed the handle, it felt like the handle was on fire, opening the door and running down the hall I looked down at my hand it was burnt and bleeding. Still unsure about what just happened, I kept running. I felt like a mouse in a maze, trying to make my way through the corridors. I kept going, determined to find the exit. Once I reached the front door I heard him call out "stop, you don't understand" as I grabbed the handle. This time the door was heavier and my hand was already burnt, so I was unable to I open it. I tried with my other hand but it felt worse. The handle felt like I was grabbing a red hot piece of coal.
By this time, he caught up with me, standing just out of reach. "I know this is difficult for you, but I would really like a chance to help you," he said in a gentle tone.

I was frozen, uncertain of what to do or how to do it, just completely exhausted, emotionally and physically.
"My name is Darius and I only want to help," he explained.
"I'm Jenna, what is happening?" I said softly still looking towards the door. I was nervous and surprised that I was unable to open the door. Can this man really answer my questions? Does he know what's happening to me? Is he like me? Can I trust him? Where the questions that raced through my mind.

Darius took a step closer. He placed one hand around the top of my back and with the other he took my hand, turning it palms up "First let's clean these up, and then we have a lot to talk about," he said gently.
Silently we walked together; I hung my head as he led the way. I was afraid of what I was going to hear and what was going to happen. So much had changed; my life wasn't the same at all, in any way. I felt mentally unsound. Knowing that I was very vulnerable; I was afraid of trusting anyone but knew I needed help. We walked down the aisle and through a door on the left. Then we continued down a long narrow dark hall to the back room. Once we entered the room, Darius pulled out a chair. I sat down as he went to the sink in the corner to get water and a wash cloth. He sat in a chair beside me and took my hand. Still in silence he began to wipe the blood from my hand.

Then he spoke, saying "I'll start by telling you who I am. I am an immortal I was born about 1500 years ago and I can't die unless someone would take my head." With that being said he took out a knife and cut his hand. It seemed to heal eminently after he cut it.
"This can't be real." I said in disbelief, touching his hand.
"Yes, I was born in a small town in London, and raised by a castle maiden. I became part of the king's army and died in battle."
"So, I can't be immortal, I didn't die." I stated in relief.
"I know you didn't die but, you see, I never knew who my mother was until you showed Me." he said becoming a little choked up.
"Until I showed you? How?" I asked a little confused.

Darius took a deep breath then continued "During the blood ritual, where you cut my hand then yours and held them together, I had a vision of the crystal skulls. They were spread all around the world. They showed me different woman, they were bearing children, rapidly aging and then dyeing. I recognized one of them, she was my mother. This is the first time; I know of, that anyone has found out about an immortal parent."
"So, you're saying, I might be one of them?" I asked becoming frustrated.
"I believe so." he said looking down.
"Well, what if I don't want to have another child? I just lost two children," I announced. "And besides how could I have a child knowing he would be an orphan?" I argued.
"I know, but the grief that you experienced activated the crystal inside of you. Most of the time, the woman wouldn't know what was going on until it was over." he said trying to remain calm and collected.
"If I am some type of immortal, why aren't my hands healing like yours?" I questioned.
"In order to become pregnant you can't heal as quickly, this will take only a couple days, not weeks."
"OK, maybe I will go along with this for a minute just because I don't have another answer. But why can't I leave, why are my hands like this?" I urged for answers.
"It's not that you can't leave. It's the fact the door knobs are metal, you are unable to touch metal."
"Metal?" I asked.
"The swords we use in our battles are metal, you are not meant to battle," he stated remaining calm and well composed.
"I was able to touch metal before, why not now?" I asked still confused.
"It was part of the blood to blood ritual, that's when everything came together" he stated.
"But..Well... I just don't know. This is too much." I replied
"Just give me two weeks"
"Two weeks for what?" I questioned uncertain of what I was getting myself into.
"Two weeks to find more answers. But now let's get something to eat, a good night's sleep and then, maybe, I can find more answers" he said calmly.
"I can't guarantee I will stay two weeks, I'll try to stay just a couple days" I replied asserting myself.
"OK, we'll give it a couple days, I know you must be hungry, I'll get you something to eat then show you to your room." he insisted walking toward the door.

After he left, I took a minute to look at my hands. Wondering how any of this is possible? It was so hard to believe. I stood and paced the floor. I really wanted to run from here and never look back just like I had planned. But a small nagging feeling told me I should see this through.

Darius returned with a platter full of food. I don't remember what all was on the platter, but I was impressed that he remember to bring plastic forks, I wouldn't have thought about it. We ate with very little small talk, mostly; I asked him questions about his past to rid some of the awkward silence. I tossed my food around my plate more than I ate, thinking about what had expired. Still overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted, I sat there trying to hold myself together.

After dinner, he led me down another corridor. I tried to keep track of where we were going, so that I could make it out if I wanted to leave.
"I know this room is away from the others but it has some of the original wooden door knobs so you will be able to come and go from the room when you like" he explained.
"Thanks, that is thoughtful of you." I commented.
"Well, don't thank me yet the room is pretty rustic and I have some work to do in the bathrooms" he continued.
"Oh, I guess there is more to this than what I thought" I said with a slight smile.

On our way to the room, we stopped at a closet. Darius picked out sheets and blankets. Then we continued to the room, he made the bed and we said goodnight. He seemed to hesitate leaving the room like he had a question or comment to make. Not saying anything else he left. I was fearful of being left alone but too prideful to ask him to stay close. I looked around at the old stone walls; I reached for the light switch and turned it off. I was glad to see the street light peer through the window and cast a genital glow of light in the room. I turned down the covers and climbed in still shaken from the day's events. I could hear Darius still in the hall, it sounded like he was leaning against the wall. Then I could hear him slowly slide down the wall and sit by the door. I could since his despair drift through the door. I wanted to open the door and comfort him but I was also relieved he was close and uncertain what to say, I laid down trying to understand it myself.

That night, I had dreams of immortals, battles, and quickening. These dreams were disturbing. They also gave some validity to what Darius had told me, but it could just be my imagination getting the best of me. The only thing I didn't understand was the fact, that I didn't recognize anyone in my dream. Tossing and turning, it wasn't the peaceful sleep I was hoping for and my mind doweled on what my future may look like.