Chapter 14 Samantha's destiny

So, now Samantha this is where you come in. You have your own destiny. These crystals, now, belong to you. You alone have a choice to make. You can do nothing with them and live your life as a mortal have a family, and die as normal. Or you can activate the crystals. But you should know, activating the crystal comes with consequences.
You will unleash the power to create new immortals. Mothers will be chosen and it will be your job to find them and train them, teaching them the rules of the immortals. However, you will not live forever. Once the first head is taken, you will die. This will leave the immortals to run the race on their own the immortals have done for centuries.
I am sorry this has fallen on your shoulders, and I wish there was something I could say to make this easier for you. We were able to prevent the apocalypse this time but who knows what may happen in the future. Here are your crystals.
You will have one year to choose. If you choose to activate the crystals, the time to do it is during the winter solstice just like when your father was born. The choice is yours.