Mikey walked into the lair. He looked tired and exhuasted from is long day at work. This time it was the birthday party of a little girl. For once he thought he caught a lucky break-becouse girls, as he only knows from April and tv, are sweet and lovable. WRONG! This little girl had ten friends over (boys and girls) and all ganged up on him. The little girl, or as Mikey nicknamed her after the tramatic experiance-Scary Suzie, lead the group carrying a foam baseball bat. He repressed a shiver, recalling the high ptched shrills and screams of the many childeren.

Mikey walked over towards the couch only to be stopped by his brother, Donatello. His brother plucked out his moneyclip from his belt and smiled.

"Oooh bill payments!" He started to sort through the dollar bills."Now lets see...Benjamin, Washington, Roservelt-"

"Ahem!" His purple clad brother stared at him with a blank expression. He rolled his eyes,"Uh..hazard payment." Donnie smirked and plucked up three hundreds and gave them to his brother."Thank yooooou sir! I'll be takin' my leave now!"

Mikey plopped down in front of the tv. As Donnie went to put the money away in the safe he yelled,"Oh and Mikey stay away from the shopping channles! We don't need another food processer!"

Mike rolled his eyes and turned on the television.

"Michelangelo!" Mikey jumped up and bowed.

"Yes Splinter!"

His master emerged from his room. He walked up in front of hhis youngest son and frowned. He looked around, before leaning in closer to his son and whispered in a stern voice,"Well?"

Mikey blinked. Now what was it that Master Splinter wanted..? He glanced over at his bag and grinned."Oh, right." He opened his bag up and tooked out a piece of cake wrapped in tinfoil (one of the perks of having a job that deals with birthdays)."Here ya go Master Splinter! One chacolate cake!"

His master smiled and unwrapped his little treat. His smile widdend,"Butter cream frosting." Just as he was about to take his finger and take some of the creamy delight, Donatello snatched up the cake. His face twisted into a scowl.

"No can do! Remember what I told you about your blood sugar?" He wrapped the cake pack in it's tin foil packaging.

"Donatello! I am your master!"

Donnie smiled at him."And you'll always be my master...just with a normal blood sugar."

When Donnie turned to put the cake away, Mikey snuck an extra piece he packed for his master. He whispered,"This one has a flower on it."

Splinter smiled and shuckeled softly,"You have done well my son."

Meanwhile Don opened up the fridge to reveil a mountain of tinfoiled cakes, just like the one he had in his hand. He placed the cake on the bottom self."That makes...forty." He closed the door and went back to work. A healthy master is a happy master.

(A.N) My grandfather is always letting me sneak him some sweets. So I thought, hey why not Splinter? I mean even rats need sweets too. Well I hope you guys enjoyed this very random One-shot! -Bell :)