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Chapter One 'she knew the signs'

Crunch, she could hear the sound of his black boots on the gravel. She tried to sit up and her head was spinning. There was a sickening pain in her stomach, she started retching on the ground, her head was spinning even more. She felt a burning sensation at the back of her throat and emptied her stomach onto the ground next to her. Rolling back onto her back, she began coughing, so much that she couldn't breathe. He was still standing over her, squinting through the tears trapped in her eyes she could make out his shape; slim and tall, with dark cropped hair, the rest was blurred. She saw his foot move closer out of the corner of her eye, she couldn't remember how she got here. He bent down and was looking into her eyes. Her stomach felt worse, she could feel it knotting inside her, why was she so scared of this man? She didn't even know him, he was just someone random guy, who was he, and why was he here? His boot, out of the corner of her eye, a blinding pain, then it all went dark.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" A female's voice was shaking her from unconsciousness, she felt a hand on a shoulder and pain tore through her. "My name is Sam, I'm a doctor, I'm going to call you an ambulance, okay?" She felt a hand squeeze hers, "Squeeze my hand if you can hear me?" She tried, she really did, whether she managed it she didn't know. The pain in he stomach was still bad, not a stabbing pain, an ache that stretched across her abdomen. "Hello, yes ambulance please," Sam glanced at the figure lying in front of her "Young female, fourteen, maybe fifteen. I found her lying in an alleyway unconscious, no, I didn't see what happened. I'm Dr. Samantha Nicholls from Holby ED. It's an alleyway just off Ditches Road. Okay, thank you." Sam squeezed her hand again, "Help's on it's way, you'll be fine." The girl's eyes darted around under her eyelids, she just wanted to wake up but she didn't know how. "Can you open your eyes for me?" as hard as she tried, she just couldn't manage it. "Okay, I'm just going to check your pockets to see if you have any ID, try to squeeze my hand if you can hear me." Once again the girl tried her hardest to squeeze Sam's hand, "Good, well done. Sam had felt a faint pressure on her hand that was held by the girl's. She began to look through her pockets, in doing so she noticed her top was ripped, worried by this Sam looked down at her trousers and saw they were too, unzipped, and there was dried blood on them. Sam sighed, she knew the signs. 'Poor girl' she thought to herself.

The whine of the ambulance sirens echoed around the early morning emptiness of Holby. "What d'you think Dixie? Drunk? High?"

"Come on Jeff, who knows what happened," Dixie was a kindhearted woman, as was Jeff, but he had a tendency to make judgements on occasions, but so does everyone. "She could have fallen over,"

"Yeah fallen over drunk," Jeff chuckled to himself. He steered the ambulance next to the curb and undid his seatbelt,

"Oh come on Jeff," Dixie went and grabbed the medical kit, and her and Jeff walked over to the two figures in the alleyway, "okay Sam, what've we got?"

"Young female, I'm thinking fourteen, maybe fifteen. I couldn't find any ID on her." Sam turned away from the girl and looked Dixie in the eyes, "And there's a possibility of sexual assault." Turning back to the girl, Sam continued, "KOed for 8 minutes since I found her, maybe more, still responsive," Dixie knelt down next to the unnamed girl,

"Hello darling, I'm Dixie, can you tell me your name?" no reply. "Okay, Jeff? Can you get a stretcher here and let's get her over to Holby." Jeff went over to the ambulance to get what was needed, Dixie noticed the girl's eyelids fluttering. "Can you open your eyes for me?" The girl tried, this time she managed to force them open, squinting into the early morning sun, she could make out Dixie and Sam's faces leaning over her.

"What happened?" she groaned, then she became aware again of the aching in her stomach, her hand held her tender abdomen as she tried to sit up,

"Woah, take it easy, you've been unconscious," Sam put her arm around her cold shoulders, "can you tell us your name?"

"Umm, I'm Imi, Imogen Miller." Imi was blinking rapidly, her head was thudding, like the beat of a drum.

"Well then Imi, let's get you to the ED, you're going to need some scans." Sam smiled at Imi as her and Dixie helped her into the back of the ambulance.

"What sort of scans? Is everything okay?" Imi's eyes were wide with terror, she started fidgeting with her hands, and restlessly tapping her foot.

"I'm sure it'll be fine, we just want to check your heads okay, you were unconscious for a little while," Dixie put a comforting arm around her, "it's nothing to worry about." Dixie smiled at her, she was always one you could trust would comfort people, she had a somewhat motherly nature. Sam was sitting opposite them in the ambulance, staring at Imi, her mind deep in thought. She desperately wanted to find out whether Imi had indeed been assaulted but didn't think now was the right time. With a sigh she looked away and waited for them to arrive at Holby.