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In case anybody here doesn't know Yuriko is a rather popular genderbend of Accelerator made up by the manga author as a joke. I really like the idea of Accelerator as a girl so I decided to use her in this story.

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Kuroyuro Umidori ran through the remains of the facility that was all that remained of The Freshmen. Her master plan to bring back the darkness to Academy City had failed completely. No, to be more accurate she hadn't even been able to start it.

Their strongholds had been raided, their powered suits had been destroyed, and all of their people had been defeated. All in a single day. The destruction was so complete that it would be almost impossible for the The Freshmen to ever rebuild. Someone had destroyed them like a child pulling the wings off of a fly.

She knew that it wasn't Accelerator fulfilling his threat to bare his fangs against the darkness of Academy City. She had him under close surveillance to make sure that he didn't realize what they were doing before she wanted him to. So who the hell had reason to crush them and enough power to do so?

All she knew was that it was a single person not a group. They had gotten a message from one of the strongholds as it was being attacked stating that it was being done by a single person, before the messenger had suddenly fallen silent. Given that the attacks were happening one at a time, it must be the same person going around to strongholds one at a time.

It had to be a level five. She already knew it wasn't Accelerator. The number two, Kakine Teitoku, was currently nothing but a brain in a jar. The number three Misaka Mikoto... yes it must be her, Kuroyuro realized. She was a level five with the power over electricity which was very suited for destroying the freshmen who relied heavily on powered suits and other technology. Also she has been known to destroy facilities of the Darkness before, such as in the Sisters experiment.

"Misaka Mikoto, I will kill you for this." Kuroyuro swore to herself.


Kuroyuro froze. It had been a male voice. She glanced around looking for the speaker and found him not hiding but standing openly behind her. He had black hair, and was wearing an entirely black school uniform. In his right hand he was holding a giant screw which would have looked comical if anybody else was holding it. She could sense an aura from him, a feeling of absolute wrongness.

"Who... Who are you?" She managed to spit out. She couldn't tell why she was so nervous. Her plan was to go against Accelerator the strongest level five in the entire world, and she was acting against the direct orders of the Academy City board of directors. If she could do all that why was she so scared of this person? No, she didn't know why but somehow she got the feeling that the person standing before her was far more terrible than any of them.

[Kumagawa Misogi.] He answered. [The number six level five.]

"A level five?" She asked in shock. Why was he talking like that? She didn't know what it was but something about the way he talked seemed... off. No she didn't have time to worry about that right now. Going up against any level five without tons of preparation was a stupid mistake. Still though she didn't have any other options right now. He was standing right in front of her in the open so now was probably her only chance!

Without hesitation she stuck out her palms and fired two Bomber Lances at him. At the same time she broke the plastic dolphin she had been carrying around and made the large number of robotic claws attach to her. She shouldn't have bothered. The two Bomber Lances hit the number six directly, killing him. He was cut completely in half.

Kuroyuro just stood there for a second too stunned to think. Then she laughed. "What was that! To think a level five could be that weak!" She yelled. What the hell had she been so scared about earlier? She turned around and began to leave, already plotting how to get the Freshmen back on their feet. The defeat of a level five could bring them enough status to overcome this catastrophe.

[Ow.] Kumagawa said.

"What?" Kuroyuro said as she froze. The fear from earlier suddenly reappeared. She glanced behind her, trying to tell herself that she had just been hearing things. She wasn't. The man she had killed Kumagawa Misogi, the man she had cut in half, was now completely whole and standing with a smile on his face. "An illusion?" She spat out.

[No.] He said simply. [My power is far beyond something like that.]

"What... what is your power?" She forced out.

[All Fiction.] He said. [The power to turn anything into nothing.]

"Then... just now you..."

[Yes I turned my death into nothing.]

"What the hell!" She screamed. "How the hell am I supposed to fight something like that!?" The power was so ridiculously strong that she could hardly believe it.

[Who knows?] He asked with a devilish smile.

"Why are you doing this?"

[Ah, I have plans for Accelerator, so I can't let you get in the way.]

"Just die!" She screamed. She prepared Bomber Lances in every single one of her palms, artificial and real. "All I have to do is destroy every cell of your body and nothing will be left to use your power!" She yelled as she fired all of them at once at every part of his body.

[Why would you tell me that?] He asked. He was no longer in front of her but beside her. [Sheesh you might have beaten me there if you hadn't announced your plan.]

"How-" She said before suddenly feeling a terrible pain in her stomach. She looked down to see the screw he had been carrying sticking right through her. The pain was nearly unbearable.

[Don't worry] He said with a smile. [I used my power so you won't die.]

Kuryuro struggled for breath helplessly. The world went black