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~~~Unholy Confessions~~~

Harry was woken from his nap by a pair of lips pressing against his neck. He looked over his shoulder to see Bill grinning at him.

The Boy-Who-Lived rolled over and smiled at his red head lover. "Hey you. How was the meeting?"

Bill layed down next to him, his heavy boots thudding against the floor as their owner removed them. The ravenette cuddled against Bill, taking in his scent. The older male wrapped his arms around Harry.

"The meeting was boring. The only excitement that happened was when Snape had to speak."

Harry rested his chin on Bill's chest. "Oh? What happened?"

The curse breaker chuckled. "Oh, I was just thinking about one sexy bottom and he said something that caused me to think."

The Boy-Who-Lived began to slowly unbutton Bill's shirt. "What did you think about?"

The older male's hands went and grasped Harry's bottom. "Just how sexy Snape's voice is. I mean damn. I had a vision of you riding our snarky Potions Master with his voice saying how you were his little bitch."

Harry shivered and slid over so that he was now straddling Bill's lap. "Oh damn Bill. That sounds hot. I got a glimpse of his body when I took him those spare clothes."

Bill groaned and slid his hands towards Harry's chest. "Really? What he look like?"

The shorter male whimpered, grinding down into his lover's lap. "Snape has a hot bod! Gods he had so many scars that I want to count them all! His Dark Mark is so damn sexy that I want to trace it with my tongue!"

Harry stopped moving, which confused Bill. "Harry? What is it?"

The ravenette scrambled off of his lover and grabbed his bag. Clothes, paper and more than a few pens came flying out of the bag. Bill caught a pen as it flew past his head. His eyes went to the wiggling bottom as Harry continued his hunt.

"Ah ha!" he cried, pulling himself back onto the bed. In his hand was a worn composition book.

Harry began looking around. "Pen. Pen. Need a pen."

The red haired wizard tapped his lover's shoulder with one of the pens. "Is this what you are looking for?"

The emerald eyes teen beamed at him. "Yes! Thank you!" He kissed Bill's cheek and opened the book to a blank page, pen flying across the page.

Bill came up behind him and rested his chin on Harry's shoulder. "Harry? What in the name of Merlin are you doing? And what is a pen?"

Harry jotted down some words, glancing at the elder from the corner of his eye. "I am a Rocker. A singer in a band and I just thought of a new song. And a pen is like a quill with ink built into it. I'll show you how it works later but I have to get this idea down before I loose it."

The curse breaker made a sound of understanding and wrapped his arms around the smaller male's waist. "So, what was this idea?"

The black haired teen paused in his writing. "S is for the Simple need. E is for the Ecstasy and X is to mark the spot."

Bill frowned before smiling evilly. "Oh Mister Potter, what a dirty mind you have."

Harry chuckled and closed the comp book. "Yeah, but I am in need of more inspiration. Would you like to help me get inspired?"

Bill's grin transformed into a smile that caused a tingle of something to go up Harry's spine. "Oh I think I can do that. Come here you!"

Harry laughed as he rolled with his lover on the bed...

~~~Unholy Confessions~~~

The next morning came and Harry yawned and stretched like a cat. The sun came peeking in the window and this was a rare morning where Harry felt like he was ready to take on the world. A larger arm came from behind him and snaked around his waist. The Boy-Who-Lived laughed as Bill pulled him to his chest.

"Morning Bill." Harry smiled at the older wizard.

The curse breaker grumbled, "Why are you up so early?"

The younger male giggled and kissed his lover's forehead. "I have no idea but I am going to take a shower. Want to join me?"

Bill peeked one eye open and nuzzled into his lover's back. "Mhmm, that sounds like a good idea but I don't think we will get clean."

Harry raised and eyebrow. "Oh? And why is that?"

Bill pulled himself up, pressing butterfly kisses on Harry's back. "I would be distracted by your hot body love."

He wrapped his arms around his young lover, cuddling up to him.

But the two practically jumped out of their skins when somebody knocked on the door. They looked at each other before Bill called out, "Yeah?"

A voice called through the door. "Up and attem boys! Molly's going nuts downstairs!"

The two lovers sighed as they realized it was Sirius. Harry smiled at his lover. "We'll be right down Sirius! Give us a minute kay?"

"Well hurry up! I think your mother is about to have a heart attack from the state of the house Bill!"

The two wizards in the bed laughed and waited until Harry's godfather went back downstairs before flopping back down onto the mattress.

"That was scary," Harry muttered into Bill's chest.

The elder of the two gave a nervous chuckle. "Oh yeah. There is nothing scarier than your parent walking in on you with your lover. Or worse, your sibling."

Harry pulled himself up and got out of the bed. "Take it that happened to you?"

Bill groaned and rolled over, "One too many damn times. I was dying of embarrassment when little Ginny walked in on me once."

Harry paused in getting dressed and looked at his lover. "Oh this I have to hear!"

The red head groaned again and said, "Please don't make me relieve it!"

The younger male chuckled and pulled on a pair of tight jean shorts. He leaned over to press a kiss on his lover's cheek. "Tell me about it later. Now get dressed before your mama gets here."

Harry had to blink as he saw Bill jump out of bed and scramble to get his clothes. The black haired teen laughed, grabbing a pale blue tank top. He was still laughing when he left the room to go downstairs...

~~~Unholy Confessions~~~

Charlie Weasley grumbled as his mother told him to go wake his younger brothers. The Twins would sleep past noon if given the option and being their immediate older brother (since Percy wasn't there) it was Charlie's job to go wake them. But as he trekked upstairs, a voice from an office made him pause.

"No! I will not do it!"

The dragon trainer froze and looked at the cracked door. He bit his lip, wondering who was in the room. Another voice came from the same room.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I am agreeing with the wolf and the dog Albus."

The eavesdropper frowned. 'Snape? With Dumbledore? Who else is in there?'

He crept up to the door and peeked in. Inside was Snape, Dumbledore, Remus and Sirius. The Leader of the Light was standing behind the desk, a strange bottle was sitting on it. Standing close to the door was Snape, Remus and Sirius. Charlie quickly pulled away so he would not be seen but could still hear.

"I am putting my foot down on this Dumbledore! I will not do it!" said the dog animagus.

Remus was the next voice that spoke. "I put up with a lot of things that you do Albus bit this goes too damn far!"

The second eldest son of the Weasley Clan's frown deepened as he continued to listen in.

The werewolf continued to speak. "I allowed you to place Harry with those god forsaken Muggles only because I wasn't fit to raise him! I still am not fit but damn it I am better than I once was! It fucking pains me every year Albus! But this-this is too damn far!"

Severus' voice came up next. "Lupin is right. This is too far Albus and we will not do it. No matter what you say or do."

Charlie pressed himself against the wall, wondering what they were talking about.

The eldest wizard in the room spoke, "Now now, No need for violence. I am just saying that if we add just a couple drops of love potion to his drink, it will help him in the long run."

The dragon trainer's eyes widened at that. He head an animalistic growl come from the room before Sirius said, "Oh yeah? How? And who agreed to be his 'object of his desire' huh?"

Dumbledore spoke again. "He will feel more like a normal teenager and to tie him more to the cause. And not that it is any of your business but Miss Weasley volunteered."

Charlie's jaw dropped and practically felt the rage from the men in the room.

"Albus, this will only push him away when he learns of this!" Snape snapped.

Remus snarled and said, "Agreed. We will not do this Dumbledore!"

Charlie pushed away from the wall and headed to the Twin's room, wondering what was Dumbledore's planning and how the dragon trainer was going to warn Harry...

~~~Unholy Confessions~~~

Harry laughed as he saw the Twins making fum of Ron. The identical males were sitting across from Harry and Ron and were saying how Ickle Ronnykins was sad that he was still a virgin. Fred grinned at Harry. "So, little Harrykins, are you still lily white?"

The Boy-Who-Lived smiled and took a sip of his juice. "Oh me? Well, let us just say I have some experience."

The Weasleys' eyes widened and Ron choked on his food. George leaned over the table. "No way! Details Harry! Details!"

Harry was smiling like the Cheshire Cat and said, "Which details?"

Fred and George roared with laughter as Ron guzzled down his milk. The youngest Weasley male gasped for air before asking "W-What? When?!"

The black haired Gryffindor cocked his head. "When what?"

"When did you have these 'experiences'?" the red head asked.

Green eyes widened. "Oh. Well. Hmn. Let's see. Most of my experiences are from over the summer but I had some fun back at Hogwarts."

The Twins grinned. "Tell us more!"

Harry took another sip of his drink. "Hmmm. Okay, do you want my Hogwarts experiences or my summer ones?"

Ron blanched and stood from the table. "No thanks. Oh look at that, I'm done. I'm going to see if Mom needs any help."

He fled the kitchen, the others laughter trailing behind him. Harry giggled and looked at the Twins. They were staring at him, identical grins painted on their faces. The younger male raised an eye brow at them.

The Twins got up and went around the table. They sat down in the chairs that flanked Harry. Harry blinked at them in confusion. "Guys? What is it?"

Fred leaned forward, resting his hands on Harry's chair. "Where you serious about your experiences young Mr. Potter?"

George leaned forward as well, boxing Harry in. "Or were you just talking?"

Harry blinked before grinning. He leaned back in his chair and rested one hand on each of the twin's thigh. "I don't know boys. You tell me."

The elder twin bit his lip as his eyes roamed over Harry's lithe form. Fred leaned closer to the younger wizard, breath ghosting over the black haired teen's ear. "I think you maybe telling the truth but I will need convincing."

Harry smirked and whispered. "Then let me convince you." And with that, he sealed his lips over Fred's.

George's jaw dropped as he saw his older twin make out with the Boy-Who-Lived. He felt Harry's hand on the red head's thigh tighten as Harry and Fred's tongues continued to war with each other. The door to the kitchen opened to reveal the eldest son of the Weasleys smiling at them.

Fred and Harry broke apart as Bill closed the door to the kitchen. The curse breaker strode over to them and said, "He likes it rough. Just FYI."

The Twins' jaws dropped as Harry blushed. "Bill!" the ravenette cried.

Said male raised an eyebrow "What?"

Harry pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. "I wanted them to find out later! Now you've ruined it."

Bill chuckled and gathered Harry up in his arms. "Sorry love. I promise to make it up to you later."

Harry's pout deepened. "You promise?"

The eldest red head smiled. He lowered his face, breath ghosting over Harry's lips. "I promise." he pressed his lips against Harry's. The Twins' eyes all but popped out of their heads as they watched Harry's tongue battle it out with Bill's. Soon, they broke apart, a tail of saliva still connecting them.

George gulped and breathed out, "Sweet Merlin that was hot."

His older twin nodded. "Yeah. Damn Harry. Never thought that would give me the fastest boner ever."

The Boy-Who-Lived just grinned and said, "Oh really Well, just wait until later then."

The Twins raised their eyebrows in question. Harry just continued to smile at them and hopped out of Bill's arms. He went over to George and straddled the older teen. George blinked and bit back a groan as Harry wiggled around to get comfortable.

The red head growled, "Harry, if you do not stop moving, I will throw you onto the table and fuck your brains out."

The black and green haired teen stopped moving and placed his limbs around George, locking the younger twin to the chair. The ravenette brought his face close to the other teen, misting his breath over the red head's lips. "Oh there will be time for that later love. Now, I don't think that it is fair that your older brothers have kissed me but not you."

The youngest male in the room pushed his body against George's and let his lips hover a couple centimeters over the prankster's. George's blue eyes landed on the lips and he whispered, "That is not fair little Harry. Not fair at all."

The Golden Boy of Gryffindor grinned and breathed out, "Then let us make it fair."

And with that, their lips met. George growled and opened his mouth, licking Harry's bottom lip. The younger wizard whimpered, opening his own mouth. Tongues met and already, Harry know that he was going to enjoy having the Twins fuck him. For George's kiss was full of passion and lust. The red head's tongue caressed the roof of Harry's mouth and one of George's hands groped at Harry's bottom.

Harry jumped up a bit, pushing his hips against George's own. They both groaned as their clothed erections touched. But they were brought out of their lust filled haze by the eldest Weasley son picking Harry up. The Boy-Who-Lived blinked and laughed. His emerald eyes glittered as they landed on the curse breaker.

"What's the matter Bill? Jealous?" he breathed out, wrapping his legs around the tallest red head.

The curse breaker groaned. "No I'm not jealous but we need to go see my mother before she gets suspicious. And if you do not stop doing that, we will not leave the bedroom for a few days!"

A grin painted itself across Harry's face. "Is that a bad thing?"

"Yes. Yes it would be a bad idea. I do not want to explain why I am pounding your tight ass into the bed." he said, placing Harry on the table.

Harry pouted. "Fine. Later then. I am going to find Molly."

He hopped off the table and swayed his hips as he left the room. Harry smiled as he felt their eyes land on his behind. Laughter bubbled from his chest as he went to find Molly...

~~~Unholy Confessions~~~

Harry hit the ground, looking around. He had hopped the fence that guarded the backyard and was ready to perform at a nearby club. His friends were already there and ready to rock. Harry grinned as he trotted down the alley. How he escaped was simple. He told Molly that he was taking out the trash (which he did) and used that to escape.

The black and green haired teen began to whistle until he heard a noise from behind him. He turned around, wand in hand. Standing there was Severus Snape, an eyebrow raised. Harry blushed a bit before asking, "Are you Severus Snape?"

The older wizard rolled his eyes. "Idiot boy. You want proof, fine. The wolf and I picked you up last night in a club called 'Happy Tails.' We met your Muggle friends Jared and Elena."

Harry lowered his wand. "Okay. You're him. Now, why are you here?"

"I was going to ask you the same question you dunderhead." he said with a sneer.

The younger male huffed, folding his arms over his chest. "If you must know, I have a gig to do. So, if you do not mind."

He turned around but was stopped by Snape. "You are not going anywhere except back to headquarters. It is dangerous for you to be out here. The Dark Lord could easily get you-"

"Oh please!" Harry interrupted, "As if any of his little minions would be caught dead in the Muggle world. Especially in a Muggle club! For fuck's sakes I don't even think they know that he is a Half Blood!"

"Even if that is the case Potter, you do not need to be running around unsupervised! You are just like your father!" The Potions Master snapped.

Harry froze and turned his head to stare at his teacher. "Is that who I'll ever be to you, isn't it?"

Severus frowned. "What?"

The teen fully turned around. "All you see is my father. But that's the thing Snape, I am NOT JAMES POTTER! I am nothing like him!"

Harry stormed up to the older wizard. "You wanna know why I go out and go to clubs? Why I sing and party? It's because when I do, no one sees the Boy-Who-Lived. Not the Golden Boy of Gryffindor. And especially not James Potter's son! No, who they see is Harry – the rocker. The sex symbol. The one to go party with."

He pressed himself flush against Snape and stood on his tip toes to glare directly into the taller man's face. "I am Harry Freaking Potter who likes to go out. So FUCK you sir, I am going out!"

And with that, Harry Freaking Potter turned around on his heel and stormed away, leaving a very shocked Severus Snape behind...

~~~Unholy Confessions~~~

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