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No Bravery in Your Eyes

Chapter 1 –The Girl with Hair like Hazelnut's and Eyes like a Night's Sky.

"And I see no bravery, No bravery in your eyes anymore. Only sadness."

Catelyn watched the girl sitting in the music room her voice like a birdsong, sweet, bitter and sad. Her fingers danced across the keys as graceful as a ballerina. She had her back to the doorframe in which Catelyn and Lord Frey were leaning on. One hazelnut curl fell from the bindings keeping them from her face as she leant over the piano. She was oblivious to the world around her as she played; unaware of how her life was about to significantly change. She had a strange innocence about her that somehow didn't really fit. Her fingers hit the last notes and she stopped and straightened as if the spell was broken.

"Can I help you father?" she asked curtly. Catelyn was taken aback and thought maybe the girl wasn't as unobservant as she seemed. She turned to them her head to her lap.

"Girl, this is Lady Stark"

"My Lady" she said standing to curtsey.

"What is your name?"

"Aliana, My Lady" she said her head still bowed.

"Look at me child" she commanded, Aliana looked up and the beauty of the Frey girl once again took Catelyn aback. She was surprised that something so beautiful could come from the ugly man beside her.

"You are to marry Lady Stark's eldest son"

"I see, and is there any particular reason" her voice was monotonous, not sweet like a birdsong anymore.

"To gain passage across the bridge"

"I see, I'll go pack my things then, Lady Stark is there anything else I can oblige you with at all?"

"No, you go pack and meet me in the stables."

She curtsied out of respect and moved to the door, Catelyn and Lord Frey moved out of the way to let her through. Catelyn looked at Walder Frey from the corner of her eye. He looked smug and ignorant all of his usual traits shining through. A part of her was glad that the bird from the piano was finally going to be freed form her cage.

As soon as she was clear of the corridor Aliana ran to her room, her dress fanning out behind her. Tears streaked down her cheeks and she saw the door of her bedroom. She slipped inside falling against the wall. Her sobs heavy in her chest. Her breathing shallow and gasping as she let the news sink in. Her Septa looked at her; a kind elderly woman of who knows what age who was packing dresses into a trunk.

"Starks are a good family child, and you always did like the snow" The woman said wisely

Aliana laughed through her tears and sunk to the floor.

"Does not mean I want to marry it" she sighed heavily

"Robb Stark is handsome, courageous and honourable"

"But is he brave enough"

"Having you for a wife he need to be" she said chuckling packing a pair of riding boots in the trunk "You are too headstrong for such an innocent child, like your mother. You are her daughter"

Aliana wiped her tears and stood to look at her self in her glass. Her eyes were slightly puff and her cheeks red from her excursion.

"I've finished packing all your belongings my dear."

Aliana jumped and sighed heavily once again. She let the elderly woman pull her in to a hug and wish her luck for the future and may the gods let her bare many sons. The Septa left the room and Aliana sat on the bed. She looked around the now barren room and surprised all her belongings fit into two medium sized trunks.

Aliana swapped her slippers for boots absentmindedly she slide the laces effortlessly pulling the cord tight around her thighs. She pulled the skirts of her midnight blue dress back over her legs and fixed the collar around her shoulders. She tied a coal grey cloak around her shoulders and tucked the loose curl back into the bindings of her hair. Guards came in to take her belongings to the stables. Once they had left Aliana stood an took her gloves from the side board, she took one last look around the room and closed the door to her bedroom for the last time.

Catelyn was already in the stables when Aliana arrived and was overseeing the movement of her and her brothers belongings. Olyvar was standing there in the corner looking slightly unwell, his horse saddled next to her own. She walked to the black horse of the two; she never named the beast, its was too much of a wild thing to have a name. The stallion almost too tall for her small frame guarded his mistress with a surly gaze and many of the men that had come with Catelyn were to scared of him to come near them. She buried her face in its neck and stroked her fingers over the large expanse of skin. The horse snorted in appreciation, catching Catelyn's attention. She smiled at the girl, shocked that the huge animal belonged to her and not one of her brothers. The horse whined as a man came close to it, Aliana didn't move away but stroked its soft mane and handed it an apple to eat. Aliana would be good for Robb a calm in the never-ending storm.

"Let's go I want to be back to my son by nightfall."

Everyone obliged and they were ready sooner than later. Olyvar helped Aliana on to her horse and climbed on his own as they set off to the Stark camp. The ride was silent, and overwhelming, the silence was like a thick foggy blanket encompassing them all. Aliana went through the motions in a daze, she rode, got off her horse, followed Catelyn Stark to a tent, and waited outside of the tent. When she heard her name being called she shook her head in shock and hurried inside the tent.

"My Lord" she bowed, her voice the same soft melodic tune she sang with. Catelyn smiled to herself in the corner.

"My Lady" Robb bowed.

Robb looked over the woman curiously, her tiny frame and elegant posture intrigued him and he found himself moving towards her on his own accord. He had come to stand in front of her, his feet coming into her vision of the floor. Robb reached out a gloved hand took her chin and lifted it. Aliana raised her head and looked into the eyes of Robb Stark. Her head cocked to the side slightly analysing the Lord of Winterfell. Robb smiled at her childlike innocence. Her eyes never left his, his the colour of the summer sky, hers the shade of a midnight thunderstorm. Her lips turned into a small smile and she took his hand in hers and rested her forehead against it followed by her lips.

"I should go see my brother doesn't try steal my horse again" and with that she swept out of the room and Robb Stark was left staring after the girl with hair like hazelnuts and eyes like the nights sky.