New story in the works. Won't really be updating this much till I finish "This means war!", so think of this as more of a teaser than anything. For anybody who doesn't know, I posted an earlier version of it in Synchronicity.

Also, the title page is the closest I could find of Chifuyu as a student. Just darken her hair and make her eyes brown and it fits. I might change it to something else later on, so I hope nobody takes it too seriously.

Here she was sitting at the middle of the class, trying to ignore the stares the other student's were giving her. What's the big deal, she thought. She was a girl just like the rest of them. Nothing special about her. Her looks were average: Long black hair tied into a ponytail, dark brown eyes that looked red at certain lighting, and pretty good body proportions. She could pilot the IS, but so could any other double X chromosome human being. She was completely average in every sense of the word.

Really, she was.

Her older brother was being paranoid. Sure, she got kidnapped and he had to rescue her, but so what? It wasn't like she would get kidnapped or anything the next time she walked the street. Enrolling her into the Academy was pointless and she could've done without it. She might have been interested in the IS, but it wasn't anywhere near to the point that she wanted to study it for the next three years. A job making IS for the rest of her life didn't really appeal to her.

A few seats to her left, she caught the gaze of her childhood friend, Shinonono Houki. They'd been friends for as long as she remembered, and their interest in kendo allowed them to bond easily. When she had to move away due to witness protection, she had managed to keep in contact with her through a personal cellphone line. Despite many years of not seeing each other beyond a voice in the phone, their friendship remained strong.

Houki caught her gaze and gave her a re-assuring smile, one that she really didn't need. Why should she feel awkward? It wasn't like she was a female in an all-male class or something (now THAT would've been awkward), and she even had a friend in the same class with her. At least things weren't going to be completely annoying.

Right now it was self introductions. The busty green haired teacher at front was instructing (more like begging, she thought to herself) the students to introduce themselves to the entire class. Though she said teacher, the person at front looked anything but. The yellow dress she wore certainly didn't look like any certified teacher wear she'd ever seen before. The way her chest bounced around with every slight movement she made also made her angry for some reason.

It didn't take long till it was her turn to introduce herself. Sighing, she stood up and introduced herself quickly, "My name is Chifuyu Orimura. I'm just your average girl with nothing special about me, so...yeah. I hope we get along in the coming years." She did a short bow and sat back into her seat.


Total fucking silence was the classes response to her short introduction. Chifuyu smiled inwardly. Normally people would be surprised or embarrassed when they received that sort of reaction, but she was happy. Now no one was going to go up to her and start asking her stupid questions about her brother again. At the very least, she saw Houki shaking her head in amusement at the corner of her eye. Some things just never changed.

"Is that all you have to say Chifu-chan?" Her smile quickly disappeared and it's place were rapidly reddening cheeks as she recognized the familiar voice, "I thought you'd be more friendly on your first day of school, but I guess I was wrong." There was only one person. One person who had the gall to call her that nickname and make her cheeks redden from anger (Not embarrassment!).

There, leaning on the doorway, was a young man of 24. His black hair was short and ended in spiky waves and his brown eyes showed a hint of mirth. In contrast to the other adult (She still had her doubts on that), he wore a black business suit with a white long sleeved dress shirt underneath it. She couldn't help but twitch when she saw that the black suit was unbuttoned and his dress shirt wasn't tucked in. Leave it to him to come in looking like an idiot who just woke.

Actually, judging by the small yawn he gave, it wouldn't have surprised her if that was the case.

"O-Onii-chan!" She tried to say, but her voice was drowned out by the sound of the other girls in the classes wild yells. She'd heard it all before so she chose to block out all their noise. It was probably something about how hot he was or something...not that she thought he was hot or anything. She was his sister and that would've been weird.

Ichika ignored the screaming of the students and went over to her seat. She looked up at him suspiciously before he gave her a smile and started ruffling her hair, much to everyone's jealousy. She could've told him to stop, but the feeling of it sent her nerves spiraling down too much for her too care.

"Chifu-chan, you need to be more friendly to your classmates," He sighed, "How do you expect to make friends when you're being so friendly. You don't have to be so shy, you know? None of them know that you-"

"Ahfbeihf!" She smashed both hands on her desk and stood up, glaring at him. The blush on her face pretty much destroyed any fear he might have gotten, though, "That's not related to this class at all! You told me you were a teacher, so start acting like it," She sat back down and crossed her arms, though Ichika didn't miss the small pout she had on her face, "And stop calling me Chifu-chan! We're not at home anymore so you have to act like a teacher while we're here and call me Orimura-san or something. It's embarrassing when it's not just the two of us." She didn't say the last sentence, but Ichika could tell that's what she wanted to say.

The other students (and the lone teacher) looked at the two siblings with a mix of confusion and, in some cases, jealousy. This was the only male IS pilot? The champion of the First Mondo Grosso and would be champion of the second one? The pilot who was known all over the world as a genius when it came to the IS? And, most infamously, Shinonono Tabane's rumored lover? He seemed like such a...goofball.

"Right, we'll talk later, Chifu-chan," He ignored Chifuyu's angry stare and went to the front of the class, a large grin on his face. Chifuyu felt her blood boil when she saw Maya not so discreetly move next to him. She knew her type; always acting sweet and innocent, and then pouncing when the opponent was most weak. She saw it first hand during the entrance exams.

"My name's Ichika Orimura, though some of you seem to know that already. I'll be teaching you for the next year and I just want everyone to know that we're all friends here. You guys can call me Orimura-sensei if you want, but I'm fine with being called by first name's and no honorifics if that's how you guys want it. Over the past year we'll be seeing a lot of each other, so I want everyone to be friends with one another, me and Maya-sensei included."

He was an idiot. This was the thought that pushed through Chifuyu's mind as she once again blocked out the screams of her classmates at his introduction. Still, a part of her felt relieved at seeing her brother act so natural. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"That said, I hope you all become friends with Chifu-chan there at the center. She might seem a bit cold, but that's only because she's shy. Do your best, Chifu-chan!"

...Scratch that, she was going to kill him once class was over.

If anybody's wondering: Yes, the canon relationships between the characters will change both due to Chifuyu's gender and personality. Houki's relationship with Chifuyu is one of the first signs of this. This mostly follows the canon storyline, but the actions and results will differ due to the difference in the character's. You'll see the most if it by how the haremettes are introduced.

Thank you for reading.