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"Maaaa~, stupid Onii-chan..."

Chifuyu slammed her head into the desk and sighed. It was lunchtime already, which meant no more classes for a few precious minutes. Now, this would've been the perfect time do things like trying to make friends with her fellow classmates, read up on lessons so she wouldn't have to waste time studying, or to try (in vain) to regain her sanity while slowly destroying proof from her mind that she might just be a little on the bro-con side of things.

The reason she didn't do the first option was the fact that most of her classmates had disappeared, most likely in order to follow her older brother around and take stalker-y photos of him or something. Knowing him he probably didn't realize what exactly those pictures were being used for and would even pose if any of them asked for it. Her brother was an idiot.

The second option was also a negative since she'd already read the entire phonebook/manual and they still weren't given the new topics that they had to study or the textbooks required to do so. They were the only class that had this problem since the reason they didn't have the textbook was due to her brother forgetting to place the order for them when she specifically reminded him to do so a week ago. Her brother was an idiot.

The third option was impossible because...wait a minute, she wasn't a bro-con! Sure she might have thoughts from time to time, and maybe her preferred type of guy was "Older, with dark hair, and a laid back personality", but that didn't mean she held incestuous feelings for her older brother! It was just...imprinting. Like how some males supposedly preferred women who resembled their mother or older sister figure, she ended up getting her likes and dislikes since she spent a lot of time with her older brother.


Her brother was an idiot.

Right, it was perfectly normal.

...Back at reality, Chifuyu was currently sitting on her desk with nothing to do. Half of her felt like going to the Cafeteria to get something to eat, but the other half was currently urging her to try and get some sleep with whatever little time the sadist that designed the school schedule had given her. She'd been up all night studying since she heard that the curriculum was brutal and that everyone was put to the limit even from the first day on. Kind of like going to war, only much worse since the horrors didn't stop when you failed the final exam. If Chifuyu thought getting into IS academy was tough, then she should count herself lucky she didn't know what failing was like.

And it was...it just wasn't for her class.

Chifuyu resisted the urge to sigh once again as she remembered her older brother's teaching methods, "Stupid Onii-chan...what was the point of reading?" She muttered into the desk. Her angry demeanor was understandable considering the circumstances: Her older brother had outright told the class that the book WOULDN'T be used and they would take a more 'hands on' approach to teaching. Now, after about 15 minutes of trying to get some of her rowdier classmates minds out of the gutter - which included a few things she'd rather not remember - her brother managed to clarify it meant less lectures and more practical teachings such as training and watching research vids.

Basically, it felt like a giant slap in the face for the studious teenager.

To make it even worse, he even gave everyone both his and that assistant teacher's (Maya Yamada, supposedly) cell number in case they had any questions or they needed tutoring. Now ignoring the fact that giving out your contact details to a bunch of people with dubious intentions wasn't the best idea, the unsettling grins and smiles some of her classmates gave when they received said numbers made her worry. She should take care to remind her Onii-chan to put up some anti-virus and hacking protection, along with being more careful on who he gave his number to.

'Right, I need to get up before my legs fall asleep,' She stretched her arms and grabbed her desk, using the opposing force to push herself up. Just as she was about to fully leave the classroom, however, she was stopped by a familiar figure with even more familiar dark brown hair.

"Chifuyu-san, can I talk to you?" Houki's familiar tone caused a smile to appear in Chifuyu's face. Even if the two of them were friends, the kendo fanatic insisted that they keep on formal terms as to not start any problems or rumors. Being the sister of the world famous Tabane Shinonono meant being too friendly and happy go lucky with anyone might lead to problems. It was one of the reasons why they made sure to stay in contact using encrypted phones and without using the same phone twice in a row. Witness protection just made things even more complicated.

"Sure," Though the answer was concise, there was a hint of unmistakable relief in Chifuyu's tone. Already she could feel the stares of her classmates, all of them eager to pounce on her (mind out of gutter, please) in order to ask her questions about her older brother. How did she know this? Other than the fact that none of her classmates could keep a secret to save a dying bunny's life, there was also the fact that it happened just about every year. Her first memory in middle school was getting dogpiled by a bunch students asking her personal questions about her older sibling and calling her 'Onee-sama'. She suddenly understood how her pen-pal Misaka Mikoto felt.

Houki nodded and smiled softly before quickly going back to her neutral expression. The two of them made their way quietly to the rooftop, neither daring to speak a word with the other till they were sure no one was watching them. Neither of them liked it, but it was better than getting trouble because neither could keep their mouth shut. Besides, it wasn't as if they weren't used to it. They had over 6 years and counting of doing this. They could afford to wait a few minutes.

The door to the rooftop gave an audible creak as they opened it. Unlike the rest of the academy with its automatic doors and electronic ID scanners, the rooftop door was pretty old and actually need a knob to turn it. Chifuyu decided not to question the odd design choice; maybe the school ran out of budget at one point (unlikely), or maybe they just thought having the cliché 'roof where the students hang out in every lunch time' location wouldn't be complete without the door that sounded like it was going to fall off with every sound it made.

Houki looked around cautiously, making sure the entire rooftop was empty, before closing the door behind her with a soft, relieved breath. Chifuyu did the same, though she looked around for security cameras or other recording devices rather than people. Personally she found this practice kind of silly; Houki was already under witness protection and even more now she was under the protection of IS academy and its monstrous security system. She shouldn't have any more need to look behind her shoulder every 2 minutes because someone wanted to ransom her to Tabane for parts or data. Still, Chifuyu agreed that it was better to be safe than sorry.

It was only after 3 straight minutes of silence that Houki finally decided to talk, "So...how are you?" She started awkwardly, leaning on the roofs railing so far that Chifuyu wondered if she was contemplating jumping, "I mean...I know we talked on the phone a few days ago, but I never really thought that-"

"It's good to see you too," Chifuyu interrupted, laughing slightly at the surprised expression on Houki's face, "I knew you were attending the academy too, but I didn't expect to get into the same class as you. Guess I should count myself lucky that I managed to get into a class with at least one friend, right?"

"Y-Yeah..." Houki nodded slightly and gave a relieved sigh. Chifuyu could understand her nervousness; despite the two of them remaining in contact all throughout those 6 years they were apart, neither of them had actually managed to physically interact with one another the entire time. The closest they got was managing to make a video chat, but even then Houki had no choice but to black out the screen to ensure that neither her face or her location could be traced in case anyone was spying.

Despite all the years they were apart, Houki hadn't changed a bit: The same ponytail, the same stiff demeanor and posture, the same overtly formal way of speaking even to her close friends, and, of course, the same scowl on her face that she insisted she was born with. Okay, that wasn't exactly true; her body had definitely matured. This wasn't much of a surprise to Chifuyu, but it did make it slightly harder to recognize her just from her appearance alone. Good thing she wasn't male or it might have made things awkward.

"By the way, congratulations on winning that kendo tournament. I knew you could do it."

Once again, a surprised look filtered its way into Houki's face, though this time it was accompanied by a slight blush covering her slightly pale cheeks, "H-How...how did you know that?" She managed to stammer out.

"I read it on the newspaper," Chifuyu smirked and tapped Houki on the shoulder lightly, "I heard that the last round was practically one-sided; the opponent couldn't even hit you, right? I'm guessing you've been practicing your kendo even when you move around so much."

"I expect the same from you," Houki smiled back, "I'll be very disappointed if my sparring partner hasn't kept up in her training while I was gone. Not that it will stop me from beating you even if you did keep up with your training," Oh, was that a challenge coming from the stoic samurai? "After all, I've been putting all my effort to improving."

"You want to make a bet on that? I'm pretty sure I can still beat you like I did when we were kids," Chifuyu shot back with a large (for her) grin on her face, "Same bet as when we were kids?"

"Of course," Houki nodded back fiercely, "But you might be remembering it differently. I seem to recall beating you 2/3 times and you crying about it afterwards," She laughed at the supposed memory, "Should we also have the same prize from back then too?"

"Loser treats the winner to ramen!" The two of them yelled loudly at the same time. Both kendo fanatics gave each other an unflinching stare before quickly breaking into a fit of laughter. It wasn't something that came from hearing a good joke or being tickled, but rather just out of relief. Relief that, despite all the years that they'd been apart, nothing had truly changed between the two close friends. That they could still joke around and be honest with one another despite everything that's happened.

"Come on, we should go back before we're late for class...though I doubt Onii-chan will care one way or another." Seriously, would it kill her brother to at least issue a punishment for being late? An attendance book atop the head would've been enough. But what did she know? She wasn't a teacher. Houki just giggled and followed the dark haired girl through the still creaky door. Things were at least looking up for her, that's for sure. She already had a friend in her own class and she could see her older brother if need be.

Maybe things were finally starting to look up.

She really should've kept her big fat mouth shut.

You know when people say things are a-okay now only for things to turn to shite right afterwards? That's what she was feeling like at this point. She knew things were going way too well; her brother actually implemented rules, he clarified that anyone who tried to hack into either his or Maya's cell would get suspended, and she found that some of her classmates weren't completely unbearable (she she could probably even make friends with a few of them). Things definitely were looking up.

"Are you even listening to me!?"

And then she came along. What words could she use to describe Cecilia Alcott? Many would call her an epitome of foreign beauty, or maybe even a fine example of nobility. She would describe herself as one of the best - if not THE best - representative candidate of England, if not the entire world. With her powerful IS and her superb accuracy, anybody with the least bit of survival instinct wouldn't even so much as try and look at her funny.

Personally, Chifuyu would've used the term "Spoiled brat with a head so big I'm surprised she can even fit into her own IS."

"What did you call me!?"

Whoops, did she say that out loud?

"I said could you run that by me again," Chifuyu repeated quickly, "I'm afraid I was too busy being thankful you were even talking to me to properly register what you said," Bullshit. That's what it was, complete and utter bullshit. Anybody with even a tiny sense of irony or even humility would've realized that Chifuyu was lying through her teeth, and not even particularly hard considering the flat tone she was using and the completely bored expression on her face.

"Well, if you insist," Thankfully(?), both of these qualities were lost on Cecilia Alcott, "I was simply saying that since I was the only one who managed to beat an instructor during the entrance exams, you can ask me anything if you get confused. After all, I'm a representative candidate," She gave a self satisfied smile and thrust her chest out in a show of pride.

God, why did she have to deal with this? Oh right, it was because of her relation to her brother. Being the younger sister of the first, and so far only, male pilot in the entire earth had its share of disadvantages. Other than the mandatory dogpiles she experienced starting middle school, people expected a lot of things from her. Unlike her alternate universe counterpart (where did that come from?), however, she never actually let it bother her. Everybody else could assume or expect all they want; she wasn't going to change herself to meet their expectations of her.

Still, a Representative Cadet offering her help was very rare. For the unaware, Representative Candidate's/Cadet's were the chosen pilot's of every country hand-picked from hundreds to thousands of applicants. This meant that not only was the position extremely prestigious, it gave said individuals major bragging rights towards anyone who didn't have the position. Japan had their own candidate as well, though Chifuyu really wasn't aware or particularly cared who it was. Most likely it was a girl who came from a rich and/or well-connected family.

What was even rarer was teasing a Representative Cadet and living to tell about, "I see, you beat an instructor," which was exactly what Chifuyu was going to do, "I guess no one told you that you're not the only one," She bent down and grabbed her book-bag so Cecilia wouldn't see her barely restrained smile, "I did it as well, and I didn't even have to lift a finger or need a superior IS to do it."

Actually, the reason she won wasn't because of natural skill, or even hard training, but because of her brother. He thought that coming to cheer her on would be a good idea, and he did do that. Problem was that the female instructor she was fighting against got distracted upon seeing the only male pilot and activated her ignition boost without looking where she was going. This led to said instructor getting very well acquainted with the arena wall and a very irate Chifuyu demanding a do-over, which wasn't granted to her since 'Instructor too distracted by applicants older brother' looked really bad on paper.

Cecilia didn't take the news well," W-What!? Why didn't anyone tell me!?"

"Don't know, don't care," Chifuyu shrugged lightly and gave a small yawn before grabbing her book-bag and running as fast as she could out of the classroom. She didn't want to push her luck.

"Onii-chan, are you there?" Chifuyu knocked on the electronic door lightly, "I need to know my assigned room and you haven't given me the paper yet." Why didn't her older brother just message her the details? She just wanted to go to her room and curl up in the bed. Not to say that she was lazy or anything, but anybody would be winded if they had to deal with all this nonsense on the first day of school.

She waited a few more seconds before knocking on the door again. Or she would've, if not for the fact that a loud scream interrupted her mid-knock, "Gyaaaaah! H-Hey, we shouldn't be doing this here!" The sounds of smashing plates and upturned furniture reverberated loudly from behind the door, followed closely by the sounds of even more frantic screams.

"Not here? Does that mean we can do somewhere more private, Ik-kun?" Chifuyu involuntarily cringed at the voice, the familiar voice. She'd recognize that overtly high voice from anywhere. And if the sounds of more screaming come from the room were true, then she was right.

"Onii-chan!" Chifuyu braced herself tightened her shoulders. With a deep breath, she rammed into the door as hard as she could, which resulted in her being smacked back with the door barely budging an inch, "Right, forgot this door is automated..." She grimaced and shook her shoulder slowly. Thankfully nothing was broken. Her brain was continuously chiding her for being rash, but that wasn't anything she couldn't block out.

Unlike the sounds coming from that room right now.

"Chifu-chan, is that you!?" Chifuyu nodded to the question before remembering she was behind a closed door. She made do with shouting "yes" and tapping at the door rapidly, "R-Right, open the door will you? The password is - Ah, don't touch me there!" More sounds of struggle and some giggles reached Chifuyu's ears before he managed to continue, "Ah, j-just put the numbers 4327 on the keypad. Th-That should let you in!"

Without another word, Chifuyu typed the 4 numbers into the key-card as fast as she could and barreled through the door ever so gracefully. What greeted her on the other side wasn't pretty: Overturned tables and chairs, plates smashed into a dozens of little pieces, and her older brother being pinned to the ground by a madwoman wearing a dress and mechanical bunny ears with a giant smile on her face.

Now, a little sister seeing their older brother with a woman usually lead to many different things: The first was stuttering madly and making excuses to leave the room. The second would be to not make excuses, but to still leave the room regardless. And then there was the overprotective reaction of telling the said girl to back off while loudly frothing like a rabid dog on steroids.

Chifuyu chose none of these. Instead, she made do with giving a weary sigh and forcefully pulling the older woman not so gently off her older brother, much to his audible relief, "Tabane-san, please get off Onii-chan before I have you arrested," She warned as neutrally as possible. To the untrained eye, it would appear that Chifuyu wasn't bothered in the least and that she wouldn't have minded if Tabane continued at all.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

"Eh, why~?" She hugged the struggling male's entire body tighter, causing a sound that sounded oddly reminiscent of a choke victims cries to emit, "I'm just showing Ik-kun how much I love him~!" She turned and gave Houki a mischievous smile, "And call me Tabane-nee! We're practically family now~"

"No we're not!" Chifuyu tightened her grip on the older woman's dress and pulled back harder, doing her best to make sure her temper didn't flare, "Onii-chan's made it very clear that the two of you are friends and nothing more!" She gripped harder with her other hand and pulled again, to no avail, "And you promised not to bother him while he's at work! Didn't you say that?"

"But he's not at work~ He's here in his room!" She countered back.

This argument continued back and forth for a few minutes - with some variation such as Chifuyu using a discarded IS sword as a sort of crowbar at one point - before the flustered teen finally managed to pull off the amorous woman from her older brother. Now her older brother was pacing around the room trying to pick up all the messed up items while the two of them sat at the floor; Chifuyu from exhaustion, and Tabane from having nothing better to do.

"Tabane, what did you come here for?" Ichika asked after finally placing the last chair back into its proper place, "And don't say it was just to see me," He held up his hand and gave a somewhat stern glare, "I'm really busy right now and I don't have time for interruptions."

"Why can't I just go here to see you? I miss you, Ik-kun!" She gave a pout that, had Ichika not just been practically assaulted earlier, he might have actually found cute, "Hmph, and here I thought you'd be happy to see me~" She whined 'cutely' at the male.


"Fine, fine~" She sighed and ruffled her long purple hair and sighed, "I was hoping to see if I could inspect Ik-kun's IS for data on something I'm working on. I'll leave after that, I swear." She held up her right hand like a scout making an oath. Of course, Chifuyu didn't miss the fact that she hid her left hand behind her back like a murderer hiding a gun. She should probably warn Houki later about her older sister possibly going to see her later today.

"Alright, but can we talk about it later? I need to get some things ready and I'm expecting a phone call soon from a friend I met back when I went to the US."

"Okay, Ik-kun! I'll meet you back here later so we can be alone~" Was Chifuyu's eye twitching? No, that was just a trick of the eye. She also certainly was not gripping her skirt like she wanted to strangle it. That was also just overactive imagination.

Regardless, the purple haired Alice nodded rapidly before disappearing in a haze of smoke, leaving the two siblings to sigh at the mess she left behind, " I hate it when she does that," Chifuyu commented flatly as she stood up, "Onii-chan, can you give me the room assignment please? I really need to get some sleep. It's been a really long day and school starts extra early tomorrow." Why did the student council president have to make a speech on the second day? Usually a week passed by before stuff like that happened.

"Uh, sure..." He smiled and rummaged through the bag and pulled out a small slip of paper, "It says here that you're in room 1025. You're going to have a roommate, so I hope that you're okay with that."

"Fine with me."

Ichika nodded and handed Chifuyu the small slip of paper before he felt his phone vibrating wildly in his pocket. With a last glance at the retreating form of his younger sister, he placed the phone against his ear, "Hello, Jason?" The accented English came as a slight surprise to Chifuyu. Her brother could speak English? "You're in Bangkok now? Yeah, I heard about that. So you're going home now- What do you mean no? Skydiving? In an abandoned island? Are you sure that's a good idea? Well...alright, just be careful alright?"

"Who was that, Onii-chan?"

"Oh, just a friend I met when I visited California," He sighed and placed the phone back into his pocket, "He invited me to go skydiving with him to some place called Rook islands, but I said no. Hope he ends up alright."


"Room 1025" Chifuyu looked down at the paper one last time before looking back at the doorplate, "Alright this looks to be the place," With some slight hesitation, Chifuyu entered the electronic door and came face to face with a room that looked like something out of a 4 star hotel. Two beds, a study desk, a miniature kitchen and fridge, the latest computer, and a decent sized T.V that was already on. Chifuyu had to admit that the room certainly added incentive for the students to not fail.

"Why's the TV on? Is my roommate already here?" Well, it would provide some entertainment while she took out her luggage. Based on the fact that the left bed was already slightly messy, there was a good chance that bed was already taken. She grabbed the remote from the small table and started removing all her spare clothing from the bags.

"In other news, Academy City has opened its doors to all aspiring students. The headmaster Aleister Crowley would like to-"

Okay, that wasn't anything interesting. A change of channel might be good.

"News reports state that some islands were found to contain bases for Human Traffickers and Private Military contractors. Be advised that seemingly abandoned islands may in fact be dangerous to your health and freedom. Please make sure to engage in proper safety and-"

Was there nothing good on?

"In foreign news, a company by the name of Abstergo was attacked a few days ago by an unknown assailant. Descriptions of the individual are scarce, but the body count left by his rampage lists in at least over two dozen security guards and one scientist. Witness reports state that the only weapon used during the massacre was a combat knife and a wrist blade that extended from right hand. More news will be-"

Chifuyu turned the T.V off with a sigh, "Nothing good on, so i guess I'll check on my roommate for now."

"Hello, is someone there?" A voice shouted from the locked bathroom door, "I'm in the shower right now and I'm about to go out."

"Yeah, I'm your roommate," Chifuyu crinkled her brows. That voice sounded familiar, "I already unpacked and took the right bed. I hope that's alright with you."

The bathroom door opened with a slight creak and warm steam wafted slowly into the air-conditioned room as the toweled figure stepped out, "Yes, it's alright with me. I'd like to introduce myself: My name is Shinonono- Ch-Chifuyu-san?"

Despite herself, Chifuyu couldn't keep the smile that escaped her lips, "Houki, you're my roommate?" Her tone exhibit slight surprise but even more relief. She was afraid that she'd get an unfamiliar roommate or someone who would ask her questions about her older brother constantly. Seeing the black haired girl was a relief.

"Y-Yeah, I guess so."

Maybe things really were looking up for her.


"Stay away from my Onii-chan."

These 6 words were all that echoed in the small room. Chifuyu stared, nonplussed, as the red eyed bluenette simply gave a raised eyebrow and a small smirk at the younger girl's warning. The reason she was surprised being that the student council president never showed a hint of surprise and hesitation when she heard her words. Even the raised eyebrow was due to curiosity and nothing else, as if challenging her to do something other than give not-at-all veiled threats.

"I refuse," Tatenashi leaned back in her seat, "It's my job to report and help all of the school staff, and this applies especially to teachers. Besides," She smirked again, "I'm not sure it's really the little sister's place to decide who big brother should or shouldn't spend time with~" Her voice had taken on her normal cheerful tone again.

The room they were in was small, at least for the standards of the Academy. Despite all the trials and tribulations one had to endure in order to become the student council president, it seemed completely disproportionate when the office looked so narrow and cramp. Even if she wanted to get up, summon her IS katana, and smack the irritating bluenette in the face, it just wasn't possible. No matter how much she wanted to.

And she really, really wanted to.

"What you're doing isn't helping! It's, it's..." Chifuyu's face suddenly reddened, "It's harassment, plain and simple! I-I don't want Onii-chan to get fired because of something his student did!" She fired back angrily, glaring at the student council president so fiercely that she could swear she saw fire in the younger girls brown orbs.

Tatenashi still looked unimpressed, "And what kind of harassment would that be, hm? I assure you that everything is completely wholesome and I'm not doing anything that will get him in trouble."

Chifuyu gripped the small table between them tightly. She was really tempted to just throw the damn thing at her smirking face, consequences be damned. She had the gall to lie to her face? Even after what she saw her do to her Onii-chan? Did she have no shame? 'Oh that's right, you get to be the president based on how strong you are, not on how suited you actually are to the job,'Chifuyu never understood the concept of 'you beat the old president, you become the new president'. It was pretty much encouraging assault.

"How is leaning across his back in nothing but a bath towel count as wholesome!?" Chifuyu smashed her hands on the wooden table so hard that cracks began to form. Amazingly enough, Tatenashi didn't look so much as surprised at her actions or its effects. Though she did make a mental note to add 'new table' in the list of things she'd need to add to the schools item list.

"Hm, I really don't know what you're talking about, Chifu-chan~" It was a name the student council president often heard the girl get called by her older sibling. She gave an open toothed smile as Chifuyu's face flashed a dark red crimson, "Maybe you're confusing something you read for reality? I heard it happens a lot~"

"Don't screw with me!" Chifuyu rarely cursed, but this was special, "I saw you do it! I heard you whispering thingsto him when you thought no one was there! Don't try to pretend to be innocent!" Many who knew Chifuyu often remarked that she was unflappable. Someone who would greet a former enemy with nothing but a nonchalant gaze and a raised eyebrow. She could be three feet from an explosion and she'd still stare at it head on with nothing but slight disdain. The times when she showed anger were rare indeed.

Sp why was it exactly that Tatenashi looked more amused than anything else? Even her brother hesitated when she got like this. And when the only male pilot hesitated, things were serious.

"And how exactly would you know that" She asked curiously, "The last I checked, me and Ichika-kun," Chifuyu seethed at the informal way her brother was referred to, "Were the only ones in the room. That must've meant you were..." She let that sentence hang. The implications of what she was suggesting were enough to send Chifuyu into another fit, however.

"Th-Th-That's...!" Chifuyu racked her mind quickly for an excuse, "I-It's because Onii-chan told me, that's why!" She nodded rapidly, "Th-That's exactly it! Onii-chan told me that a temptress was trying to seduce him and make him lose his job!" She spoke so fast that she could barely register the words before they already left her mouth. Many who knew Chifuyu would also say she was an honest person. A lie rarely passed from her lips, and if it did it was only to benefit others and never herself. Of course, those same people never knew her when she was talking about her beloved Onii-chan.

The truth was that she had seen them by accident. She was looking through her brothers closet for his lesson plan (Not his underwear!) so she could review the discussed topics. When she heard Tatenashi and Ichika walking down the hallway, she panicked and hid. And that was when she saw her doing things that would have gotten her brother fired if they were found out.

"Hmmm, Really~?" Tatenashi gave her an 'I really doubt you're telling the truth' face, "Well then, I must admit I'm sort of flattered that Ichika-kun," She emphasized the honorific, "Would think of me that way. If he says I'm a temptress, then that must mean I have some effect on him."

Chifuyu cursed her sense of wording.

"There's one thing I'm curious about, though..."

Chifuyu watched in confusion as Tatenashi tood up from her seat and made her way towards her. She was half-expecting the older girl to start a fight right then and there and made to summon her IS. If she was going down, she was going down fighting. Unfortunately, the truth was much, much worse.

Tatenashi leaned across the small chair that Chifuyu was sitting in, making sure her face was level with the younger girls. Chifuyu backed up instinctively and cursed when the unyielding wall that was the back of the chair refused to move. She was trapped. And she hated being trapped.

"I wonder, what exactly did you hear me say?" She was so close that every word she spoke seemed to magnify, "Can you tell me? I'm really curious now."

Chifuyu was sure her face was completely red at this point, "T-That's...Y-You said something about how..." She paused and swallowed. Despite rumors at her old school, no doubt spread by Dan as a joke, Chifuyu was very much a pure hearted girl. Something like this was an absolute nightmare for her, especially when it came to someone she couldn't intimidate or deal with, "O-Onii-chan was...you were...!"

Tatenashi giggled internally as the younger girl stammered out more and more fragmented sentences. Teasing people was an old hobby of hers and the best targets were often those who were easily flustered.

"Maybe it was an offer? You know, kind of like this?" Chifuyu's eyes widened in horror when Tatenashi leaned cupped her cheeks in one hand and leaned closer, "Ichika-kun was really nervous as well. You two are extremely alike." Tatenashi was only teasing, of course. She was as straight as a sword. Chifuyu was as well, or at least that's what she heard, "You're really cute, you that~"

Chifuyu didn't hear her. In fact, she didn't hear much of anything. Her mind was a scrambling mess, not helped by the close proximity of the infuriating bluenette. It really didn't help that their lips were only a couple of inches apart and her every breath smelled strongly of peppermint. Just one push and they would make contact.

There was only one thing to do.

"Oniii-chaaaaaan!" Whatever Tatenashi expected her to do, it certainly didn't include pushing her off and running for the door like her life depended on it. Tatenashi watched in astonishment as the black haired blur opened the door and shut it behind her with a loud thud, all while her face erupted like a volcano about to explode hot magma.

"...Well, I guess they're different in a lot of things after all~"

Truth time: I was REALLY tempted to place Cecilia as the roommate instead of Houki, but I chickened out at the last minute. Maybe I can do it in a later arc? Who knows. Depends if the readers want it.

Anyway, the important thing I'd like to talk about is Chifuyu's fighting style, IS, and weaponry. Now since I don't want to spoil anyone, I'll just place two choices here.

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Lastly, I'm placing here a list that's basically a rough draft of the cast's relationship with one another. This is subject to change depending on reaction, so please read it.

Friend: Houki, Rin, Kanzashi, Ran and Charlotte.

Rival: Tatenashi, Laura, and Cecilia.

Neutral: Dan, Tabane.

That's because they're rivals doesn't mean they're enemies. Rivals still respect one another, they just have opposing viewpoints. Neutral means exactly that.

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