Yuki woke up startled at the sound of thunder, his face was facing the wall which resulted in him bumping his head from the shock. The red-head groaned in pain 'that was some way to wake up' he thought as he rubbed his forehead to make the pain go away.

A flash of lightning was followed shortly after the thunder and Yuki jumped again. This time he sat up and let out a tired sigh. Good thing it was Saturday tomorrow because the thunder might keep him awake all night. Yuki's grey eyes shifted to the alarm, "2:48 a.m." he whispered to himself.

Yuki laid down back on his bed, he was looking up at ceiling and listening to the sound of thunder. It wasn't raining, it would probably start soon though. He slowly let his mind drift off and before he knew it Yuki was falling asleep.

But it wasn't long until another boom of thunder came, a little bit louder than the other one. Yuki woke up again and he thought he heard something from the kitchen that sounded like a crash. Yuki covered his face with the pillow annoyed but slightly worried what happened.

"Who could be down there at this time?" he asked himself as he looked at the alarm- only a few minutes had passed from the last time he checked. Yuki sat up and was about to put his slippers on but he thought 'it could be Haru but why would he be up?' now Yuki was really worried.

'Or maybe grandma-' Yuki now panicked, if it was his grandma... Yuki tossed his slippers aside as he stood up and ran out of his room to the kitchen. The lights weren't on and Yuki quietly tip toed to the kitchen, the sight he saw was kind of expected but not really at the same time. Haru was under the table, he had his arms over his head and his eyes were squeezed shut.

'Is he crying?' Yuki saw little tears forming at the corner of his eyes. The blonde was also shaking and the two chairs were pushed aside hitting the wall and a silver shining spoon was on the floor. Yuki watched Haru tremble for a few moments before calling out his name.


The said boy looked up quickly which resulted in him hitting his head against the top of the table. He quickly teared up and Yuki sighed hopelessly, Yuki went under the table and sat next to Haru.

"Does it hurt?" He asked. Haru nodded as he rubbed the spot on his head that he hit. "Why are you up anyways?" Yuki questioned and Haru stopped rubbing his head and looked at Yuki nervously.

"Remember that Yuki showed me the thing that's called a laptop and also how the internet works?" Haru explained and Yuki nodded. "Well, Haru has been since Keito and you fell asleep." Haru said with a guilty expression.

Yuki looked at the window, "Its 2 in the morning Haru, you should at least get off around 11." He scolded and Haru nodded, "Alright!" he said cheerfully but in a loud voice.

Yuki tore his gaze from the window and put his hand over Haru's mouth, "Shhh you'll wake up Keito." he said with a frown and Haru whispered quietly "Sorry..."

The two sat there for some while until a louder noise of thunder was heard. Haru jumped and his eyes widened in fear before he threw his arms around Yuki's neck and buried his head on the crook of the red-head's neck.

Yuki didn't realize what was happening but after a little while he got it and he felt his "demon" face already going to show. But Haru looked up at Yuki, his eyes were glossy from the tears and Yuki finally calmed down.

Yuki, hesitantly, put an arm the blonde's shoulder and Haru gratefully smiled. Yuki shyly and awkwardly smiled back. Though a blush on his cheeks appeared. Haru took the moment to now rest his head on Yuki's shoulder and let out a happy sigh.

After sitting like that, Yuki slowly started falling asleep. Once he finally did, Haru followed shortly after. The two slept peacefully next to each other until the morning came.