Change it All.

Welcome to the sequel to Unbreakable Bond, Change it All. xxx

Henry VIII was dying. There was no doubt about it. His two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, his wife, Catherine Parr and the Lady Anne of Cleves was by his bedside. He looked up at his eldest daughter, "Mary, you are very young, but you will be a great queen." Mary was startled by how weak his voice was. Her sister had been silent for a while, at age 13 she shouldn't have to deal with becoming an orphan. Catherine was crying, and Anne had her arm around her, her eyes shining with tears as well. Henry and Catherine had been married for 10 years now, and both Mary and Elizabeth thought of her as a mother, as both of them had lost their mothers at a young age. The physician entered, shooing them all away, insisting that the king needed rest. Elizabeth rushed to her stepmother's side, as she was shaking so much she could barely walk. Mary walked out after them, turning to look at her father, wondering if would be the last time she would see him.

Mary lay in bed, unable to sleep. She wasn't sure how long she had been laid there, all she knew was she would soon be queen. Her husband, King Francis had come over when he heard of the king's illness, but had to leave to deal with affairs of state over in France. Mary wished he was here right now, she knew she could not go through grief on her own, even if she did have her sister, stepmother and aunt. Francis just knew what to say when she was angry or upset. She looked down at her ever expanding belly, wondering if her father would live to see his first grandchild. She used to spend every minute praying for a boy, but right now she couldn't care less. She rolled over and was shocked to see daylight streaming through the window, had she really been awake that long? Suddenly she heard bells ring which could only mean one thing...

"The King is dead." announced the physician gravely as he pulled a blanket over Henry's head. Mary felt tears streaming down her cheeks as her sister turned towards her and said, curtsying as she did so, "Long live the Queen." The rest of the room followed suit, including Catherine, Anne, Mary B, William and Jane. Mary turned away, she didn't want to be queen, she wanted to be Princess Royal, her father alive and well. But she knew that it couldn't happen, she couldn't break down. She'd had enough experience's with miscarriages, from both her mother and her first stepmother, to last her a lifetime. She took a deep breath and walked back to her chambers, as Queen of England for the first time.

A few days later, Mary was sat in her chambers when the door burst open. She turned and stood, but relaxed when she saw who it was. "Francis." Francis walked towards his wife, embracing her when he reached her. Mary didn't know what to say or do, she had been the one giving hugs lately. "How are you feeling sweetheart?" He murmured into her hair, still keeping tight hold of her. "I don't know." She said truthfully, and Francis released her, looking confused. She proceeded to explain, "Well, on one hand, i'm supposed to be happy and strong, i'm the Queen of England, but on the other hand, how am I supposed to be that when I have just become an orphan?" Francis was lost for words, he didn't know the answer to that. Mary looked up at him, this was the first time he failed to make her feel better. Mary went and sat on the bed, this signalled to Francis that she needed to be alone right now.

Mary had been truthful to Francis, she hadn't known how she felt, but now all she felt was shock. She had seen this happen before, but it was 10 years ago. However, there was no doubt that the three people she never thought would appear on this earth again were stood in front of her. Her mother's blue eyes were shining with happiness at seeing her daughter. Her father was young, fit and athletic once more, and her was stood hand in hand with Anne Boleyn, her raven hair cascading down her back in curls. Mary's hands flew to her mouth as her mother opened her mouth. "Well Henry, you were right, she looks extremely well." Her thick Spanish accent had faded slightly, but there was still a distinct purr in her voice. "When am I not Catalina?" Catherine turned to her daughter, enveloping her in her arms, "Well Mary, you make a great queen." She eyed Mary's stomach, "And you will make a great mother." Mary's throat decided to un stick at that point. "And you three would have made brilliant grandparents." Anne smiled, "Mary, I see you have already started to change your future." "But now you will have a chance to change your past." Mary's head snapped to her father. "Mary, I know I have been unfair." He looked pointedly towards Anne and Catherine. "But that has given me a chance to change it." Catherine nodded, "Mary, you have one wish. You can wish for anything." Anne spoke up at that point. "Yes Mary, you have a chance to change it. To change it all."

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